Ow… All Of My Bones Are Broken…

Ow… All Of My Bones Are Broken…

W-Wah! I’m sorry! What did I do? I’m going! Oh! Hello, everybody! My name is Markiplier, and welcome to Superflight! Ah!! I hit the wrong button *intelligently reading the instructions* I’m not ready! Wait! I dont even know the controls *sobbing* Is this-Is this suppose to be a game pad game?? Uh—-Uh—Uh—-Uh—AHHH! *Markimoo mating call* My wrist…….okay (quietly) Hang on a second, everybod-*starts laughing/sobbing*-yyy Wuh—-I’m setting up my controller! Ah, there we go! It’s inverted! I hate inverted No! No! *sobbing* holes and stuff holes!— *Crashed* Ah–, i’m very dead. Okay So this game is, like you’re flying a winged-suit And as a winged-suit flyer, it’s some —Uh, my controller’s ready, you guys know that? Uh oh (x3) *Crashed* oh~~~ That was not a hole i can go through I trying to identify the holes i can fly through I dont like inverted! Oh—–Uh—— Yes, yes yes, I’m a baller, I’m a shot-caller look at me go Whoa Alrighty, then where,the, hell, am, I? oh my goosssh Whoa I blacked out, I don’t know why I blacked out, but I blacked out. Eh, up, and down, okay? Okay alright this game would be bizzar-kurz in VR, but I’m not playing VR So let’s see what we could do right about now, hang on Oooo Inverted is weird. Oh, my skull. Can I change that? Please, no Invert you mean vert. You mean actually vert it. Ah that is somehow worse okay, maybe it was a bad idea, okay BAD IDEA Okay, let’s – No I don’t want you to die yet Okay All right, let’s try this guy. Okay, so now that we got my bearings about me this game is pretty cool, Eeeuuu, owh *more markimoo mating calls* Ohhhh, I Almost made that if I could just stop screaming, I think I’d actually be fine. Well. That’s not gonna happen in a million billion years Markiplier stop screaming, I might as well die, i might as well die, i might as well Ooohhh Okay, I think I caught some wind there that didn’t work out the wet bond yeah, man I really don’t like how flappy this guy is Okay all right come through for a second pass I Gotta come through for the passes that’s it up and then down up Very nice Okay, ah Beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful, I’m a beauty(sure mark) Okay, all right all right All right ooh a whole I’m gonna stick my head in that hole too far down Flying into one of these portals to get a new map oh Okay, all right, are you sure those trees ain’t portals boo. I wasn’t paying attention. I was not. I’m sorry okay All right, I got a wonder. Why this person decided to do wingsuit then again I don’t fully understand most people that would do the wingsuit thing considering how many people died from it I mean I know it’s an adrenaline thing, but personally I like the safety of lan-ah I Like the safety of layah(anything you say mark). Okay go down Where’s another halt who wants to give me a hole That’s a weird thing to shout at the top of my lungs who wants to give me a hole?! So I guess my only objective here is to try it desperately To not kill the cavalcade of people that are tossing themselves out of a mountain Just so that they can trust that I won’t kill them Dead But it’s a it’s a futile gesture Cuz that’s all I know how to do literally all I know how to do is kill him dead kill him dead. Oh Too close too close it’s fine. It’s fine. Okay, just going real gingerly. Oh, yeah Oh, that’s the good stuff. Okay hang on. I see a hole. This is not at all. That’s a portal Oh, I found the portal the portal. I found the portal all right. I got this Oh Spicy, okay, starting to get a hang of it I’m not getting a good hang of it, but I’ve got a hang of it. I got a hang nail of it… PORTAL Don’t know where I am? This is weird I was just getting used to the last map and you’re gonna throw me into an ASS backward place like that I I was fine. I panicked. I’m the one who panicked. Oh boy how am I gonna get out of this one Batman? Oh, I don’t know Robin. How about fly yourself into a mountain? Oh, no another one of my trucks and kamay trees are dead. Oh my fault. I’m Batman I Wanted to go through that hole uh alas, that’s the tragedy of all our lives isn’t it Don’t know don’t oh, you were gonna you did and then you didn’t because I told you not to are you? Okay, I’m not gonna make it through that hole, but I can make it through this. There’s a portal there. I see you I’m coming for you. I’m covered for you por- Where did you go? think you can hide from me portal the answer is you cannot, Theres two portals? Okay, I guess we’re here now another portal all right We’re chaining them up! Where am I? I don’t know where I am anymore. 🙁 I’m in a weird Wimbley world oh geez oh geez oh geezums Okay, all right * Markiplier mating call* My god that was beautiful for a fresh hot second, and then I was dead I was extremely i got achievement for close call, right before I died is that blood on the mountain is that my blood on the mountain? You know I wouldn’t be too surprised all my clones that are throwing themselves so willy nilly down this mountain You know you’d think that one of them would have learned from the bone Smacking crunches that they’re hearing that maybe it’s such a good idea. I don’t see many holes Boy, I wish I had a hoollee * more markiplier noises* God it’s so scary. I just feel like I just feel like I shouldn’t do this. You know whoa oh Right into the gap we go. That’s fine gap. Though. Oh, I’m just gonna go straight down. I don’t like this map I’m going for another I’m dying. Oh