Ozzy Osbourne on Health, Drugs, and the Age of Computers – Back & Forth (Part 1/3)

Ozzy Osbourne on Health, Drugs, and the Age of Computers – Back & Forth (Part 1/3)

If you could give your younger self some advice what would you, what would you give your, the 21-year-old Ozzy, what advice would you give you? Don’t do drugs [Music plays] What about a 30-year-old Ozzy, what advice would you give him? Take more drugs. [Laughs] I, I did what I did [mumbles] when I was 21, and I did what I did when I was 30. But now, I feel better today than I have done in a long time – I’m 66 this December. What do you, what’s the secret, how are you still…rocking and rolling as hard as you are? I honestly, I work out – I exercise a lot. I go for regular physicals. Call me a hypochondriac, I don’t care. I don’t smoke anymore. I don’t do drugs any more. I don’t drink booze anymore. And I, I’m, and I think, I think that says a lot for what I, why I’m here. There’s no mysterious fucking…you know, hex from [mumble] Satan [mumble]. And to be honest with you, I really like being sober ’cause it’s like, people who never take smoke pot in their lives think, you know at my age, “oh a joint wouldn’t hurt”. But it’s the other way round for me, I’ve been doing dope and booze since I was about 14. And, you know, I [mumble] to be clear-headed and…be OK with being OK. Yeah. When you left Sabbath and you, and you went on to go and, and do your own, uh, solo career, and release Blizzard of Oz, were you scared that people a) weren’t gonna like it and: b) you couldn’t do it by yourself?
: Oh absolutely! I mean. But the [mumble], I’ve said this before; the earliest days of any…band thing that I’ve ever been in, are the best ’cause you’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose, and you’ve got time to make a good album. Yeah. Whereas when you get the success you’ve got like, you got 4 weeks to get an album, get an album [mumble], so you kind of get. But you know and people ask me what advice I could give anybody. If you’re in, and all I’d say is, “if you’re absolutely serious about what you’re doing write as much stuff as you can”, because you, ’cause once you start going on the road, you never have enough time to do anything, you know. Do you ever regret being a musician? No, not at all. It’s been the best thing that’s ever happened to me. You know I, when I, when I was young I never, I never thought, I, I, I often would think, what do I want to be? Do I want to be a fireman, a bricklayer? I don’t know. And then, I, when I heard the Beatles it changed everything ’cause I wanted to be a Beatle. This Black Sabbath thing [mumble] that’s you’ve gotta consider, that’s 45 years old. We just did a sell-out tour, we had a first number one ever in the United States, and a, and 12 other countries, and it was just, I mean, wow! Do you like any new music? I like Bruno Mars, I like, uh, Snow Patrol. I like a couple of them. Yeah. But it’s like, the thing with new, new stuff. If I like it too much it gets in there then so when I’m doing some work on, doing some new music for me, it ultimately indirectly comes out. To me, at my age, there ain’t that much new music – it’s all [mumbles] old ideas rehashed. Yeah. But you know, it’s, it’s another phase, you know, you know. Some of it I like. The 70s was great because there wasn’t no MTV and there wasn’t that many bands around then in the 80s it was like a, it just went. I mean they said to me, “What do you think of the state of heavy metal?” Well from 70s, 80s, 90s and now the new millennium, it’s completely different every, every decade. Yeah. Completely. I think the computer age is taking over and there’s a lot of cheat, lot of trickery you can do, do now. Yeah. I mean you, I’ve actually had people, I saw guys in bands where they go, they go, “do you wanna jam?”, and they go ” ‘jam’, what’s that?” I go, “just, just play anything, together.” They can’t do it, it’s like, “oh I’ll have to consult my computer first.” “I can, uh, programme a jam, uh, sequence on my computer and hit ‘play’.” But, it’s like, it’s like, that’s what’s happen-, the art of being in a band is dying. Yeah. I had people coming to OzzFest and go, “man, if it wasn’t for Sabbath. We owe you so much.” And I’ve heard ’em and I thought, “what part of that is influenced by Sabbath?” But then a lot of other music, I thought, “ah I get it where they’re coming from.” But some of it, I’m like, “what!?” But the thing about it, it’s not the music, it’s the what it says to the people, it’s like metal, metal, or whatever you want to call it, has never had any rules. We were, from, I mean consider when we first started in, in about ’69. It was all Flower Power, and, you know, if you go to San Francisco, wear a flower in your hair, and all that. But we come from Birmingham – Aston in Birmingham where there’s this pollution and rain and miserable [mumble], and we were like, “fuck off with this fucking bullshit!” So we, we started to write scary music, and that took on, thank God. So what I’m kinda hearing you saying is, is that… metal is more of kind of an attitude and a message you’re trying to get across than necessarily the, the riffs and what-have-you. Well it’s got, it’s got the riffs – you’ve gotta have something to play. But it’s like, you tell me to not, if you want something to do, what, if you want me to do something, tell me not to ’cause I’ve never played by any rules. I have, ah, my, my sole concern is to get on that stage and give that audience as, a great day out. That’s [mumbles], all I am. I don’t wanna go down fucking “ban the bomb”. That’s been done. You know, that’s for other people. But for me, when I hit the stage, I wanna give them my heart on a plate, and that God’s honest truth.


