Perfection Prevents Perfection | Sobriety, Addiction Recovery, Drug Addiction, Recovery, AA, NA

Perfection Prevents Perfection | Sobriety, Addiction Recovery, Drug Addiction, Recovery, AA, NA

So today I wanted to make a video on
perfection — or that wasn’t it, sorry, I screwed up. Today I wanted to focus on
perfection. I wanted to talk about this idea that perfection prevents perfection.
Creating something today, even if it sucks, is important because I can either
be consuming today or I could be producing. Addiction was all about
consuming for me. I consumed drugs and people and resources all of the time now.
I try to give more than I take — one of the ways is through these videos. Or
trying to focus on other people’s problems and not my own. I’m not perfect —
I’m not all knowledgable. All I really know is my experience. But if I want to
get better I have to do things. Yoda says “do or do not there is no try.”
So I have to do something X amount of times in order to get good at it. When I
started making these videos, I thought they were going to be the best most
highly produced videos of all time. But that’s just my ego talking. My ego
prevents me from progressing and my ego needs things to be perfect so I’m
protected. Because if something I make is perfect then I don’t have to defend it. Everybody will love it and I won’t have to be rejected. So today, I remind myself
that perfection prevents perfection. In order to get to a place where I am
highly skilled at something, that means I have to be not highly skilled at
something right now — today. It takes time to be the best and what is the best
anyway? It’s all my ego trying to protect me from being rejected. One of the most
badass things that anybody can ever do is get sober — being clean of drugs and
alcohol. Because that way, it allows me to make something today — even if it sucks.
Because I won’t let perfection prevent me from making progress. Done is better
than perfect. I hope you can join me in embracing this philosophy today and we
can focus on creating more today than we consume — even if it’s just a poem or a
nice meal or a good conversation where you’re listening to a friend.
Because in creating something, I discover who I am. I’m really glad that I’m not
drinking or using today because it’s allowed me to work on things that I
thought I needed drugs and alcohol to do. Thanks for watching today’s video on
perfection. Please like and comment on this video to support the channel. Please
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tomorrow in the next video!


  1. Thank you, Nick. I really needed this video. My only new year’s resolution this year was to work on my perfectionism. A colleague asked me how the resolution was going and I said, “It’s progress, not perfection!” 🤦‍♂️🤷🏽‍♀️🙏🤓🤯🤪😁

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