god. I don’t know why I decided to send me into the vomit zone, but it did Portal all right, okay? Nope there’s nothing there’s nothing there to punch nothing is this all randomly generated. I would very impressive This is all randomly generated, but alas i-i-i did not, how is that not a hole? That was such a hole now. It’s a holiest hole. I’ve ever hold and I’ve hold a lot of holes in my day Oh come on. Give me a hole ooh. I see a portal that’s kind of a hole into another universe oh This looks familiar wait. No it’s purple hey Now. I can never tell with these purple familiar things Oh another portal hell yeah, Oh brown-brown and grey All right any holes I’m really good looking for holes I’m getting better at this oddly enough you wouldn’t think that I’d be getting better at this Knowing who I am and how good I am at games and such? This is a mistake mistake mistake mistake, Oh, Oh my god, oh my god I fffuuu-* turns into mouth farts* Was fine and that I wasn’t fine that was entirely my fault all right, let’s try this for a dose time oh Nope, hole hell, yeah Come on. That wasn’t a hole. That’s a hole. I know that hole that’s definitely a hole Oh, yeah, awesome hole god great hole Yeah, just likes to dive um when it runs out of steam at random moments Oh, yeah, there’s gonna be a good hole right here. It’s not a good hole I see it’s a bad hole bad hole bad. Hole Oh Give me my points you bitch. Oh, I risk my neck for that I mean I’ve killed my neck a thousand times before this, but I risk my neck at that. I hope there’s something Oh Down okay sweet moon. Oh give me my points you bitch you bitcchhh Give me my points I’ve done so Gucci I’ve done so gucc-. Oh Gucci gong or give me that PORTAL Portal oh yeah, baby, okay, all right. I like you. I like it you you look like a good one with a nice Backside Wow all right, okay. I like the way you hole I got an expert achievement that means I’m good at this right See a hole and a hole oh come on maybe that that hole ooh, Eee Did so good, and then I did not do so good oh I didn’t do shit there. Oh hole me bro. hole me bro hold me bro. don’t hole bro Wow I can’t get this hole Why can’t I get this hole oh? Yeah welp I’m dead all right hole time oh Yeah, there we go oh That was a good hole, but it didn’t give me the whole bonus. There’s a hole. Oh. Yeah. Oh, yeah Oh Yeah, oh, that’s the spicy meatball. Oh, I see a spicy meatball Oh, yeah, oh, these are some of the spiciest meatballs. I’ve ever seen Oh Spicy mmm. Oh I see a spicy part-all. Oh, oh yeah. Oh yeah, that’s a spice and at the bow Let’s see what we got here. Oh This feels good oh this feels real good. Oh another portal all right. Why not? Mom mom please Oh seen this before haven’t I miss MIStake Oh? Mistake nailed it nailed it and nailed it Not nailing it. Oh Oh my god, it’s can’t believe I’m still alive We’re gonna go for it, Oh oh I made it oh I made it I’m so good. I’m so good at games All right I’m doing real good. I can’t believe how good. I’m doing. Oh, this is so fun. Though like honestly this game is To the wall this game is super fun, but also unbelievably terrifying oh my god, this is a mistake oh God damn it. I wasn’t even right rank 24,000 really good god. How bad was I oh yeah? This was a dead end oops I Didn’t I Forgot those a mountain after the whole slot it. Yes nail it nail it nail it nail it nail it nailed it. Oh Sick nasty maneuver sick nasty Sick nasty maneuver, what sick nasty crash sick sick nasty disgusting crash like literally I’m about to vomit I’m gonna get you. I’m gonna get you. No. I don’t care. How many times my neck breaks. I’m gonna get you oh Shit, oh, shit. Oh. Oh oh spice MEATBALLL Why did I fall there? Oh cuz it didn’t have enough air? Shut up. owww nope Okay Ha ha triple score baby triple scored triple score triple score triple score it’s all about keeping the triples going those sweet triple-ownesss triple baby, Oh God mama quadruple mama Quadruple quadruple, they’re a cheater cheater. What are you talking about cheater I didn’t cheat nothing? Unless you’re calling about cheating death ow. Shit, I went there. I went there to death I went to death This game is just a this game is incredibly addicting because I just keep wanting to jump down this mountain It’s super fun. Like I’m not lying if this game is super fun. Oh, man *Introducing the Marki-monkye* This game is stupid fun Don’t do that No, no, I’ll give you speed. I’ll give you fuel. I’ll give you fire. I’ll give you that what you deserve oh I didn’t cash out my winnings Gettin greedy. Yeah, okay, all right shut up achievement douchenozzle don’t need your input on this one Ooooooooooooo-weeee Man I was like coming out the Deathstar there, I’ve just been playing silently for a while as it Goes like this is a super super fun like I just want to get a decent high score that doesn’t quit me in the tens of thousands of people playing but oh well alas what can I do but be suck all day and Suck all night Whoa NW HIGH SCORE. New high score! FInally after so much friggin work After being such an idiot for so long I did I did it whoa I know less yeah Okay alright, that’s enough for now I’ve been playing this way too long. This is super fun The game is not called crash the game is called Super Flight It’s available on Steam I believe and it’s so much fun So thank you everybody so much for watching check this out in the description Let me know what you think in the comments and as always I will see you in the next video. Bye!


