Painkiller Addiction | Jake Evans Story

Painkiller Addiction | Jake Evans Story

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tuned watch this very interesting love y’all hey guys welcome back the Derrick
Lambert thanks for joining me on the channel you
guys have someone special I want to introduce you to Jake Evans what
subjects not much man how are you thinking for having me
absolutely bro so I wanted to delve into something about you because you’ve
actually contacted me there’s very unique your approach on addiction what
you’ve gone through to tell them a little bit about it so when it comes to
like addiction specifically I would say that a lot of things for for me as an
individual I didn’t necessarily like really know that I was struggling with
it when I was because I identified a lot of it as just being normal
right so when I was growing up roughly 14 15 I was playing in and out of bands
playing with people that were 21 22 part of that scene and when you weren’t part
of that music scene you’re seeing a lot of stuff going on so I was being exposed
to alcohol being exposed to weed and always in the back of my mind since I
was a young young young young kid always feeling like I didn’t necessarily
connect with people that were my own age didn’t feel like I connected with people
than wearing my grade always felt like I was different somehow
and when I was playing music it gave me an outlet but still didn’t feel part of
that community and so what the first time that I smoked weed er the first
time that Jake alcohol with these people it was like instantaneous community and
so I identified hanging out with people just being connected with people with
partaking in substance and it’s interesting because if you do a history
lesson right and you look back in time it’s like that’s that is what most of
community is about celebrating the by everybody going around and drinking
alcohol passing the peace-pipe native americans celebrating something over
communal resources like when you think about it that is how people typically
tended to connect history lesson wise but our societies is different now and
so as I got older it was stuff like ecstasy cocaine LSD shrooms the list
goes on and on and on and what’s interesting that I just recently started
thinking about it’s like I think that my first actual real addiction was to cough
medicine like so I mean yeah I was smoking weed almost daily I was drinking
alcohol on the weekends but cough medicine was like the very first thing
that I ever was like I would I stole for it like I did things that I wouldn’t
typically do for it and I just started thinking through that things like you
know am I actually a true opiate addict yes but was that my first addiction and
was like no I think I actually was cause medicine so you have opiate addiction
obviously your multiple substances yeah you know hmm and you took a different
path okay so before we get to that path that I think needs to be discussed I’ve
never researched what what give us a little history of your addiction and
like what makes you unique from what you’ve told me is it what I would call
you it would be a high-functioning and haven’t you’ve done something wrong yeah
but go into some details about your experience yeah so throughout high
school um coming again so this has just been like a recent epiphany of my I have
coming up on five years servers so for me when I think about my addiction it’s
always said that never really started hardest substances until it’s 18 19
years old but again like this cough medicine thing was in the background and
so and I don’t think it’s normal to like show up to school high on cough medicine
but like that’s what I was doing and so I was I was in high school varsity
football player jazz band show choir a steam which is an academic excellence
team and I was smoking weed drinking and doing cough medicine here and there and
so for me I was always looking to try to feel connected to people and I found it
through through achievement I was like if I’m a part of something then I’m a
part of something and I hope that that makes sense but to me it did in that
mind frame and so I wanted to be a part of everything that I could and so I was
pre accepted in the dental school at age 18
my dad’s a dentist I was being groomed to take over the family business and
when I was an acid trip had a epiphany that if I kept doing the same thing I
was doing I was gonna wind up being my dad just version 2.0 and I didn’t want
that so dropped out of school pursued recording engineering got my
certification in that and then we wound up thinking to myself you know this
isn’t really what I want to do I want to go back to school and I can write music
I can record music I can perform music but I can’t represent myself if I ever
need to so that’s where the law school idea came from and I was like I got to
do anything I can in order to get into law school and so again for me always
wanted to feel part of something I got involved in student government in
college I got involved in national Model United Nations so I was student body
vice president in my second year law school attend 10 times over a highly
decorated Nashville Model United Nations delegate and won one of those trips I
was introduced to percocet for the very first time and so in the background I
was before that I was using cocaine I was drinking I was doing things but to
me it was normal was recreational this is what college students are doing
adderall things along those lines didn’t register in my head is like this is a
problem this is to me it was I’m in college and when I found percocet this
individual he was 18 or 19 and he pulls out these little blue pills like hey man
you want to try these I was like I know him pain pills are I was like no dude I
