PC games we’re excited for in 2019

PC games we’re excited for in 2019

Oh hey everybody long time no see attic hey
wow it’s been a while man yeah so glad the heavies 2019 yes yes uh yeah we’re
here with our 2019 preview if you haven’t seen our game of the year list
it’s out should be up by now yes I would say go watch that
yeah but forget about 2018 yeah suck so forget about bring in the new we have
put together a list of 2019 games so far that we are excited about or at least
some of this somewhat yeah all right I’m not sure about the new farm well hey the
game I’m excited for Resident Evil 2 yeah like I was like you’re stuck doing
evil – yeah so hopefully they do it right ok Go’s resident Eve the past
couple Resident Evil’s have been you know one was up one of the down res evil
forces that was most verified saying yeah yeah yeah it was a great game yeah
yeah well so I say this will follow more along like Resident Evil HD remastered I
don’t remember what they actually matter remember yeah but yeah that was a good
redeeming last year I think this is a full remake so yeah we’ll see I don’t
know my hopes yeah I like Rosie after that moving into February I want to call
it the occupation I’m really excited about that game I don’t actually know it
said February 5th online I don’t know if that game is actually coming from River
v that game was supposed to be out already in September or October well
that’s the game where you’re like a I think we might talk to those at some
point you’re a journalist and you’re like trying to bring down like a
government conspiracy and it’s timed I think like four hours is every run and
so the stuff that like the leads that you follow and like the locations you
visit and all that stuff is all based on that for our schedule and all of the
NPC’s also move on a four hour schedule so like you might miss a meeting
entirely based on what you choose doing that game cool super ambitious really
excited to see what happens with that game
the string crack found three do you think that’ll actually come out not
excited I mean I think it’ll come out I don’t think they can postpone that game
again I mean hey you know it’s possible
February 15th the same day and you know what you know what made me think that
like crackdown 3 is not a threat boy was when Far Cry New Dawn was like hey let’s
launch on the exact same day well that usually means like one of those games is
gonna not be a huge seller well hey you know what far cry I you know it’s
mindless fun yeah it’s gonna light it up this one’s post-apocalyptic which like I
don’t know fall out some of these tapes was bad so maybe you were soft has an
opening but hey as long as you get some cool companions to mess around with yeah
sure you know and you get to shoot some people yeah I’m gonna jump way ahead
here and say it’s a rage 2 is coming out man yeah I saw some funny things the
other day so he was comparing screenshots of Far Cry new dawn and rage
2 and like you can’t tell the difference you could throw those two games up cut
aside and like they look identical they’d have that weird like super bright
colors against the post-apocalyptic interesting they’re both doing that but
uh I’m personally more excited for rage – ya know that should be that game has
it shooting and presumably like a valise driving which seems like a cool idea
yeah also I don’t know if you saw they open pre-orders for Rage 2 but only on
the Bethesda store so we’ll see looks like that one might not be coming to
steam either interesting so yeah that might be an interesting story for 2019
is the games that aren’t coming to steam so but that week in February anthem yeah
that’s so well that’s the big week cuz it’s not just an anthem it’s also Metro
exact same day oh boy I’m personally looking forward to Metro
more but do you think anthem you think it’s gonna be pushed
I don’t maybe but I don’t know I guess writing an anthem alpha right now yeah
so I don’t think it’s gonna be pushed okay but we’ll see I am I think they’re
running a beta in January as well so Rhodey
okay maybe they’re on on Trek maybe yeah well I mean either way that’ll be big
it’s a churro but Metro is awesome yeah that’s the thing is I think anthems
gonna sell more but Metro is the game that I actually care about so well maybe
it’s the intro first and then you go back to answer know what bugs is five or
six years since that last Metro I think it was 20 lastly your team’s been a
while but yeah I’m incredibly excited for new Metro yeah also that game seems
and weirdly ambitious like I was just expecting another nitro instead there’s
like a big open world aspect to those levels that like a pseudo open world
aspect that I’m curious to see if they can pull off that’s a small studio so
hurl a smallish studio we’ll see I’m excited for it but heading into March
yeah Democrat five yeah that’s the first thing you ever excited about yeah you
know I like my I’m not like a huge fan of the whole series be like what when it
when it hits right and you get that like combat oh man see my problem is I was
not a big Devil May Cry person the first time ago and then I played DMC and I
loved I think the level design of DMC is incredible and I have no real ties to
