One in ten teens using “study drugs,” but  parents aren’t paying attention

One in ten teens using “study drugs,” but parents aren’t paying attention

[ Music ]>>Matt Davis: Hi. I’m Doctor Matt Davis, a
primary care pediatrician, and the Director of the C.S. Mott
Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health at the
University of Michigan. Are you hitting the books hard this year,
getting ready for those end-of-year final exams? If you’re a teen, or you’re
the parent of a teen, you may be aware that some teens are
reaching for study drugs to help them get through this hard time of the academic year. Study drugs are stimulant medicines
often prescribed for treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity
disorder, and they can be safe when they’re used appropriately
for treatment of that condition. However, when they’re used by kids
who don’t have a prescription, these study drugs can create
big health problems. What we’ve done this month in the C.S.
Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health is focus on the issue of
study drug use, and what parents think is going on in their communities,
and in their own houses. So when it comes to the use of study
drugs, we know from recent data from the Monitoring the Future study that 1
in 10 high school sophomores in 10th grade, and 1 in 8 high school seniors in 12th grade
say that they’ve used study drugs at some point to try to improve their academic performance. In contrast, in this month’s National Poll
on Children’s Health, we found that only 1 in 100 parents believes that their teens
ages 13 to 17 have ever used study drugs. That’s a big mismatch. Fortunately, it does not mean
that parents are not concerned about this particular health
problem in their communities. In fact, one-half of all the parents
nationwide who are in this National Poll on Children’s Health said they are
very concerned about the problem of study drug use by teens in their communities. Here’s the problem though. Only about one-quarter of parents say
that they’ve talked about the dangers of study drug use with the
teens in their own household. If we want to make an impact on the problem
of study drug use, we need to do a better job as healthcare providers, and as
parents, of communicating to our teens about the problems of study drug use. Of course talking with our
teens may not be quite enough. We may have to do something
about this in terms of policies. And what we found in this month’s National Poll
on Children’s Health is that over three-quarters of parents support a school requirement to discuss the hazards, the
risks of using study drugs. In addition, over three-quarters of
parents would also support a policy that would require any stimulant
medication at school to be kept in a secure location, like a nurse’s office. That would effectively remove these medications
from the hallways, where they can be given or sold from a student with a
prescription to a student without. So in summary, it seems like parents in the United States today may not be
recognizing the problem of study drug use in their own teens, even while they are
concerned about it in their own communities. When it comes to study drugs, there’s
on very important message to get across, and that’s that although study drugs
may seem like a good idea when it’s time to write those final papers and take
those final exams, study drugs at the end of the day are just drugs, and they have the
risks that drugs have when they’re being taken by people for whom they’re not prescribed. [ Music ]


  1. @umhealthsystem what would u suggest to help improve my concentration? Vitamins such as Omega 3 or fish oil?

  2. This would be much more helpful if it dropped the undertones of "Just Say No To Drugs" rhetoric and opened a dialogue to the fundamental underlying issue: the extreme competitive pressures that our kids face from parents and peers in making perfect grades in order to be accepted to good Universities in the face of international competition from foreign students. — a parent from San Francisco

  3. Thank you for bringing exposure to this issue. There are natural, healthy methods to help students of all ages improve concentration, such as "Happy Genius" herbal lollipops from Pandora's Pops.

  4. These dumbasses think they are going to stop this. If you prescribe it to a healthy teen you can take the same dose as another healthy teen. When prescribed they ask questions. No tests. So what is the difference.

  5. If kids with ADHD can take it as YOUNG AS 6, I don't see how a healthy teenager will have the drug monster come from under their bed and strangle them in their sleep. This "War on Drugs" rhetoric is getting really old.

  6. If kids with ADHD can take it as YOUNG AS 6, I don't see how a healthy teenager will have the drug monster come from under their bed and strangle them in their sleep. This "War on Drugs" rhetoric is getting really old.

  7. These "Study" drugs are prescribed to kids anyway. Its as easy as going to a doctor and remembering ADHD symptons from the internet. And of course this is going yo lead to more kids getting their hands on it.

  8. "Look at me i must be s doctor cause i have a white coat and randomly holding a ton of unrelated books in my hand"

  9. While I have been diagnosed with adhd by a psychologist my mother is against it and has been saying that I need to just "get my shit together". So, throughout my school years (currently in 8th grade nearing the end of the school year) I have needed heavy assistance from either teachers, my mom, or both to get through school. But my friend(who has also been diagnosed with adhd) has an adderall perscription. I have been extremely close freinds with him and have shared my struggles with school and anything in general and he told me his story. Before switching to his perscription(5mg doses) he had extremely low grades ( Ds and Fs) and also needed heavy assistance. So, as a result his mother seeked help from a docter(she had tried everything else already) and got my freinds perscription. After hearing his story I asked if I could try one pill. After taking it I have noticed that I was able to focus much better on my tasks. In fact I noticed I did much better and could think more clearly. Before you say that I should get it from a docter, I can't. I have already argued multiple times with my mother on trying it out but she didnt even want to do that. Taking this has made me realise just how much adhd can screw your life up. As I had also been increasing tensions with my mom and causing her alot of stress, this is my second day on adderall and we have gottten along better than we have in the last month. Although I know that getting adderall illigally is bad, I recognise that this medication, if used correctly, can be extremely helpful. I do apoligise if this was a bit long as I am currently still under adderall's effects but this is more of a vent than anything.

  10. The video talks about how study drugs are being recognized in the community and keep giving percentages about who is concerned and how there are. Yet it does not give any specific effects it would have or why it should not be used by giving an scientific explanation it just says because at the end they are drugs. The thing is that these drugs carry the same risks for people that are prescribed these drugs the only differene how they are monitored. All drugs are not the same and the there is a line where medication or boosts turn into what the community views as the harmful drugs like cocaine it becomes a drug when it is used for enjoyment rather than reaching a purpose because at the end of the day they are all just chemicals branding them as drugs just becomes poster material to spout to the general public

  11. Bruh if you take adderall most of the time you'll use it for stuff other than studying. If want to stay up late just use caffeine or something

  12. Adderall is not gonna help you. Stupid people will continue to be stupid despite Adderall abuse. No drug can help the mind in problem solving.

  13. Yeah I took a study drug I ordered online and since taking them I’ve been forcibly committed to psych wards for the past 9 years. Do not do it. There’s a reason drugs have to be prescribed and bought from real pharmacies.

  14. They believe that if they use they can fuck their book but you most show that the real succees ful people in community dont use from it and also the disadvantages is more than that for ex if you have blood pressure ritalin can fuck your vessles in the easiest way the temperature of your body become ver high you can use b1 jinko caffeine is better choises and also low sleep can improve your performance plus exercise

  15. psychiatrists under prescribe but over dose AMP/d-AMP to children because the children are more likely to take add ons to combat the negative side effects

  16. WAIT WHAT? Adderral is used to treat people with ADHD!!!! Get the fuck out of here πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  17. I don't normally question these videos but this "doctor" looks more like he is trying to look like a doctor than actually being one! Why is he holding a bunch of large books, like he didn't know he was going to be shooting a video? Did the camera man catch him as he was walking by?.

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