The company prefers passive people and
dependent if you are looking for that kind of staff you are doomed to your company to
always stay in mediocrity to what do I mean with passive people and
dependent people who only need that we tell him what to do so that he
put things to do or do you have a high intellectual dependence that
Let’s tell him what he has to do. And passively we mean people
that does absolutely nothing more than what we ask you to do, this
it’s very risky and here I am just going to make a small dimension; in last
videos we’ve been talking about process standardization and yes
you can achieve a standardization close to perfection you will operate from
more efficient way because simply your staff you have to execute that activity
routine that you are indicating, but this has nothing to do with them being
passive or dependent people, a person who is not passive and is not
dependent has no problem in execute an activity so
routine but you will have freedom or he will feel free to support you
in telling you how you can improve that operation, it will give you
ideas and can probably improve the process. If you have people … because you
you prefer not to get in trouble, Don’t be told anything, people who
always be quiet and only is waiting to meet your
indications that is a serious problem and remember that the concept of mediocrity
it has to do with a midpoint of performance then it is no offense
it’s simply a dangerous matter regarding performance development

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