Party Drug That Treats DEPRESSION? | Wednesday Checkup #22

Party Drug That Treats DEPRESSION? | Wednesday Checkup #22


  1. Dr Mike, why is it that the side effects of some of the depression medication are the same as the actual symptoms?

  2. A little disappointed in how generalized you made that statement about CBT at 4:15. Those studies have found that CBT is equitable to medication in MILD/MODERATE symptoms. In moderate/severe depression, medication is absolutely necessary to manage symptoms for that individual.

  3. I can’t concentrate. I just keep wondering what that shirt is made of to fit like that. There has to be a certain amount of spandex in that baby.

  4. Doctor Mike. In the USA we have got to change how we deal with drugs and addiction. We need to stop imprisonment for use and possession of controlled substances. We should legalize these drugs or at leased decriminalize them. Locking people in cages for long periods of time for use and possession of drugs is the worst way to treat addiction. Addicts need connections and support. Not more adversity and hardship. Manufacturing and dealing these drugs should be a criminal offense but not depression.

  5. Have you heard about using psilocybin as a experimental treatment for depression? Supposedly, a very small exposure works to positively adjust neural pathways for months.

  6. You have some lump on your neck, Doc. Not your thyroid but much lower to your left. It could be just large veins popping out. I hope it’s just nothing.

  7. This video is very helpful because my little brother has become very aggravated by depression ever since his 5 years relationship with his girlfriend ended (by her request) a few months ago.
    My only problem is that doctor Mike's explanation is very analytical and too elaborate for him 🙁 I don't know how to explain this to a 20 years old man who went on to do drugs seriously to alleviate his mental pain. He might not want to sit through this. Can anyone advise me on how to break down the video message into precise messages? Thank you very much! 🙏🏻

  8. Could you comment on the use of Adderall to treat depression? I take it for my ADD but I have noticed significant immediate improvement in my depressive symptoms as well and Googling it reveals similar feelings. How legitimate is this? Love your videos, thanks!

  9. There's a ketamine research clinic a few miles north of my city. They administer it by IV once a month, and they seem to be getting good results from their patient testimony

  10. God damn. I wish you could be my doctor. I cannot take SSRIs and other anti depressants. They make me incredibly suicidal and increase my ideation to action. My last therapist prescribed me medication and sent me to a counselor for "trauma" therapy and refused to see me further because I'd been raped but was ok still prescribing the pills even though I told them I was having bad reactions.

  11. My ex was a ketamine addict and seeing the state it put him in I cannot believe it's even being considered. Evil drug, just as bad as heroin. Are we gonna start prescribing heroin for depression too??

  12. CBT is $120 an hour. Out of pocket costs for most older anti-depressant medications is less than $20 per month with no insurance. Regardless of what the best choice is, there's the choice that I personally can afford. Another example is I know that CBD oil works for me for my anxiety… it costs around $125 a month. My Valium prescription is $1.28 a month private pay. As someone with CPTSD / autism who has been on and off medications for about 30 years, ketamine has given me new hope. I have a prescriber who monitors me regularly and have been using it for about 2 years in both nasal form and troche. It's not a miracle drug, but it has definitely helped me without any of the side effects that plague with with the SSRIs, NSRIs, MAOIs, and tricyclics. It's a nice supplement to my Trazodone when I'm having a sensory meltdown and I only take it as needed. So many people have shamed me for taking it and have strong opinions with no medical backgrounds. Thank you for this video.

  13. I was in the hospital with SVT, heart tachycardia, they gave me this to put a central line and A – line. Worst experience in my life. DO NOT do Ketamine it SUCKS. I recommend that you ask for a numb instead. I can’t describe what I been through because of how much happened. I remember waking up looking at the clock and just like in the movies the thing was copy and pasting like in the time traveling senses (clock hands weren’t moving back of course) but please. Be extremely careful if you are thinking of doing Ketamine. (I am aware this was different than what it would be for anti depression but this IS WHAT this drug does)

  14. I wish you knew as much about THC/CBD as you do all these high risk drugs like Ketamine, Xanax, Oxymorphone etc etc.

  15. Nothing so far including 5 different anti depressants has helped mine. It's probably because I have been on Suboxone for almost 7 years…I dont know what to do at this point other than wean off the suboxone and hope for the best?..