don’t snort anything that isn’t cocaine and so like I’m just like some sort of
pedestal drug addict and he was like no you can smoke these and for whatever
reason it was like scooby Doo of my head transit gorilla you can smoke though
saying goes yeah he’s like Nozick’s show me how you do it and so he showed me how
you smoke pills and I was like okay so I tried it
in the minute that I tried it that wanting to connect that like longing to
feel like I didn’t belong that anxiety that I always felt I mean I’m sure
people can pick up when it now my brain works a million miles a minute it’s
always going and for the first time ever it was like I could relax and finally
just feel at peace and I was like this is nice and I felt like it made me a
better performer if I like it made me better overall and for a brief lull it
actually did mm-hmm and for some people it slows him down and they’ll nod out
and stuff but for somebody who has a really overactive brain it slowed me
down to the point where I was like like people I was when other people’s level
well it’s not to say that like I’m up here and then people are down here is
just to say that like I know that I like my brain works like super fast doesn’t
mean everything that comes out of my mouth is good there’s to me but like I’m
as my brain just like cognitively functions very very fast and so for me
opiates finally slowed me down at a pace where I felt like I was on the same
level as other people and then it took more and more and more to get me to that
point over time and so after about a year and a half so I was in my second
year in law school I was performing super super super high astilbe but I
couldn’t sit through a class without getting high because I didn’t feel
normal it’s like I couldn’t like at that point when you’re afraid definitely
afraid of being sick I’m definitely afraid that people are gonna find out
that you’re you know you’re that you’re using the way that you’re using it’s
gonna ruin whatever idea of whatever image is that you’ve created for
yourself there’s no there’s no room for not not being level and so I had to feel
as though I was level all the time and that was a really expensive habit it was
a really time-consuming habit and I was always afraid of going to heroin because
I didn’t know what was in it but I felt like I knew what was in pill
so of course now we know if you know five years later that’s not necessarily
the case is what it was back then but I felt like that was the case so what was
the breaking point what happened that changed here
I can remember after the fourth day of using these things people say that it
doesn’t happen like I think that a lot there’s a huge misconception for people
out there that like people who suffer from substance abuse or addiction like
we choose to feel the way that we feel and like we choose that that gnarly
physical addiction not for me I know that wasn’t the case for me like yes I
chose the first drug yes I chose the first hit yes I chose to continue using
it for a brief period in time but I thought that was going to be done with
it after that trip that trip was four days and so I used it periodically
throughout that trip throughout the day and what wound up happening was is that
I was coming back on a bus and like I’m used to doing a satchel ma United
Nations trips they’re like 16 hour workdays then you go out afterwards and
like you’re hanging out with people from like Europe South Korea China it’s like
everybody’s coming together huge melting pot of people just like networking
talking to people it’s really fun and but it’s really tiring and so when I was
coming back on this bus I was like I’m used to feeling rundown I’m used to
feeling tired after these things but something’s different something I don’t
feel right and as I’m getting off the bus the kid who introduced me to him
feels like hey man if you ever need any more of those then now looking back on
it I know what he was doing he’s like you ever need any more of those all you
have to do is call me until I come thinking he had a right to I’m never
gonna touch this things ever again and like I’m leaving and the crazy thing
about me is it like I had times in my life LSD is like I’m not gonna touch
that anymore had an amazing trip no I was just gonna be chasing that same high
I was like there’s no point never trying to do this ever again because nothing’s
ever gonna compare to that I shouldn’t touch this anymore
never did had one really bad roll I was like I’m not gonna do this ever again
never did and it’s like for me I was able to make those sort of decisions
with things I’m like I’m never gonna drink and drive never drinking drew if I
was able to create those lines for myself
so when I was getting off this bus I was thinking like yeah I’m never gonna touch
toes again I got home and I told my sister about it like how I was feeling I
think something feels weird and she experimented a lot with drugs and she
was like sounds like you’re addicted to opiates I was like why thinks he’s like
yeah sounds like you’re going through withdrawal I was like how do you know
she’s like because I’ve gone through withdrawal and then this is how I found
out – my sister also had an opiate addiction and now I was we’ll have you
ever smoked these pill and this is one of the biggest regrets
of my addiction for me she’s my little sister like every other smoke that was
before she is now I was like when I was like do you have any she goes yeah is
like let me show you how to do it so I showed my sister how to smoke pills and
that started are using together became very synergistic and that was the one
person the one confidante who knew what was going on with me other than like our
dealer and every time I used was with her every time she used was with me with
varying degrees because we’re addicts so like I’m sure I hid some from her and
