Okay this is TOO MUCH FUN │ Luigi’s Balloon World

Okay this is TOO MUCH FUN │ Luigi’s Balloon World

Hello my beautiful friends, I’m here with my impressions/review/phlegmpressions impression/review/phlegmpressions
of Super Mario Odyssey’s latest update, and yeah, as usual it’s “phlegmpressions” because I’m getting over a cold *laughter*
I don’t know what it is about these kinds of impressions videos I always have a cold when I’m doing them. Ugh So this is “Luigi’s Balloon World” and usually I would start with like a summary or something before I told you any of my own feelings but I’ve just got to launch right into it When Nintendo first showed us this mode, minigame, whatever you might call it I thought it was kind of cool but really not that impressive I don’t know Just not that exciting.
I was basically certain that I would boot it up, Find a couple of balloons, do a quick video about it, right here and be done with it forever. I am hooked on this thing. I am absolutely hooked right now. I am having so much more fun than I ever thought I would have. See, you can find Luigi in every kingdom now and you can choose whether to take part in hiding a balloon or finding one. When you hide you got a limited amount of time to stash your balloon somewhere, pretty much anywhere you want, and how long you take affects how long a person’s got to find it. When you find, you select a person from a list of presumably random folks and you got a limited amount of time to find the one they hid. And this is done really well. Like, when you’re finding, you got an arrow that points you to the balloon but it fades after only a few moments. At any point you can stop moving completely and the arrow will return, but that like, seriously hurts you time, it’s almost a death sentence sometimes. Whenever you find, you got to pay to try and different balloons require different entry fees and have different rewards. It all deals in coins, by the way. The whole thing is about betting and winning coins, and it’s this really fun risk and reward kind of thing. Choosing which balloon you wanna go for. If you fail to find one, do you keep trying and following the arrow until you find it? Or do you just move onto another balloon? Some extra tough ones will just tantalize you and you’ll find yourself just dumping a bunch of money into them because “Aaaaggh “I got to find that stupid balloon!!” You’ll always be hedging your bets and trying to make the most money. When you hide a balloon, you get a little money whenever someone else goes looking for it. The more attempts, the more money you get, so there’s this constant push to find the next great spot, and really stump everyone. If someone finds it though, it pops, and you gotta place a new one. You can have one in each kingdom, naturally, so you’ll constantly be dipping back into each to find new places or retry old ones. The game makes this very easy for you, too. Luigi is always near the Odyssey when you land and when you start to play he’ll take you to a nice little central spot on the map so finding and hiding is easier, And then when you’re done, he’ll take you back to his original spot so you can just hope right back in to the Odyssey and head to another kingdom. And I gotta tell you guys, man, this whole thing is extremely addictive. Between the finding and the hiding, it’s this constant feedback loop. On top of coins, there’s the draw of ranking up and all sorts of things feed into this ranking system. No, there are no substantial rewards for any of this beyond coins and ranks, but it’s fun for its own sake. It’s a lot like the main game, a lot of the game’s moons don’t do anything and that’s the problem for some people, but I find that core gameplay so fun, that I’ll take any and all tasks the game can throw at me. And this is no different, in fact this is a really really excellent way to get people back into the game It requires a deeper familiarity with the levels and it can really test every one of your platforming skills even if you’ve run out of moons like me, now there are basically an infinite number of these little challenges. It’s just something to do, something that will always be sitting there and waiting for you when you boot up the game. And seeing as I love this game so Goshdarn much, I can’t even tell you how valuable this is. I’m not really into speedrunning, but this fulfills that slight interest I have in it.That, that interest in just being a little better than I am. It’s something to push me just a little further than I usually have to go. Some of these balloons are hidden in ways that I just have no idea and I can’t wait to dig deeper into this thing and rise to the challenge. And as was obviously Ninendo’s intention, Luigi’s Balloon World gets me to pick up the game way, way more often. I can’t stop turning on my Switch to see how many people found my balloons, and how much money I made and how many ranks I gained. And of course, once I’ve done that, I’ve got to go plop down some more balloons real quick before I quit again. One great thing about it is that yeah, it only gives you coins, but it gives you a LOT of coins. Even playing it pretty safe, and going for easier balloons, you’re going to make a lot of moolah if you just stay consistent. Finding a lot of balloons in a row, finding them fast, ranking up, stumping other players, all of this will give you coins. And the higher your rank, the higher your base reward for finding balloons, so I imagine, that after playing for a good while, you’ll just be rolling in it! Coins permitted, it’s probably still not any better than just grinding coins in this Special Stage right here, that, that gets you a lot, but it’s a heck of a lot more fun, I’ll tell you that much. And all the extra coins are good, because this update also comes with some new costumes, and they’re really expensive. So at the very least you’ve got something to work up to here, even if it probably won’t take you very long. Hey, I’ve actually have a number of costume pieces left to buy from the base game, but got really tired of grinding, so I’m very pleased with this new money-making option. So far I still haven’t been able to buy all the new costumes, but they’re pretty awesome. I mean, come on. Sunshine costume! That is too cool! the musician’s outfit or whatever, eh, I dunno. Only okay. Kind of plain. But I sure like that suit of armour! That is way fun. The update comes with two new Photo Mode filters as well, and while I can’t say I’m inclined to mess around with the feature too much, these new ones are really cool. I’m sure much more inventive people than me are going to find some really cool ways to use these. I mean, look at this neon one! It’s amazing! Mario was born in the 80s, and yet has never been more “80s” than he is now. So that’s pretty much the update. I could probably blab about Luigi’s Balloon World for a lot longer, but let’s stop here. It’s, it’s really great, though. I’m thoroughly impressed that they were able to not only come up with such a neat idea, but implement it so perfectly. Everything about it so far seems really fair and well-designed, and there are a lot of ways this thing could have been done incorrectly, and paved the way for exploits and unfairness. And you know what? I honestly feel like Nintendo could have charged for this. And that’s saying something coming from me. I am pretty cheap. I’m always like, “Ehhhh, this game’s not quite worth it unless it’s on Sale”, or “This game’s too short for the price” or “Eh, this DLC doesn’t really offer enough content” But this? They could have slapped just a couple of more costumes and photo filters in there, and easily sold it for $5.00. I would gladly pay $5 for the enjoyment I’m getting out of this. So if you haven’t given Luigi’s Balloon World a try yet, turn off this dumb video and get to it! Go find you some balloons! And until next time, Imma go edit this video, hide some more balloons, then lie in bed and eat soup while I binge-watch “The Great British Baking Show”. …bye …ugh… *Outro music*