  1. You woke my brother up and he thot I was watching porn cuz of how porny it sounds when you say i see a hole and stuff like that XD

  2. "Who wasnts to give me a hole"
    Thinks to himself
    "thats a weird thing to shout at the top of my lungs.."
    Breif silence..

  3. I considered buying this, but I was looking for a relaxing game. I have 1 game that is relaxing. Every other game I have is either a rage game, or just slightly aggravating.

  4. Lol, theres something a little… sexual about this… :3
    I can just imagine marks neighbours bein like WTF?!?

  5. 1:26 i know that teleportation sound from the game small soldiers for the PSx! I paused the vid for 10 min just to figure out where i know that sound from

  6. 0:30 Mark " Oh the controller is inverted, I hate inverted controls." Finally some one who doesn't. Like inverted controls

  7. This game looks unbelievably awesome and fun and probably addictive

    Mark: MISTAKE! MISTAKE! Ahhhhh😩⬅️Literally his face

  8. Should definitely try steep mark has wing suit stuff in it and the stressful races and such would make for great bitch baby screaming- I- I mean content! ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

  9. His neighbors hear mark screaming: "Those are some spicy meatballs!"
    The a few seconds later: "Yeah this feels good."


  10. I love the purples used in this game for the worlds. Especially the shade used in the world he was getting triples and quadruples in!~

  11. If you turn on the captions when Mark is trying not to die so he screams it will say Markimoo mating calls best thing ever😂

  12. Yeah why don’t you let your unhealthy obsession with dogs include them licking them all healed, Spanky? Serves your foul mouth right

  13. I never knew cardboard could make such a great flight suit. If only I'd k own as a kid that, I wouldn't have ended up in the hospital after my bath towel parachute proved ineffective

  14. mark: wheres a hole??? i need a hole!

    mark fly's around the map

    mark see's a hold-like ditch

    mark: A HOLE!!!

    its blocked off

    mark: this is a mistake

    mark yells before he dies

    mark: MISTAKE

  15. At 5:16 Mark said "Another one of my trusted compatriots are dead." Not "all my trucks and kamay trees." Just for those of you with captions on.

  16. I need to playa VR edition of this game at one of those indoor skydiving places fora day while listening to a playlkst of metal covers of Lindsey Sterling music, starting with elements.

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