she had sized for me but um for the most part it was very synergistic very sick
and she was the one person I could trust with what was going on with me she I was
one person she could trust with what was going on with her and what really got to
me was when I realized how sick I was and then how young she was because she’s
three years younger than me and me realizing that like I have failed as a
big brother and you know yeah I was in lost why I’ve done all these things but
my sister didn’t have the same I think she’s smarter than me but she
doesn’t have the same Drive that I have and so for at least at that time she
didn’t and so she had failed out of school she had tried to get into a trade
school they let out of that and I saw what it was doing to her and I realized
it’s the only way that she was gonna get clean was if I got clean and I was
afraid to ruin my reputation I was afraid to ruin my image and so I tried
to do it on my own a handful of times I know that you were able to do that I
know that it’s gnarly honestly though everything lined up and there were
moments where I wanted to get in yeah so it’s not like I can’t tell young people
and I really regret that people are taking that and trying to do this on now
there have been a few people that said they’re successful from it but uh like I
would so recommend going to about yeah yeah I’m like my um my wife’s brother
was able to get off of heroin cool turkey I think it takes a very special
kind of person a very special kind of Drive a very intrinsic motivation and
some people are at that and some people just start and it’s like
for for me in particular with my particular issue because I had school
because I had all these other things that were going on I couldn’t afford to
have 3-4 days when I’m like not on point and so I thought it was three days and
they were good like oh I gotta do is just get through that sickness and then
you know you’re you’re eventually just feel like 100 percent better and that’s
not the case so I would always get that three days and I would feel worse and
what I felt on day one like day one would be like sniffles a little bit of
the runs and stuff like that day two would be like okay not have body aches
my bones are kind of sore and I can’t really sleep
day three would be like okay I’m sleeping during the day I’m not really
sleeping at night but like I’m you know my bones are kind of hurting again
but then that mental obsession really kicks in on day three and it’s like all
this would go away if I just use and then I tried it three or four different
times and I remember this key and peele episode about the guy who’s sitting
inside of the like standing inside of this closet talking about this crazy
drug and like how ill she’s like you know then your eyeball also bleed and
all this stuff will happen he’s talking about like this high and then all the
after-effects did happen from it and I’m looking over at my sister’s we’re both
kicking on on the couch and I’m like this is what we’re in right now like
they’re like yeah this is a joke but this is what we are currently it and
that was the mental shift and I remember praying to God I was like I can’t do
this on my own but I’m afraid to ask for help and I was like so if you give me
something I’ll take it it was four months later but four months
later I had this teacher I was in the class called cyber law my mom is a
presidential appointee she she specializes in cybersecurity I thought
that’s what what it was about like finding cyber criminals and like
prosecuting them but it’s actually about copyright online copyright law and I was
gonna drop it but I was getting high so I missed the deadline to drop the class
so I was in it just by accident and never talked to that teacher was
performing really high in that class would answer questions would go of
course show up late I would get high during class and she leaves a sticky
note on my desk one day I was like I need to talk to you after class and so
I’m nervous her before the second link interactions
raising my hand and answering questions so I gave her a thumbs up and after
class I walked up to her she pulls out this sheet of paper and puts it on her
podium and she’s like I’ve been tracking you I want to show you something and so
she goes tardy tardy tardy tardy tardy tardy one time
tardy target target target target target target target tardy tardy and like keeps
going down this list and she’s like you’ve only been on time twice this
entire school year and she’s like and I’ve even given you a lot of leniency if
you’re tardy with one more time you can’t take this final and she’s like and
that’s ridiculous because of how intelligent I know you are so you’re
gonna fail this class but it can show up on time and she’s like what is going on
with you is everything okay and I don’t know if it’s the way that
she asked me or if it’s like I felt it it’s something telling me that there are
two distinct words that could go right now and you and I were talking a little
bit before this our dads are pretty similar my dad’s to pull yourself up by
your bootstraps like get this thing done like if you want to stop just stop
um he put himself through dental school I was like I can pull myself up right
now I can get through this and I can continue through this and I can start my
career and I can make this happen or I can take the hand I can take literally
what I asked for it and like tell somebody what’s going on with me and I
can start this journey and so I told her the first time I let anybody else in who
I didn’t use with let know what was happening with me and I was terrified I
thought it was gonna be judged I thought I was gonna be like ostracized I thought
that you know I didn’t know what was gonna happen to me and instead of all