like mainline definitely cry I got it and I feel like Devil May Cry like three
and four are okay but one and two are like unplayable and so I just feel like
kind of lost in that series now I don’t know how I’m gonna get into like the
spirit of Devil May Cry 5 they put out a that remaster of one two three last year
and I tried to play one and it is just lightly dead legit it’s our number two
number twos even worse yeah beat number two at the time and going back and
playing that it’s probably yes it’s kind of it kind of sucks like I feel like I
can’t really get into it like DMC finally hooked me maybe because it was
like braided and it also is modern time back when I played it at games also six
years old or whatever at this point so if you can believe it yeah but yeah I
want to jump back total war comes out in March I’m curious to see what I can do
okay and then I don’t know we got like kind
of a weird it’s a weird spring very crowded yeah so like we’ve got division
two coming out mid-march no I never got deep into it so you know who’s gonna be
excited about that right Brad yeah yeah fred is our colleague here he really
loves for some reason a little too squishy
yeah those enemies are bullet sponges I think that like a story stuff was
interesting it was like I hated playing it I never went back I think I was back
for like a month at like when they release some of those weird expansions
later but it was too late by that point hi secure Oh comes out and does eka Rose
say yes sick I don’t know Leslie from software game do I was a huge tenchu fan
back of the day yeah I’m very excited it looks like a neo but yeah really slower
having played I played like an hour of it I think it packs yeah yeah it’s like
it pretty much is neo but slower nice I also really like the stealth stuff in
that game so you can like take out them a little minion guys without ever having
to actually fight them which is cool yeah that’s gonna be awesome and then
like just announced last week we got Mortal Kombat come but yeah but I mean
this is every other year right yeah another Mortal Kombat I’m curious to see
what they do I don’t think they can make just another Mortal Kombat like the 9
and 10 I feel like the formula was a little thin by 10 yeah and so I’m
curious to see what they do with that game there’s been a rumor going around
there’s a full like adventure game in that really more will come at 11 I don’t
know if that’ll be true or not I’m curious to see especially like it was
even more thin because I played the injustice games so it was like Mortal
Kombat and justice world combat injustice – yeah and like it was just a
little too much of the same fighting styles and the same and retelling
techniques so yeah we’ll see I’m also hoping they don’t screw the PC on that
version again NetherRealm screwed the PC it was more welcomed at 10:00 right yeah
they’ve delayed that DLC for like a year six months and at first
said it wasn’t gonna come at all and they were like oh I’m just kidding
that’s coming now guys any justice too I think was also that was six months later
that game came out on PC as far as I know
Mortal Kombat 11 is hitting PC day and date with the console versions but who
knows I don’t know and then we just have these games
yeah a list of unconfirmed Elissa games that might come out 2019 those III mean
I’ll say remedy I’m a huge fan of remedy yeah like Max Payne was one of the first
PC games I ever played yeah like I like I’ve got a self games hold up yeah I
don’t know if you play them recently but I have an axe pain wanted to I’m still
fantastic I bet so you know I’m always interested to see what they have yeah so
they’ve got that game control which they announced at e3 I think last year I’m
excited to see what that game is yeah we haven’t touched it yet I know a few
other outlets have touched it but we haven’t so we’ll see I don’t there’s a
lot of weird stuff coming out next year so man of Madonna Madonna I don’t that’s
like the did you play until died did actually yeah ps4 you know that’s like
sort of a choose-your-own-adventure with like really cheesy writing yeah so
that team is making like a pseudo until dawn game but it’s also a horror
anthology okay billing it sure went up so man of mid dan is like the first one
and you’re on like a as far as I know you’re on like a ghost ship sort of
situation okay so I’m intrigued I liked until dawn and I was dumb and
cheesy you know like sort of fun they can clean up the controls for that I
would be really excited now other than that I’m excited for see what that is
yeah we’ve got Wolfenstein that Wolfenstein expansion yes
whoa but the expansions for the first one for standalone expansion well no so
like that’s the thing is we already had DLC for Wolfenstein also oh no we had
like that you play as the quarterback in that one chap oh yeah they were not
great this is like old blow oh okay which I never played old boy yeah it’s
pretty good it’s much bigger it was like I want to say eight hours or something
so this could be interesting huh they do a lot of weird stuff with the first one
worms like zombies this one as far as I know is like in the
future right like don’t you play as BJ’s kid I wanna say is like his daughter I’m
