Overcoming Food Addiction: Comedian ANT’s Transformation

Overcoming Food Addiction: Comedian ANT’s Transformation

Initially all openly admit probably everyone here watching you in the gym and full of excuses wanted to quit Wandering is he going to break through how did you get him to break through the most important thing was to start slow? I? Can understand how that seemed overwhelming but clearly something clicked Because I saw a man go from being defeated to a man who was going to do this You know two days a week of training which is basic to give him an introduction and make sure that he wasn’t so sore that He couldn’t continue Good, then we then we moved on we started introducing a class the class that I created project steel then We introduced a hike on his own. Let me ask you it. Do you still hate the gym honestly when we first met? I hate the gym, but I will tell you this okay Guys are starting to look at me again I’m glad you brought that up. You did talk about relationships, and you were really lonely and you would just go home And you wouldn’t do anything are you in a relationship now well dr. Dow has been working with me on that and I not dating dr. Dow First time I have ever seen a therapist that I told the truth to I finally let somebody see who I was and he didn’t throw me away How do you how do you? Take someone like aunt who who would see black But as a child saw bright orange and a hope how do you how do you take someone who you were broken and? fix fix that it’s really not about Something that I’m giving you it’s really about helping aunt and helping you to remember all of the gifts that you had right You had so much going on you had trauma you lost your partner You lost your sister you had a crystal meth addiction You had a food addiction and we’d all we’d a lot to talk I with this morges porygon crap Listen there are tears there are times when you wanted to leave there are times in your angry when you are resistant and then there were times when you’re like me and I feel like the lights are coming back on right and There were days when it’s like wow this is good. This is good. I’m I feel like I can see my my toes again I feel like my toes. I’m gonna tell the truth. Okay. This is how I knew it was working. I’m in the shower I look down. I saw my penis Here’s the thing It is so not here’s what it’s done for me I started a podcast called second chances And it’s stories of second chances told by the people who live them downloaded second chances. I did it because I want people to know and I want people to hear you know. There’s hope out there Everybody gets a second chance. I’m proof of that improve On your journey as that journey continues can’t thank dr. Down PJ enough And I won’t say that in some cases a little vanities. Okay, if it’s you know what looking good down there I Also want to thank home bistro for providing the weekly healthy meal and prowl to you. Thank you, sweetie You


  1. Dr. Dow is amazing. I absolutely love how he cares for and looks out for his patients… You can see that he truly makes a difference.

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