  1. We still so far dont have any Legends in our generation, kinda sad to be fair. The music was way better back in the day and I am only 22 and I appreciate the hella out of old school, any type of genre. Ozzy is a Legend, enough said. ✌️👌💥💥💥

  2. I think it is a mysterious hex from Satan. Or he has a double adrenochrome on the rocks every morning 😂🍷

  3. You may think it's incoherent babbling but he talks complete sense. It's dead man… dead. God bless ye Oz… life would have been f'n miserable without ye man.

  4. ozzy osbourne: we love you. we as in… the world. i, and hundreds of millions were lucky enough to be on this planet during your career. you have brought us so much Irreplaceable inimitable music, so manny laughs and great stories, i couldnt imagine a world without ozzy. of course you realize the roles that randy, jake, and zakk have played in the creation of some of the most timeless pieces of music ever conceived. but it was you who discovered these artists, and helped them disover themselves. ill probably never get to meet you, or tell you any o this face to face. idk, maybe you will thumb through the coments and see this someday.but its something i want to get out, its something ive always wanted to say to you personaly. your impact on this and the last century as an artist, entertainer, and human being are untouchable ozzy.

  5. Why is Jack Osborne asking his dad questions like this??? does he not know his own dad??? I know it's an intereview for everyone to watch but it just seems weird how someone is interviewing there own father as if he knows nothing about him….

  6. I followed Ozzy & like bands since 1979 by 24, I was addicted to drugs and alcohol, knocked up 2 women and became a violent felon. It's all good, I forgive you. I turned and got saved. I hope the same will happen for Ozzy too.🙏

  7. Ozzy is right about him being Sober like an old person wanking to smoke Pot.

    Because as a former addict myself (drugs, tobacco and alcohol), when I became Sober it was like a new kind of High, I remember coming home from the Rehab Facility, with the horrible thought of the inside of my Home being enough to Trigger my Relapse, but instead it was like "wow, this is what my House actually smells like".

    I also remember sitting on my Coach later that night chatting on the Phone with my sister, an having the type of innocent conversations we had as kids, as ever since being a Adult all we did is argue on the Phone (usually about drugs or money).

    An it also changed my perspective on the world too, an I can't explain what I mean by that, but it really did.

  8. I never listened to Ozzy Osbourne until here recently I always thought his songs were about drugs and stupid stuff and then I listened to the words of crazy train. I was blown away he's not the Prince of darkness he's all about kindness love and everything we should be and then I listened to dreamer and wow the words the meaning it's amazing.

  9. Love this him n his son! Ozzy is Awesome! Snow Patrol is awesome they have one of my favorite songs Just lay here

  10. The whole can’t understand ozzy thing is old and boring. He’s perfectly coherent? Sit back and listen to a legend reminisce and tell it how it is. A brilliant interview 🤘

  11. GET someone to write songs for you or play the music n dont pay em but talke all the money. DO u regret being a Rockstar…… what a twatty question when you have never had to work a day in your life and be given everything on a plate Jack yer twat . ffs load of bollocks

  12. I don't care but drugs are fucking wrong. We have a culture where he favour them. Drugs are for some people not everyone. I took everything apart from heroin and I still do coke once or two a year but it's not something I can say it's good. Drugs are fine for some though. They need to be legalized.

  13. Jack turned into a cool humble guy. I like him. Sorry to hear about the ms. Hes not a spoilt guy even though he was. Fair play Jack.

  14. The young buck did alright there. It'd be a fuckin nerveracking job, especially being Ozzys son. Anyways, great to see the honesty and open-ness in these clips. Is there anything about this bloke that isnt likeable?

  15. I'm from the UK and can literally understand everything he says. I think the whole not understanding him started from the US. anybody that has grown up and lived the UK can understand him.

  16. Honestly, he sounded way better here at 66 than he did in some of the Osbournes footage where he was probably 10 years younger. It's crazy, but his mind seemed to improve. I wonder if he got on some medication or whatever.

  17. – what advice would you give to 20 year old Ozzy: "don't do drugs"
    – what advice would you give to 30 year old Ozzy: "take more drugs"

  18. Is it me or is Ozzy speaking more fluently these days? I got caught on a couple words but for the most part I could even have a conversation with him 🤗 today I learned Oz likes
    snow patrol 😂

  19. Love this stage in their lives .. lets be honest for a sec .. when i saw the Ozzy reality show , i thought .. yup .. they are all gonna die .,. But now .. Jack is an inspriration to us ll .. AND he got Ozzy on the show being a sober Ozzy .. and i love every second of it …
    Forever an Ozzy fan ..

  20. If you look back at him on his reality show and now, he looks unbelievable and also can talk. Great to see the legend back to himself

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