*intro music* Okay, yes I know I know I realize a lot of my videos are already pet peeves involving customers Drivers and other poor souls suffering from ignorance, but here are a couple more things that bug me enjoy -Good morning. -Hi. I have an appointment with Laura -Sure thing, and what’s your name? Dominic Hi, Laura, Dominique is here to see you Please have a seat [hey] Kevin’s in town. Do you wanna watch a movie with him at 6? What sorry I couldn’t hear you 6 o’clock What about 6 o’clock? Kevin Which Kevin? You’re just saying words assuming. I know the context Movie. What movie??? Well, if you’re gonna be like that, never mind Man, come on dude! I-I can totally fit in here! Just-just move up a tiny little bit! Please! Do you see me in your rear and sideview mirror slowly inching towards this gap? son of [**] Nope! What? No, but I set an alarm for [9:00] a.m.. What happened? Oh, that happened, yeah, yeah Hey, didn’t you have some leftover wings? Uh? You know what? It was only like three pieces, and we’ve already crossed the street. It’s too far – don’t worry about it It’s cool But it wasn’t cool. I wanted those wings. I was just too embarrassed Sorry, but we don’t take credit here. [oh] Are you ticklish? No How about here? I am ashamed of my doubt *japanese* Woah, woah, woah, woah., okay, wait hang on. Okay. The masked killer is still on the loose is this important for me to know *japanese* Sakura is gone. Now. Wait. Did she get killed??? Oh my goodness couldn’t they have color-coded these subtitles *japanese* Wait, who’s talking now? Oh it’s the dude Okay, oh It’s like he’s narrating *japanese* Oh, she moved to france, okay *japanese* I might as well have read the manga *outro music*


  1. mom calls me

    me: yes?
    mom calls me again
    mom still doesnt hear me

    another day:

    mom gets mad
    me: (whispering really quietly) omfg just stop already
    mom: WHAAAAAT

  2. When your almost done washing the dishes and someone either adds another dish or a FRICK – load of dishes.

  3. I also hate when people think u didn't hear the end of the sentence and only say the end when i need the beginning or whole sentence

  4. Saiki kusuo is very funny but you have to be good and fast reader because theres can be like 4 people talking at once but its very good.


    Me: okay

    (In kitchen)

    Me: uh mom where is the food

    Mom: oh it will be ready in 10 minutes sweetie 😉

    Me: THEN WHY-

  6. Right at the moment the plug to the phone fell off, my phone got disconnected and then connected again to the charger.

  7. I don’t think you would understand that anime even if you committed a sin and switched it to English.

  8. Mom: Dress nice for the occasion
    Me:ok grabs the nicest clothes in my closet and I look awesome
    Mom: ArE YoU SeRiOuSlY GoNnA WeAr ThAt?

  9. OK most of these I have to deal with but the short cord like OMG having to be in a middle of something you have to go down and get it then it keeps happening until you have it in a position were it will stay (not)

    Ow and that ANIME one like I have to keep searching for an English version of the movie or episode and when it looks like I found it but then it starts to talk I'm Like (…WTF…bro WTH)yeah it sucks but it's OK (not) I got over it…no I didn't I still cry like I won't to throw my phone and scream…B*tch that's what you get I'm the BOSS You Obey MEEE….me (I actually almost did that one time…only one)

  10. Why would three characters be talking over each other in any language? I mean, unless it's for the effect of noise and you're not supposed to understand them…

  11. I hate when the only times I wear a perfectly white/black T-shirt, I'm in a hurry, so I have to eat delicious and SAUCY fast-food.

  12. when it's 3 am and you're trying to avoid legos on the ground and you hit your toe on the leg of the table and you sit down in pain but you forgot that the floor is filled with legos

  13. I know I’m late to this but my name is Dominic and I have so much trouble with the first one and it pisses me off

  14. for the credit one even worse when they say "do you have any other cards? thats the only one we dont accept" like what the heck man

  15. You know what really makes me mad…
    When you go for some butter but someone has already covers it in toast crumbs like what the frick why you bully me like that .

  16. Is it weird that I was able to read the subtitles even though there were 3 people talking at the same time

  17. mom being angry at my sister

    me sitting on the couch

    me: breathes


    me: what did I do?

  18. Person: standing right next to me
    Me: says their name and asks a question
    Person: doesn't say anything
    Me: "Okay…"
    In my mind FFFUUUUUUU—-

  19. Dude same ill be watching an anime and there will be like 3 people talking and the subs like all on top im like umMMMMMmMmMMmmmM….

  20. With the last one I haft to agree with that but I also deal with the dub being White and the characters clothing being white behind it!

  21. I'm sure many Japanese dub fans like myself have Sharingan so keeping up with so many subtitles is not really an issue, that and studying plus hearing familiar and frequent words help. 🙂

  22. I hate it when I say
    "My Hero Academy" and everyone gets pissed and corrects me.

    Everytime I say Academy, someone dies.

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