that stuff what happened was is that I could see it in her face she’s she
wanted to help me and so after almost done it’s like I felt like a huge relief
it’s like finally like the charade I don’t have to carry you going anymore
one other person knows and I was like what do I do now and she’s like well now
we gotta go tell the Dean so we can figure out what the tap and and so I
went with her to go tell the Dean I told it again and then now my schooling stuff
was put on hold like my everything that I had doing one was put on hold I was
able to maintain things so everything was good I was like so what do I do now
they’re like when I got tough parents was like huh
how am I supposed to do that and then I was like on their eyes I’m like
performing up here they have no clue what’s really going on with me they only
trust me like all any parent wants is for your
kid to be happy and healthy none of those things so that’s that’s when I
made the decision that I wanted to get sober I wasn’t ready to get sober but I
started my pathway to sobriety right there was what that was where the
willingness to try came in I don’t think I gave up my mind will so to speak for a
couple months after that but now it’s been over I was ready to try to start
making this thing happen for myself how did you get clean after a couple of
failed attempts again because I think that for some people that work I think
for some people when you are a little bit more cerebral you have a tendency to
intellectualize things and then that can work to your detriment whenever you’re
trying to get sober it’s it’s hard but it’s not over complicated and I
overcomplicated like the hell out of getting sober so when I walked into my
first 30-day treatment center the very first thing I did was I looked around
the room and I was like that guy’s died and came back to life six times that
person’s been to jail 13 times this person hits his wife I’m none of those
things I was getting high in the bathroom at school like yeah that’s
pretty bad but that’s the worst thing I did and for me I was justifying the fact
that I was I was nothing like anybody else so therefore maybe my pathway to
recovery is gonna look different than everybody else’s and I remember sitting
in a very similar situation to this sitting across from lmf T he’s tell me
that I can never use drugs or drink or any of this other stuff ever again I
remember asking him I was like well do you drink in yacek well then how the
hell are you supposed to tell me how to not drink if you’ve never done it
yourself and then I was like that doesn’t make any sense to me
I think Jake you might be too smart for your own good it’s like I’m trying to
help you out here I was like well you might be trying to help me like but like
it’s like getting advice from somebody who has no idea what they’re talking
about I was like so I was like as much as what I want to respect you is like
it’s really hard for me too I had more respect for the text that had like two
years sober for six months over those were the people that I
connected with more so than like the therapists and all these other people
because I feel like they were just reading stuff from a book and I also
believed I was a lot smarter than what they were so that was harder to and I
believed like you know you had this idea of what addiction looks like it looks
nothing like that and like I’m sitting here trying to tell you when my
addiction looks like so you can help me out and you’re still hitting me with
like textbook DBT CBT all this stuff and like that’s not what I need I need like
somebody who hears what I’m saying so I use because I didn’t change anything I
thought I knew better than everybody so after about 60 days my intake quadrupled
because guilt and shame like people think I’m doing well but I’m not so like
now the guilt and shame is also fueling my already addicted mindset so money my
intake quadrupled and what wound up happening was is that I made a foxhole
prayer again and I was like anything you put in my way I don’t care what it is
I’m gonna take it this time like just help me and anything that you do for me
I don’t care if it’s if you tell me I have to stand on one foot hop up and
down pat my head with one hand over my stomach for an hour I’m gonna do it for
two because that’s how serious I am about getting sober but show me what to
do and so I wasn’t ready to take action and so my parents wanted finding finding
out about what was going on I was proposed with homelessness or getting
help again I did not want to be homeless in West Virginia in January so I thought
about it I like went towards the door I had a pocketful fold my pillows I was
like I’ll be fine for a little while so I thought about it and then I stopped at
the door wasn’t ready to give up the pills but I stopped at the door and I
was like I was like okay I’ll get the help and so I wanted to put a plate two
hours later right back in the same exact 30-day treatment center sitting across
from the same exact lmf tea and I looked at him I was like dude I’m sorry I was
like I came in here like a cocky shit and I need I need help and I don’t care
what you tell me to do I’m gonna do it and then he told me you wouldn’t I’m
gonna need you to look into a long-term treatment center because you’re the kind
of addict who needs long-term reprogramming is it because if you just
allow yourself to to get out of this and then go right back to what you were
doing you’re gonna fall right back into it and I was like okay like I didn’t
argue I was it whatever you see and so he and my mom worked together to
find something they thought would work for me
I was a program called treehouse recovery heads in Costa Mesa California
and they don’t focus on medication what they focus on is taking harvesters of
brains natural pharmacy and what that means is that like things like serotonin
