Patients React to an Unknown Drug – Chicago Med (Episode Highlight)

Patients React to an Unknown Drug – Chicago Med (Episode Highlight)

-This is Gaia.
She won’t let us treat her. No visible injuries,
but she’s been screaming in pain the whole ride over
and wouldn’t tell us why. -Gaia, I’m Dr. Choi. -Oh, yeah, she’s dramatic, too. -Get an arrest? -We’ll see.
We were at a frat house after neighbors complained
of a smell. -Drug den?
-Looks like it. -All right, let’s transfer her
on my count. One, two, three.
-[ Groans ] -Any idea what she’s on? -Not a clue, but it’s lethal. We’ve got 10 dead bodies,
only two survivors — Gaya and another woman, Meadow. -She’s in the ambo behind us. -I’ll go get her. -Gaya, I can see you’re in pain, but I can’t help you
if you don’t help me. -[ Groans ] -Dr. Choi, what kind of drug
does that? -Gaya, what did you take? -[ Whimpering ] -This is Burgess. -Meadow, keep looking at me,
all right? Keep breathing. -It burns!
-Put her in here. -[ Groans ] I’m on fire! -All right,
let’s transfer on my count. Ready? One, two, three. -[ Groans ] -All right, let’s get a urine
and blood toxin, a CBC, CMP, a chest X-ray,
and an EKG. -No, I don’t want your help! -Oh! Get her! -[ Screams ] -Meadow? -She’s not putting any weight
on her legs. -Leave me alone.
-Meadow, you do that again, I’m gonna need to put you
in restraints. -Don’t touch me!
-Meadow. -No! I said don’t touch me!


  1. This makes no seense, season 4 finishes at may 7th, this episdode (episode 20) is coming may 6th but there needs to be 22 episodes for this season, will there be 3 releases on may 6th?

  2. Did you know that S Epitha Merkison had A brife acting moment with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2

  3. 1:02
    Me when some trys to teach me the importance on time and how education is important😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Well, if they mess with drugs by their OWN choice its hard to have sympathy. As in, at all.
    So. None here. Lol

  5. I'm preety sure it is an illegal drug that does make you lose weight but it burns you up in the inside

  6. if I was in Chicago med

    Dr. Manning: Get hER A CC GHOoBff losgcDdTBhJijCfDf WIth a SuDe If iNDxZhtCxB

    Me: oK…..

  7. Ik this is irrelevant but my names Gaia and I never have a person in a tv show/movie called Gaia so even for the fact that it’s for a drugged person I’m still very happy 😂☺️

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