  16. The university that treats my depression actually has this and thought about using it on me when I didn't respond to any medication after two years of treatment. They have a ton of really extreme measures, including medically-induced seizures and (experimental) deep brain stimulation. I ended up going the TMS route instead, which was probably for the best. They might put me on ketamine if I have a severe relapse, tho.

  17. Depression: Get a brain SPECT scan. Depression is different person to person. TCM works for refractory depression many cases… get a scan first. See a psychiatrist who uses Spect Scan. Mental and behavioral health is terrible in the US unless you have a lot of money, but if you get it right…It can save lives. Dr. Mike check out what they do at Amen Clinics.

  18. Last epi of season 2 or 1st epi of season three of house, house is shot and has to go through surgery and asks to be put in a ketamine coma and when he comes out, his leg no longer hurts and he can walk normally and even run. And hes somewhat less of an asshole. Doesnt stick but it did something. Its also a tv show but the concept was based on studies. It is interesting.

  19. Doesn’t emotional and physical pain both go to the same place in the brain? So, if Ketamine is already used for physical pain and anesthesia etc. doesn’t it seem like it could be blocking the person’s pain signals by some other way than just binding to opioid receptors and therefore it’s able to work better on depression and suicidal thoughts etc. than drugs like oxycodone or hydrocodone etc.
    Kinda a question and a statement lol

  20. I go to festivals, an see a lot of people using this and other drugs recreationally. I'm sure they are quite happy but those I see with keys tend look like zombies in bucket hats. No judgement on other peoples life choices, but we have lovingly named them D*ckheads on donkey dust.
    I know there is research being done on micro dosing with recreational drugs, I think anything that can help alleviate suffering physically or mentally is obviously I great thing, but hopefully no one uses this study as an excuses to use drugs. Anything used in a trial would be very diffrent than anything paid for by the loos of a festival.
    Recreational drugs will always be dangerous, as you really dont know what you are putting in your body.
    Education, and risk assessment drug use has come along way, with amazing charties like The Loop making huge waves here in the UK.
    If you dont know who they are check them out, they are a non profit organisation that have saved lives every year with their facilities.

  21. Not only Ketamine, but any NMDA antagonist is likely a good target and have had success.
    They also have promise in resetting tolerance (adaptation) to stimulants and opiods. Preventing doses from going too high, rebound effects, and higher sensitivity to pain.

    People who have done them for depression (a few anecdotal reports, but consistent), however, tend to regress after 3 months or so and need another dose.

    Some have also responded very well to psychedelics.

    It's a promising future, as long as we drop the stigma of the drug war. When only one organization (MAPS) is bothering with this research, it is a problem.

  22. I'm sure you know this, but our bodies release ketamine just prior to death, so it's naturally occurring in our bodies. So how can it be (ketamine), is it, so how do they produce this stuff when it occurs inside our bodies?

  23. My sister is a palliative care physician, so she sometimes uses it with patients that are anxious about dying (and really, who WOULDN'T be anxious about that)

  24. Dr Mike, please clarify that the dosage of ketamine used in the Esketamine nasal spray and IV infusions are MUCH lower than the street drugs. Don’t try street drugs for TRD! Maybe explain the different between the IV and nasal spray ketamine. Perhaps do a video with a psychiatrist to answer everyone’s questions? 🙂

  25. What do you think of big pharmaceutical companies being held responsible for opioid addiction? For example, the latest case with Johnson & Johnson…

  26. I love your videos! Could you do a video discussing psychiatry and mental illness, like schizophrenia or bipolar? I feel like those illnesses don't get enough coverage and I'd love to see your perspectives on psychiatry and mental health! 🙂

  27. This might be controversial but I strongly think DMT should be researched on the effects of depression and anxiety , the history behind is is quite astounding

  28. Ketamine is pretty awesome because it doesn't cause physical addiction and you can't OD on it.
    It can destroy your kidneys in the long run, though.