things like dopamine and things like gaba these things are naturally produced
within the brain and a lot of times what we try to do is that when we’re going to
post acute withdrawal symptoms we want to try to have those things fixed
immediately well that’s the attic sentence that’s the substance abusers in
us these things take time and so what Tree House says is that they
expedite the process so imagine it like you’re the easiest way to make this
thing relevant is like the best thing for for your brain to do is to actually
go through instances where it’s gonna be feeling these negative emotions and then
you learning how to work through them in real time while having these neural
chemicals being produced within your brain so we do something that’s called
action based induction therapy and what that means is we’re literally gonna
antagonize your limbic system feel things like anger fear anxiety in real
time so then you have to cognitively work through that and we’re doing this
through means it’s like actually base induction therapy is kind of similar to
Navy SEALs Bloods training so we take our guys down into the ocean that was
designed by former US Navy SEAL we take our guys into the ocean they’re
paddling on this huge boat trying to traverse through waves you’re going to
feel anger because you’re gonna be mad if you get it wrecked you couldn’t feel
fear because sometimes waves of the oceans way more powerful than you are as
an individual you’re gonna feel anxiety because like you’re going out into this
ocean and so you’re gonna experience all these things in real time but you’re
moving you’re getting your body moving so you’re producing these neural
chemicals and then you’re working towards a common goal so you’re putting
your prefrontal cortex what’s responsible for logic reasoning
rationality that’s working at the same time and all these things are coming
together to help heal your brain and create new positive neural pathways and
what we found through doing this for about eight years now is that like one
hour guys come out a lot more emotionally responsible is the way that
I would call they have a lot more threshold for for
difficult emotions so I can just talk about my own experience I found out
woloson treatment my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer my grandfather was
like my dad to me my dad is my dad but my grandfather was like my father he
taught me everything I know about being a man
and so um my dad was was really good too but I spent a lot of time with my with
my grandfather and so I found out he was sick normally for me that’s an excuse to
use um I found out that I was going to be the best man at my best friend’s
wedding while I was in treatment which meant I was gonna be surrounded by
alcohol having to do all these things like that would have been an excuse to
use and what happened was is that through going through this process I was
like I’ve already experienced all these emotions before I haven’t winds built up
for a director like whatever duration of time your treatment is having winds that
I’ve built up over this course of time I know how to handle these situations and
I have that confidence to be able to do it and so I personally am a firm
believer the like medication has its role it’s it’s definitely the beginning
stage for me that’s what I needed it’s definitely the beginning stage but
it’s not a long-term solution for people and sometimes it is right like if you’re
somebody who definitely struggles with mental wellness you have genetic
predispositions for that then by all means but you’re not going to know if
there’s somebody that struggles with substance abuse or addiction until you
get at least six to nine months separated from any chemical so you need
that your brain needs that time to heal and I was fortunate enough that I found
a place that allowed my brain to heal because I was working with the disease
mindset thought I was smarter than everybody else and so I was convincing
myself that I knew what was best for me and I needed that break so then I could
see that like these guys know what they’re talking about I’m feeling better
I am doing better Wow yeah it’s amazing I couldn’t old him
relate a lot of that stuff I can I can tell you that it’s interesting I didn’t
go to the treatment mm-hmm I felt like a lot of stuff was true from when I got
clean mm-hmm however I wish you know anyone who’s watching would take that
path of really don’t get treatment because I don’t know how to put a man
the universe literally lined up for me bro yeah well I feel the same way for me
too and I feel like if that’s how it works for anybody never they get clean
right as like right I feel like the same thing has to happen for you in order to
get sick right it’s like the perfect storm has to come about in order for you
to feel because we all create lines for us that’s right I remember being like 10
11 years old and being like oh yeah do cocaine like I remember like the the
Dare project or whatever that would come through school and they’re sitting there
showing lungs I’m like I’ve never gonna do that and I remember being like and I
remember being like third grade and they had this thing called like there was
this Flintstones like baby Flintstones remember cartoon yeah so there was this
baby Flintstones cartoon and they liked pebble her not pebbles MoMA was running
this race and she got addicted to cigarettes and she caught him her energy
sticks it’s just like I need energy sticks but I’m gonna pin like pop man
that’s so bad I’m never gonna smoke energy stays like I remember being so
young thinking these things but then sure enough right I didn’t take it
didn’t take long as soon as I was exposed to them I was like I would cross
one little line it’s like oh I want to feel accepted by these people so let’s
