One of Yelp’s Worst-Rated Plastic Surgeons: I Got Work Done | One Star Reviews

One of Yelp’s Worst-Rated Plastic Surgeons: I Got Work Done | One Star Reviews


  1. Taji thought his face was getting a little wrinkly (maybe it's all the stress), so naturally he went to Yelp's finest to get a second opinion.

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  2. this doctor is so funny and awkward as fuck but yea, he's got balls too. he's some how turning a bad review into defamation of character, don't know how he's getting away with it but it's funny.

  3. Youre one star reviews are some of the vierdest people i have ever seen. No wonder they get one star they either dont know what they are doing or they are highly unorganized and illogical in their practice.

  4. In order to have a five-star rating online, a medical doctor really just has to know her stuff, be compassionate, really listen to the patient, be thorough and careful, not have a clinic procedure room full of random duffel bags, and not act like a weirdo. My wife, a neurologist MD, injects patients with botulinum toxin frequently, usually for neuromuscular issues or migraines. The side effects have been infrequent, minor, and tolerable. No lumpy heads or agonizing pain. People are entitled to express their opinions online, and the best way to get great reviews is to love your job and patients and to do your job well, not through threats and kickbacks to patients.

  5. This entire video looks like some hellish sketch. Doesn't even seem like it's real. How is this 'doctor' not in jail for at least a few decades? As a bare minimum.

  6. I really dont like this doctor, i dont like his posture, i dont how he talk, i dont like how he looks at you, this is definitely not a good person, with time i learned to trust my instincts and trust me, most of the time im right. This guy is very strange…. you are crazy dude lol. Success with your videos.

  7. Oh fuck buddy I want to kick the living shit out of that Doctor.He is dreadful and I hope 🤞🏻 nobody else ever goes to Dr. I make them all cry!

  8. I bet this is a money laundering business, he keep saying he have deep pocket and a big team yet he is the only doctor in a small clinic right? Look how he prepare before the camera came, bet he's an underground doctor.

  9. I could see this guy going to kowloon walled city back in the day trying out an unlicensed dentist and an unlicensed chef that would serve him dog

  10. When the doctor shows you the receipt for Botox inventory he has, it's time to get a second opinion. And who in the hell advertises they have 3 years experience? It's better to not say anything than that.

  11. Holy shit! This fucking doctor is showing papers from a lawsuit he's filed against people who wrote bad reviews!!!! You know you are a complete fuck up when you have to sue everyone who writes a bad review about you. And someone might want to let that dipshit know that writing a review is perfectly legal as long as everything they said is true. This guy actually keeps the "fillers" fucking backpacks in his office where there are cabinets!!!!

  12. Good video walk through. A lot of doctors rent medical space, so office-gym bag… everything was sealed as manufactured. SOOOO what were the costs?

  13. "Writing a review is like a Donald Trump tweet: People will overreact quickly to it"

    I love how he has "deep pockets and deep resources" to go to court for each of the bad reviews, but apparently nothing in, oh I don't know, a supply cabinet or a refrigerator. I'm not saying you have to make your resort a Sandals, but damn dude, at least acknowledge you have some work to do to make it passable.

  14. stuff that i am happy being one ugly brother aint no witch doctor sticking needle in my face oh and a lawsuit on bad reviews umm that guy is messed up

  15. That’s so sketchy. No way in hell I’d let someone inject my face with shit he just pulled out of some gym bags and it’s not a real doctors office

  16. it sounds like that doctor is threatening him.
    Basically telling him that if he gives a bad reviews he will take him to quart

  17. “We have deep pockets and deep resources” then why can’t you invest in better storage for your products, organization in your office, and seating for your customers…

  18. never trust a guy that shakes his head while answering yes questions or avoiding question, its a physical response to things we dont wanna hear about and some have it alot visually like this droop

  19. U look like a baby why did u get botox? Every time I look back on an old photo I think about how great I looked whereas I used to think I looked like shit at the time. So dumb… I refuse to get work done. That's just ridiculous.

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