pretty sure that’s the page sure yeah we got a lot of games dude Steve solitude
could get the the pirate thing right no that’s not here’s the name that was
swollen bones goes boom man that might be out next year no Steve solitude is
the EA indie game where it was like a girl like rowing a boat through a sunken
city skullenbones oh man oh you’re excited
yeah I played way too much of what was it Black Flag no no these thieves way
too much you see of thieves so hopefully this does it better yeah I would also
like to see some see if thieves expansion’s honestly 2019 we’ll see
we’ve got two very confusingly game named games on here outer worlds and
outer wilds a counter where else is a real obsidian game oh just like I’ll see
it fall out looking games like this a fun Vegas – Vegas yeah um that’s bad new
Vegas may or may not be out 2019 we’ll see outer wiles is like no man’s sky
with a time element so sure you have 20 minutes to explore the universe and all
the stuff that’s happening in that universe is also happening on like in
real time interesting um so as an exploration game I’m pretty
excited about that okay kind of like the sinking city ya know it’s kind of like
the occupation oh the occupation yes our city is the best Frogwares oh good okay
geez somebody yeah they’re selling here already 14:18
actually probably the one I am most excited about doom eternal
yeah like you think it’s coming out next year I mean faint haze
infest it needs some goodwill so hopefully do you eternal what if it’s a
look if it’s a little bit that’s the store you know what whatever cuz doom I
even played doom on the switch like it was a formal version yeah yeah hey man
if it I’m already more single-player and no
multiplayer garbage I have to imagine that didn’t work very well for them last
time so and I was the thing that I think crushed me most about 2016 do is we
never got single player DLC because their whole DLC roadmap was just
multiplayer stuff but like who is playing that nobody was playing that
game no but I’m yeah yeah that’s that’s questionable I think y’all kazakh on
here also questionable i know we’re getting Kwame probably in 2019 but like
I would really love them to bring six over and quality to which i think is
also scheduled at some point but I think so yeah I don’t know I just watched I
gonna bring all those games over yeah even if we don’t have the time to play
yeah it kind of sucks I study so long in between like yeah kisses zero came out
summer and I thought for sure Kalani would be out before the end of the year
but no so far so yeah we’ll see as long as they come yeah if it comes and that
like I mean there’s a couple more things here somewhere five stuff and pop I
don’t care Psychonauts to I’m actually looking
forward to the Ori the new aura game or a Louis Alana’s really except era Doc’s
has their new grant strategy game compared to Rome coming out next year
okay those are all games I’m looking forward to but like from the most part
we haven’t seen much like Psychonauts that trailer at the game awards is like
the first real trailer we’d seen that game and like okay cool like I know it’s
good traditionally Double Fine is that a rough time with crowdfunding stuff so
hopefully this goes smoother did you play the viewer I do good know hopefully
it’s good I don’t know I just want 2019 to be better than 22 that’s really my my
new year’s resolution this for video game developers to make better games in
2010 2018 please oh the indie scene was really good in 2018 but 29:21 just bad
for the most part even the good games were like pretty mediocre this year I
feel like Sony’s had all of the the cool stuff
this past year so yeah 2019 I mean we’ve elicited there’s a bunch of games I’m
excited about but man I watched her I watched her tweet team preview uh
first thing I clicked to was a way out and I was like oh hey it was a good good
time meeting the guy at e3 yeah just affairs always welcome yeah so
yeah we’ll see how 2019 goes it’s always hard predicting what these games
actually be like who knows maybe farcry new Dom will be game of the year 2019
and I’ll probably play Oh sounds fun yeah yeah and then put in the comments
like what you’re excited for yeah what did we miss what are you excited for cuz
yeah there’s probably some stuff I don’t know yeah it’s hard to it’s hard to make
these lists ahead of time especially like I feel like the beginning of the
year list is the hardest because it’s like a bunch of stuff is like this might
come out in 2019 yeah yeah it’s much easier once we’re hitting like the fall
you’re like oh outer worlds definitely I don’t know we uh we found we found my
note from the full nerd yet but two years ago 16 wouldn’t come out in 2017
star citizen and he didn’t have to you still hasn’t come out so who knows maybe
next year will be the year star citizen will all be star citizens I doubt it
hopefully oh yeah looking forward to a great year we’ll have more reviews the
seventh Resident Evil 2 probably the first big game room 2019 but yeah I
don’t know it’s gonna be good yeah we good let’s believe yes
let’s do it yeah I will see you back here soon thanks Adam yeah yeah we’ll
see you guys later