  1. at least half of the balloons are hidden out of bounds….. nintendo needs to fix this. because many other people will do what i did: stop playing.

  2. I really want something like Wario’s Gold Mine. Please, Nintendo.

    Did You Know: ProtoMario got his name from the game Chrono Trigger, not Mario Bros. and Mega Man.

  3. I went Balloon World grinding coins in the Sand Kingom all the way to 9999 coins and spent it on the Skeleton Suit.
    Edit: my rank went insanely high.

  4. I was having fun until I started getting glitched balloons constantly ruining my streaks. I hope the little shits doing it receive some well deserved bans. What kind of pathetic loser has to cheat in a Mario minigame of all things?

  5. any1 wonna try my balloons? here ye go!
    Mushroom Kingdom – 003 X28 49B
    Cap Kingdom – 005 P0K 9XM
    Cascade Kingdom – 001 XT4 JF5
    Sand Kingdom – 007 KBJ 8XM
    Lake Kingdom – 001 707 VGX
    Wooded Kingdom – 02 Y2N DNN
    Lost Kingdom – 001 K0F 8RP
    Metro Kingdom – 007 W9C D35
    Snow Kingdom – 004 MHO 3G2
    Seaside Kingdom – 002 KWL 9WK
    Luncheon Kingdom – 003 66T NYG
    Bowser's Kingdom – 002 T3P RGH
    Moon Kingdom 002 TFL VKC

  6. Arlo balloon world is great but also horrible So many people use out of bounds balloons it ruins the mini game for me any idea how to not have that issue it would be nice if Nintendo fixed this issue but i don't think they will….

  7. “What’s that? You have a 5 Win streak? Too bad……
    That doesn’t matter because you WEREN’T INVITED”

  8. I thought this was some Sesame Street shiz about some Cookie Monster reaction to a game, I only clicked it because it kept appearing in my recommendations.


  9. I think its kinda cool how nintendo put money into having the cookie monster of all characters advertise the game. wouldn't have expected them to put trust in a western fictional character like that.

  10. The out of bounds thing isnt much of a huge deal to me anymore. sure, it sucks when someone hides their balloon out of bounds but not many players really do that. it's less likely than you think. i was immensely vocal about this issue when the update dropped but i honestly dont care anymore since it's just a minority of people who hide their balloons OoB. i get annoyed when i find one of those balloons but, again, i dont care. there are way more balloons you can find without glitches. let's just go find those instead.

  11. "turn of this video and go get some balloons"…
    IF you have a nintendo switch and the game itself and have completed the game to have the mode unlocked (p.s. i am one of the people who DON'T have a nintendo switch

  12. Balloon world is fun, its just that people either hide them in the spot's that are either too easy to get to or they put them in the spots that everyone uses, or they just glitch.

  13. i was almost as excited when i had the goal of buying all clothes for mario.. After that, i just have no reason to play it at all. Im already at 9999 coins and have nothing to spend on……..

  14. Ah Arlo, always being so optimistic about the newest Nintendo games or updates… until you found out about all those damn wall clips.

  15. My only problem with this mode is that too many people just choose the same spot.

  16. Oh man, I just started it and it is too dang fun. My Switch just died, but once it is back to a good charge, I'm going to hide the heck out of those things. Too much dang fun.

  17. A little off topic, but who's up for trying to get "1 2 Switch" to be free? I mean it's supposedly supposed to be like a default game that shows off what the Switch is capable of, yet no one is going to pay $50 for a game that's honestly just a gimmick, that you can't just always play.

  18. 3:08 "something that will always be there"… Until the online service shuts down or people stop hiding balloons

  19. The reason they made it was because grinding coins in bowsers kingdom was boring, so they made coin collecting fun. And it just as effective, too!

  20. I think I might have popped a few balloons that were placed by a guy named Arlo, but I'm not sure if it was him, or someone who used the name. Also, my name is VGFootball, and I have a Mario profile pic.

  21. This has definitely helped me get a BUNCH of coins really fast! I was able to get a buttload of outfits like the Skeleton Suit by using this. Also, it was fun, soooo, that’s cool

  22. I haven't played much balloon world yet, but what I have played was tons of fun, and with the absolute wealth of new costumes that are out now, I wouldn't be surprised if balloon world just becomes part of my daily routine. y'know, eat dinner, get a good chunk of work in, and relax with balloon world for like…. an hour… or more…;;;; I just like this a lot ok….

  23. I always cheated in balloon world by using the screenshot button and looking around the world till I find the balloon

  24. I think that Mushroom Kingdom is the easiest to farm coins from. The balloons are always in the same places.

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