  29. I don't think that shirt would be appropriate while working with patients. Yes his an attractive man, but there is a time and place to show that.

  30. As someone with treatment resistant depression, I am very hopeful about ketamine and the help it can give. Ive even argued about this with a family member who used it as a street drug.

    Also, thank you, Dr Mike for hitting the mental health care nail right on the head. The only reason I have access to my therapist is that my church paid for it in the beginning. Now I pay out of pocket rather than having to jump through insurance hoops.

    Thankfully they have a sliding scale for the fees.

  31. I'm super sad about the over prescribing of medication. I had this happen to me, but it wasn't my choice. My mom had my brothers and I over medicated so that she wouldn't have to deal with us. We were put on 7 different medications at once, one of them being lithium. I was six years old. What licensed doctor in his right mind would prescribe a 6 year old lithium???? There were several different antidepressants I was on as well. But still, lithium, really? Lithium is used in batteries. Ok rant over.

  32. The current testing and recommendation say that the Ketamine used for depression should be as an adjunctive therapy (i.e., used in addition to a daily med). This isn't a quick fix for depression, but an ongoing treatment.

    This is super interesting to me, in particular, because I am a patient that has used medication for depression for many years. Also, I have developed a chronic pain condition that intensifies the chances of depression. Over time, my meds have changed frequently. I find that a med works for a time, and then it stops helping me. Even with CBT therapy, my depression is not controlled. An adjunctive therapy like Ketamine could prove very useful for me.

    One of the biggest problems I've found in the psychiatric community is the decision of many not to accept insurance. In my community, it is hard to find a psychologist or counselor who takes regular insurance; it is even harder to find one who accepts Medicare or Medicaid. The disabled, the poor, and seniors (all who are at increased risk for depression) are not able to get CBT therapy or any other counseling therapy.

    The temptation to self-medicate is strong. Please don't do it. The drug sold on the street is NOT the same as approved preparations. Always speak to your healthcare professional before trying a new treatment–medication, herbals, or other therapies!

  33. I almost died the other day from ketamine. A doctor gave it to me for pain to cure a maigraine I have had for 30 days and I became unresponsive and and needed oxygen and when I woke my husband said “there were10 people in the room banging on your chest adding wires to you and monitoring your heart breathing for you”. Scary drug.

  34. How did I miss this video when it was posted on my birthday?! Anyway, I’m so thankful for you, Dr Mike, for highlighting the awareness of mental health across your platforms. As someone who has been suffering with depression for the past year it’s incredibly relieving that a doctor out there is understanding. I have so much admiration for the NHS in the UK don’t get me wrong yet their funding to help those dealing with mental health problems is quite frankly so poor it’s sad. After finally perking up the courage to actually go and see someone about how I was feeling, I was given no support and essentially told “you have symptoms of depression but it should go away”. After two visits to a mental health specialist on the NHS, I’m still left in the dark with no further step forward to getting better. It’s frustrating enough not having an explanation for why I feel the way I do nevermind not having anyone willing to help or to get told “it will all be fine”. Your patients are so incredibly lucky to have someone so unbelievably caring like yourself by their side. Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re amazing! Hopefully soon I will get the opportunity to meet a doctor like you that will finally get me on track to be me again. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️

  35. When I broke my ankle they gave me ketamine because I broke it in three places dislocated it and tore all the ligaments in my leg by slipping on a package of cough drops. They gave it to meet so they could set my ankle

  36. I'm on three different antidepressants because I'm on the highest dose possible of two of them and it only seems to be getting worse for me. My psychiatrist is all for me getting a therapist, but no one in my area is taking new patients. Maybe one day I'll be able to try the Ketamine treatment.

