Overcoming Methadone Addiction with Ibogaine Therapy – Sean’s Story

Overcoming Methadone Addiction with Ibogaine Therapy – Sean’s Story

(gentle piano music) (inspirational piano music) – Okay my friend. Shawn, right? Okay. You were on methadone. You should go ahead, this is your do. Your story, not mine. (laughs) My story have been heard a lot. – Well, I fought opiate
addiction for about 20 years. Got sober for awhile, and then I relapsed. I went to the methadone clinic. I was on buprenorphine for six months. They switched to methadone, I was on methadone for a year. I got up to 90 milligrams. And, I was at the point of
just complete hopelessness, depression. And it’s all I think about all day. I just wanted my next fix. I couldn’t think about life, camping, fishing, family, pets, nothing. Everything that I used to love was gone. – [David] The feeling was dead. – It was dead. It only came back for about
an hour after my dose. So, it consumed me. I was completely obsessed
with my dose at the clinic. And I realized this, and I realized that it was like a cancer. But, I was so terrified
of the withdrawals. 10 years ago, when I was on methadone, I got locked up and I had
to cold turkey withdrawals from 130 milligrams, and it was hell. It was the closest thing that
I could ever describe to hell. The nightmares, the pain, the horror that went through my head. I never slept, never got any relief. The staff in the jails
wouldn’t give me anything except Ibuprofen once in a while. So, I get this email from… Some guy talking about
the Ibogaine clinic, and I read it. I thought, “What the heck?
I might as well call.” I talked to this guy and he had a story that was very similar to mine. He was very sincere and
honest about his experience. He didn’t say, “Oh, I came down
and life was just perfect'” He didn’t glorify it. He said, “Yeah, they
took away my withdrawals. “And I got home, I struggled a little bit “with energy, but I
immediately went back to work, “I was sleeping, four
hours, five hours a night.” And, that was incredible to me. Oh yeah, 10 days coming off Methadone, the shit’s just getting started. (laughs) It hasn’t even started it’s horrors yet. – But you have been, or
you’re almost 10 days in, You have horrors? – No. No. So, anyways, I did more research. I was very hesitant, because of all the things
you hear in Western medicine, and things you read about how
it sinks into all your bones, and nothing gets it out except time. And, you could wait a year
before you start feeling better. So, I wasn’t really, honestly, believing. But, I got to the point where I was putting a pistol to my head. And, I could only think of my family. So, I fortunately never did it. – Fortunately, not unfortunately. – Never. – Fortunately, you didn’t. – Exactly. I was so convinced and desperate, I sold my Toyota Tacoma, which I loved, to come down here and do the program. It was just like the
way the guy had told me. ‘Bout day nine, I got an
email from a family member, warning me that Methadone
withdrawals are the most intense from 96 hours to 144 hours. So, I got a little worried. Dr. David Kardashians – I’m not a doctor, sir. I don’t want to be called ever a doctor. I’m a researcher, I’m a scientist, but not a doctor. I don’t want to be titled that, okay. – He assured me not to worry, that the Ibogaine was going to work, cleanse my system and it did just that. – [David] What happened the first formula they gave you the first night. The first night you got here – I had a very pleasant night that night. I just recall feeling
very happy and spiritual. In fact, I thought of my father, who passed away 10 years ago. And, we fought a lot, and I let go of all
resentment towards him. – Yeah, but that wasn’t a full treatment It was just a formula
developed to get rid of the… – (laughs) – Basically, Methadone,
Heroin plus crazy group. You get rid of the group. I want you to explain, because there’s so much lies out there, okay, literally I got something
from some Congress person, or somebody working for Congress, some… I think it was illegal
because it (mumbles), would you please Madam,
send me one statement, or one proof, that anybody even got hurt, directly from playing true advocate. And I would love to have
a discussion with you. I never heard back. Obviously, I’ve been asking. I’m asking again. If somebody can show me,
I would love to know. So, please don’t take this opportunity, that people have to save their lives, and say lies, and say negative. Talk about this negativity. You came to me, said to me,
“How am I gonna withdrawal” Just from (mumbles) It was a family member, she
didn’t mean anything wrong. Okay? But, it’s psychological. I say to you, “Listen”, and checking your vitals. When someone have withdrawals, their vitals change extreme. Going to the extreme. The high blood pressure,
heart rate goes up, everything changes in you. I’m looking at you, you came out with not
even high blood pressure, it was lower. – (laughs) – The heart is, basically normal. So, these new vitals show
you’re in withdrawal. So, its all psychological. Okay? So, because you get (mumbles) Why didn’t you come right away? – [Shawn] I was just
tired of living that life. – [David] No, no. Why
didn’t you come any sooner? It took you months. – Yeah, I was very hesitant, because of everything people say about it. But, seven days, eight
days without methadone, I was walking on the beach. (laughs) I was eating tacos, I was laughing. I hadn’t laughed as much as
I’ve had these past 10 days, in years. And that’s the honest truth. I also wanna mention the staff, because that’s another important part about going to a treatment
center of any kind. I’ve been to a lot of
places where the staff just doesn’t really care. And the staff here is five star. The food is excellent. The doctor that I saw,
has brought me hope, in curing something that
I’ve had problems with since I was eight years old. That no other doctor in
my city could help me. I spent thousands. I’ve seen four different
endocrinologists in my city, and none of whom knew what to do. And, the doctor here, he’s very sharp, and I have full faith