go to eat with them cross a line oh I want to feel accepted by these people
I’ll go to their party and then like there’s alcohol there so I’ll drink that
oh I want to feel accepted by these people and I want to get more creative
so I’ll cross the boundary there but I get really good at crossing these
boundaries then it’s like tragedy strikes in my way I’m already know that
these are the things that make me feel comfortable about myself so like I lost
my uncle who was one of my best friends and that’s really like that’s like one
of the biggest things that happened to me that led to me feeling like more and
more like I needed I don’t want to feel like this so I was drinking more and
more and more as that was going on and then this guy came out with these pills
and like it was you know it’s like a perfect storm and like I feel better now
you go to meetings and stuff like that today what
what do you do to stay clean doesn’t mean I’m not gonna have to go to me no
no no I know and so it’s not I think everybody has their own thing for was
for was gonna get them clean I think everybody has your own thing from what’s
gonna get them clean I think everybody has her own thing for what’s gonna help
them stay clean and so for me what I do is that I know that the disease of
addiction is biology psychology sociology like though that’s the only
thing that’s recognized on how to treat it
so that by means like you have to think that’s the only thing is gonna keep it
in remission if we do it like in like an addiction or like a disease that should
be treated like so I have to do things are going to dress my biology my
psychology my sociology so for biology I make sure that I’m physically active
like nuts which is what I want to be some new dad so like I’m trying to to
find a way to like to grate that back into into my system and back into my
structure so I read a marathon about seven eight months ago right before she
was born and so I’m like I’m used to being super
physically active and then you have a kid man
so I’m working that back into my thing but just being aware of it and doing it
it’s important for me in my sobriety psychology it’s like I have to make sure
that I’m addressing my mental state and I’m aware of it in multiple ways so like
for me it’s it’s reading it’s journaling it’s doing things that worked for me in
the beginning sociology sociology so mines morphed over time and so mine is
mines Church mines family and for me what the twelve steps were when says
they were bread crumbs to me having a relationship with God I felt like that’s
what the twelve steps were that’s not for everybody that’s just how my mind
related to it as it was leaving me on this pathway to eventually accept Christ
into my life so that’s that’s my story but other people they need something
different and mine’s morphed over time so initially I needed meetings like I
didn’t know anyone and it’s instantaneous community and especially
if you do go to a treatment center in order to get help
at first you may not wind up staying in the same city that you wanted getting
help in and so having that community is important so I would say that like even
if you just looking for people who were like minded
for people who have similar struggles meetings are important for me they were
in the beginning and then it was friends from the meeting and then they have
other friends right and then so it was working itself out there and then it was
bringing my friends that that weren’t necessarily sober but we’re good for me
then I was bringing them into my life and figuring out a way that I could
create boundaries for them and then eventually for me I didn’t have any like
relationships with the opposite sex or you know my my relationships of
choice for whoever’s listening until I was at least a year
because I knew I wasn’t ready for it and it’s like yeah there’s gonna be there’s
gonna be a lot of not everybody’s gonna be in that situation
so you need firm boundaries in the beginning but like for me I need to
really focus on myself and figure out like how do I fit within this world now
because my my biggest thing was that I wanted to feel accepted so if I got
accepted by somebody who wasn’t healthy for me then that could’ve been a recipe
for disaster learn to know who you were and love
yourself before you can try to do that for others oh yeah that’s why uterus
Jake if someone’s struggling out there right now I’m aware of encourage yeah
for sure I mean uh to the camera shutter okay so yeah I mean I guess what I would
say is is that from for me it was a journey of self-acceptance and it’s hard
to get to that point but when you realize if that’s really what you’re
looking for it’s doable and it’s more than it’s more than doable it’s more
than a noble there’s people out there who want to help you do it and so you’re
not you’re never in this thing alone the one thing that I will tell you that I’ve
learned from anyone who’s been in recovery and I’ve helped hundreds of
people through this thing and then we have one person who’s ever done it alone
ever and so if you have somebody in your life that’s that’s reaching out to you
that you can trust that you feel like that you can trust or view if you’re
looking for someone to trust reach out and ask for the help because that one
conversation is what saved my life not one talk and so it starts with one and
then it just snowballs after that ladies and gentlemen big need air
climber Jake Evans thank you yeah thank you ma’am make sure you check out the
description in the video you guys can see all the ways to contact and get
ahold of him and find out all the resources pertaining to Jake and we’ll
be hearing more from your brother thank you man I appreciate thank you thank you
all right


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