Overdose Awareness:  What You Need to Know about Drug Overdose.

Overdose Awareness: What You Need to Know about Drug Overdose.

Each year, overdoses
from opioids like heroin, prescription pain medications, and other drugs claim
countless lives. The overdose epidemic is
the public health crisis of our time. Today, we’re here to talk
about how you can save someone from an opioid overdose. Fentanyl, a powerful synthetic
opioid, is being illicitly made and added to other
drugs by dealers, without users’ knowledge,
increasing the risk of overdose. This really is the
“crisis next door” because it can affect anyone. Everyone needs to know how
to respond to this crisis. For example, naloxone
is a life-saving drug that can reverse the
effects of an opioid overdose when administered in time. If you use opioids, even
prescription pain medications, or are close to someone
who does, get naloxone and learn how to use it. If you have prescription
opioids in the house, keep them in a locked
container and dispose of any pills right away if
you no longer need them. If you, or someone you know, needs help with opioid
dependency, there is treatment
available that works. Call the National Substance
Abuse Helpline before an overdose happens. If you believe someone has
overdosed, call 911 right away. Get informed. You can save a life.


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