  1. Pantheon : Rise of the Fallen comes out this year . But I guess you guys dont cover all games . Just the ones yoir only good at .

  2. did anyone else notice, there was not one mention of Ray tracing for any of these games coming out in 2019 !!!!!!!!! lol

  3. Thanks for the good video. As a suggestion for a topic in 2019, could you please do an extensive analysis on macros & aimbots which are ruining multiplayer? This is rarely talked about in the mainstream media, but I recently bought Battlefield 5, and I ran across this video by chance, and I was horribly offended by the fact that this kind of player can openly abuse the rules in a major AAA game and then broadcast it publicly.


    If you do a google search for aimbots, etc., a TON of websites pop up and I think that the industry needs to do something about this. A good video and advice for gamers would be sorely appreciated. Thanks.

  4. It's so annoying not to have games available on Steam. Thanks for the round-up Adam and Hayden, many titles to keep an eye on.

  5. Outer Worlds is confirmed for 2019, maybe you should do some research first. And Cyberpunk 2077 not even mentioned ?

  6. Hayden is super annoying.


    Adam: "Gears of War 5!"
    Hayden: "I don't care man."

    …and that was all that was said about that.

    The description says "Hayden and Adam go through some of the ones they are most excited for." but it was really just Hayden blathering on.

    Thumbs down Dingman, thumbs down.

  7. I'm seeing lots of fast-action shooters, and not a single dam thing with a decent single-player plot, except for the 4-hour time-limited game, which is frankly, far too short to hook me for any period of time. If these are your cup of tea, well, OK, all power to you. But if you're looking for something with an actual story to explore, so far, I'm not seeing it.

  8. Doom multiplayer has a fairly active community. It was a great multiplayer and a different look on how you do multiplayer. I hope they bring it back because I loved it.

  9. loved rage 1 but it was just too short. and of course i played it later with a mod to allow 120 fps and upped the textures a bit. i hope rage 2 is more id and less avalanche. excited for metro too

  10. loved all the max payne games but just couldnt get into quantum break. they are trying to hard to make movies and not games

  11. after fallout 76 engine issues and online use , ya i'm not looking forward for there upcoming games . cyberpunk all the way also and metro was always good so i'll grab it. I can't say anything about it but Division 2 DON"T BUY . Also outworlds going to be good.

  12. And like and like and like and like… Fuck man at least change it up with an um or something. You're turning into a high-school valley girl.

  13. New Samurai Shodown game coming and I am most excited for that otherwise 2019 look worst then 2018 like titles but will see what will offer

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