that’s he going to help me. If the problem still exists at all. – You had blood tests. – I had blood tests to find out. – That’s how’s I knew the addiction. But if somebody had seen someone having… Many other problems,
because many, many problems, the benefits of Ibogaine is,
I want everybody to know, it’s because, people have to understand, what Ibogaine does, pure Ibogaine, which it takes a ton of root
barks to receive one Kilo, meaning 1/1000, not one percent, one percent of one percent, of pure Ibogaine. That’s what I use. The only thing I will use. It’s cures people from… I mean I’m not even
treating them for that. You see, you’ll see what
you don’t feel anymore. People have had come over
here with Crohn disease, and Lyme disease, and I don’t know. Tourette, and skin diseases. And, it’s gone. Okay? – Yeah. I also wanted to talk about
the Psychologist that I saw. I’ve seen probably seven or
eight, in the past few years. And I gave up on seeing them, because they never helped. Psychologist I saw here today, with just a few words of
changing my perception of how I see the world around me, helped me tremendously. In fact, I would compare
her to Viktor Frankl. – (giggles) – That’s the God honest truth. – And she’s really not full time. She takes her (talks quietly) and she doesn’t have an office. As a favor to me, I had to really ask her, “Please saving life. “Please just come, this is just (mumbles)” – So to summarize, I came
down here full of fear. Never experienced any of the withdrawals I experienced 10 years
ago, when I was locked up. I would say the worst
thing that I went through, is a little bit of back pain, lack of energy for a few days but it’s coming back every day. And, I honestly feel, right now, that I could go back to work. After 10 days of being off of methadone. I feel like I could go back to work. (laughs) – Did you have any, really
truthfully, say the truth, did you have even one hour of
withdrawal after you got here? You got the first dose. – No. – This is what I want, so don’t,
people, it took four years for me to develop this formula. You don’t need to go to short acting, you will come here I will give you this present from almighty. I don’t wanna say my brain or my, I did a study and I worked
hard with other specialists, developed this formula, that will get rid of methadone, Suboxone, Subutex, I don’t care, Ketamine,
benzo, whatever you’re on, the first night that you get here. And that’s why I know abuse. I don’t let anyone, to go
through any withdrawal. And its a proven fact, because your testimonial, and everyone’s shared the same thing. I don’t need them, I’m
not doing this for money. Obviously, at the age of 69, I have a very successful
development company and I have gotten to
this with the last 10, 12, years doing this. Just helping humanity. Yes, we charge a fee,
because there’s costs. Some people, somebody called me and said, “What, you just take rich people?” Really, you’re not rich? How much do you spend on drugs everyday? I’ve made calculations of $100,000 a year. And the $15,000, 12 and
half thousand dollars, rich people? You spend hundred
thousand a year on drugs. – Before Methadone, I was
working like eight hours a day, sometimes 10 hours a day, 40, 50 hours a week. After a year of being on Methadone, I was working about three hours a day. Maybe 10, 12 hours a week. I mean, I just didn’t have
any energy, motivation. And so, it pays for itself, probably within a couple of months. (laughs) – How bout saving your life? (laughs) – Yeah, that included. – Look, this is an advertisement. This is not a hospital, or drug companies, or I don’t know, the rehabs, (mumbles). And a lot of the people like you that, after they finish, they
have no normal withdrawal and craving. If they need, then they
should go to rehab. But, I send people to some rehabs, that they really know what rehab means. Rehab means to take the
habit away from you. Not to put you on
Suboxone, and other drugs, see you’re clean now. And that’s, rehabs like this, that they really work on
taking habits from people. Cause you get used to, you
feel this habit of taking pills of something every day. Anything little happens, boom, you think you gotta think take something. That habit, and your work on yourself. And you know that. And I’m saying it, after you finish here, you’re free. You get your freedom back. You get your free choice back. Now you gotta work on yourself to get rid of the habit. Because you don’t need
it, you’re not suffering. It’s not pain anymore. – And there’s one more thing
I think is very important for me to say. I feel life is about
experience and adventure. I love kayaking, mountain climbing, I’m a very spiritual person. I pray and meditate every day. It has been several
years since I’ve prayed, meditated, and felt tears of joy come out. Yesterday, I had that. I did. And it felt tremendous, it felt great. I cannot wait to get
back, jump in my kayak, go down the river, go backpacking, – [David] I’m getting jealous. – [Shawn] And get back to
the things that I used to do, before my opiate addiction
robbed me of all that. I just felt really compelled to share that because I know there’s a
lot of people out there that miss that life. Miss that… – It’s slavery. You came out of slavery, and bondage, and control, the Devil as I call it. And that’s not your freedom. You have your free choice. That’s it. I’ve gone through it, I know. They didn’t have the
Ibogaine then, 30 years ago. (laugh) I went through one year of hell. I know what it is to
go through withdrawal. God bless you. I wish you all the luck in the world. And, go and save others. Tell other people, that there is a place
you can save your life. You don’t need to go and be a robot and suffer like this. – You don’t have to suffer anymore. – Goodbye, friend. Thank you. (inspirational piano music)


  1. I know I could never afford to come there I wish I could I'm a single mom of two years of heroin addiction now on methadone for 6 years and every time I try to come off the withdrawal is horrible I just go back up because I can't work or take care of my kids

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