  37. I take quetapine ( generic for Seroquel) for sleep (100mg at night) I fall sleep in 60 to 90 min. It's amazing!! It also kept my daily depression away. No more insomnia? Prob helps…but I've tried so many anti depressants in the morning and they didn't help….

  38. I am currently using IV ketamine (from a psychiatrist, in her office, in conjunction with intensive therapy) to treat my severe, treatment-resistant depression. It's been magical for me. My suicidal thoughts went away after 1 or 2 infusions and my depression went from severe to moderate after 3 infusions. 

    I've been on 4 SSRIs, each for years at a time, and 3 or 4 other psychiatric medications alongside those. I have been in various levels of care, including hospitals for up to 8 weeks at a time, one residential treatment center for a year, another for 7 months so far, intensive outpatient programs, and have seen many, many different individual therapists once or twice a week since I was 13. I've done CBT, DBT, ACT, meditation, everything. None of it helped enough to make life worth living.

    Although I have had an ideal response, I still see ketamine as a last resort, especially because the longitudinal studies that would show long-term side effects have not yet been conducted. However, even if ketamine infusions are found to cause premature death, I will still have lived longer than I would have without it and would choose ketamine every time.

  39. Ya, I go to therapy but it is so hard to get an appointment. The only therapist I can get to weekly sucked. I go to Kaiser and my appts are months apart

  40. I was like ''Where have I heard about ketamine?''
    Only to realise my mom has been using ketamine for decades now when she doesn't feel ok.

  41. I've have been hospitalized a few times and I never had good looking DR be
    But he would be My DR I'll have a heart ❤️ a stroke

  42. On the topic of mental illness, I would love to see a video on Borderline personality disorder. So few people know or understand it. Many times, the people who have actually heard of BPD get it confused with Bi-polar. I was in my mid-30s before I even learned I had it. If I had known sooner, I could've saved myself years of negative coping behavior and multiple suicide attempts. Considering the statistics with BPD & suicide, I would hope that educating the masses about BPD would save lives.😊
    Addition: I practice CBT/DBT and have tried at least a dozen different meds for BPD. Recently, my doctor gave me info on a new medicine for treatment resistance patients and it sounds exactly like this. I was debating about whether I should try this or not (it's a 30 min drive, I work lots of hours and am a single mom. It's very inconvenient.). But I think this video has given me a clearer picture of the product and is helpful in making my decision. Thank you for your informative videos! ❤

  43. I did ketamine treatments in an attempt to help my treatment-resistant depression. Unfortunately, it didn't work for me. However, I did not have any lasting effects, positive or negative. I'm glad I tried it, I wish it worked, but I'm glad it was an option for me to try.

  44. It might get approved in Europe, and then I might apply to get Ketamine
    There is already some ongoing trials and they say that 70% get "better" from it

  45. Doing a masters of research in Clinical Psychology and just heard of this research now from you 🙂 It is very exciting when a doctor mentions the overprescription of depressive medication issue especially on such a big platform! Thanks for keeping your videos so good and educational <3

  46. Every therapist I've ever had tried to shove Cognitive behavioral therapy at despite me telling them it hasn't worked in the past…I dread hearing CBT when I start with a new therapist but I always give it a try since it's a new therapist and they may do things differently…it just really doesn't work for me.

  47. Dr. Mike, I've been researching a lot into mental health issues recently (specifically anxiety and depression). I stumbled into Johann Hari's book, "Lost Connections." He shares his insights and research into the same topic as mine. What are your thoughts on his ideas of depression and anxiety being caused by disconnection to things such as people, values, work, etc… I'd love to hear your thoughts on his work from a medical standpoint. Thanks! -Scott

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