Peru’s War on Drugs

Peru’s War on Drugs


  1. I feel bad for people who do coke , y’all puttin shit in your brain or your blood that has been through thousands of chemicals, bugs , kids and adults who most likely can’t receive proper medical help.

  2. I’m just mad that most y’all people in the comments saying they wearing bicycle helmets , y’all all lookin stupid as hell, their wearing skateboard helmets idk why y’all can’t tell the difference

  3. That village looked like it was in good health. That cocaine operation or whatever the hell was providing that village with money.Their quality of life is better than the average village. And then boom they go back to square one, oh wait they'll probably just make another runway like big whoop.

  4. Peru does not have a problem with drugs just great farmers they need to have processing plants for the cocoa leafs provided by the government and legalize coca production only threw governed process 🙂 save those rivers boi, Western countrys have the problems with too much currency value and social media stress 🙂 Peru is just trying to help us with cheaper medical 🙂

  5. This is all for show, if Americans and Europeans stop useing cocaine there would be no need to produce

  6. Our curse is coca leaf. Because of drug users. Because of fucking people who like to destroy themselves. Yeah, our army is very unskilled. Is lead by few clean officers and generals. Most are corrupt and take the money from the budget. That’s why you see our guys using those poor helmets and it hurts me those jokes you make. There are military guys dying in that cursed jungle. Our army service is voluntary, but there is no pride in being in the army. Fucking Sendero not only kills by shooing, sometimes tortures, kidnaps, dismembers, don’t returns bodies. I feels no sympathy for coca farmer and drug producer. Our country bleeds from inside from this. Young ignorant youth who don’t know what they get into when they enter army die young. This is just not fair.

  7. the u.s war on drugs !! no drugs ! no jobs for cops, lawyers , judges ! etc.. no jail's .. who is the tyrant gov.. too tell u what u could put in your body??

  8. This is bullshit man South America’s 50 percent earnings come from sell of cocaine and the government are responsible for this so stop bullshitting.

  9. Poorest die because the governments neglected the communities which result in breeding the poverty of millions leads to the drug trade to stay alieve while corrupted law enforcers tell the world its a drug war

  10. Those dudes will have that air Strip fixed by nighttime they can f**** fill a hole back up with dirt lol wtf

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  12. if i know one thing about drug traffickers is that they never leave a prisoner with a phone or anyways to record anything.
    dude you just proved this is a staged thing.
    drug traffickers they never let you into their farms never ever ever.
    as trump says FAKE NEWS

  13. this is so fakin dump JUST MAKE IT LEGAL everybody know its bad its like cigarete or alcohol its all about choice u choose good or u choose bad simple and affective all the problems will disepear in 1 mounth

  14. El Diablo is deadlo. What an ididot that guy is. This VICE News story is actually really great. Such a shame real journalism from this "network" is frills and edgy pop culture. This dude went out on some serious skin in the game journalism. And that is what I remeber the "good old" days of Vice. Real Journalism

  15. We might ask these farmers,… how it will be when their children's children are addicted to cocaine, or any derivative of the OPIOD family. Perhaps AMERICAN DRUG DEALERS CAN BE RELEASED INTO THEIR LITTLE VILLAGES.

  16. The "War on Drugs" was doomed to fail from the beginning!
    You can't kill Drugs. They will always exist and will be consumed.

    LEGALIZE ALL DRUGS and invest in education instead of prosecution.
    Only then the Horror will slowly get better…
    but Drugs will never cease to exist as long as we are human.

  17. The "War on Drugs" was doomed to fail from the beginning!
    You can't kill Drugs. They will always exist and will be consumed.

    LEGALIZE ALL DRUGS and invest in education instead of prosecution.
    Only then the Horror will slowly get better…
    but Drugs will never cease to exist as long as we are human.

  18. The "War on Drugs" was doomed to fail from the beginning!
    You can't kill Drugs. They will always exist and will be consumed.

    LEGALIZE ALL DRUGS and invest in education instead of prosecution.
    Only then the Horror will slowly get better…
    but Drugs will never cease to exist as long as we are human.

  19. Just forcefully get them to grow diverse fruit etc and give them $1000 or whatever. They dont make much from it. It will probably be more than they get.
    How many farmers? Even 10,000 is 10 million. Peanuts.

  20. 7:05 Goes up to a soldier fighting drug cartels asking "why do you have to wear bulletproof vest?" then proceed to ask questions like "is it to protect you from the farmers"…… Seriously VICE?

  21. how is a giant hole going to stop anything? all the did was make a mess for the villagers that they will have to fix. and of course they will just fill in that hole. Going after the poorest people in the most ineffective way sounds silly.

  22. Why Washington is not imposing war on terror on these guys .
    Is that so bcoz they are Christians and aren't Muslims

  23. WTF pay people a fair amount for their work people are just trying to eat and the users are as guilty duck with the rich and create opportunities for the people dam

  24. so the grow and sell coca leaves to sustain and educate their children at the death and distruction of ours…..insanity.


  26. Idk why ppl risk losing their lives for journalism.. not enough money in this world to make me do that…

  27. When will everyone wise up , making drugs illegal will not solve the problem . Putting people in prison makes things worse . Killing crops pushes people to synthetic . Feeling good is part of the human condition , once someone feels the relief or euphoria they get from whatever substance , life becomes a search to feel good .

  28. Look at the little babies throwing cocaine leafs on eachother in Peru See Gods green earth gave crops and medicine among other forms of chemical compounds has relief among other "use's"

  29. It seems staged. But I know those farmers have no choice, besides they're growing the coca plant, not making base paste or cocaine.
    It amazes me how cheap it's actually 1kg of cocaine. People here spent U$300 per weekend on blow cut with anti-depressants, U$15 per gram…

  30. No wonder why locals side with the traffickers. The govt doesnt do shit for them, but the narcs give them money and help them build houses.

  31. All of the world's government's just need to stop with their childish asinine greed fueled war on drugs the government's bring in the drugs then try to toss us in jail for wanting to escape their made up.reality

  32. To much American presence in South America.USA love war on drugs,money washing by big banks,investments in building industry and when dealers get cought they take all there assets and properties.On the end they work for government of USA most of the time.So Whois the biggest boss.

  33. Simply almost everyone took or take Coke.From the top of date social pyramids to the bottom.How many politicians,celebrities,entertainers,Hollywood etc.Just a game.Gave rather education from people that knows.Most of Coke heads are socially adapted and assimilated.Same like goose.Some are chronic users some recreational users.No one will stop using it.Will go on and on.

  34. Ala mierda todos los presidentes 🖕🖕🖕 viva zapata y el Chapo son más raza que los putos que están arriba 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  35. This drug war is literal INSANITY. We keep doing the same things over and over again expecting a different result. Did we not learn anything from alcohol prohibition? The birth of organized crime can be attributed to prohibition, just like this war on drugs is what gave rise to the cartels. The cartels literally have money that grows on trees because cannabis is still federally illegal. Our legislators know this to be true, but they don't work for the people so we're just stuck in this vicious insane cycle.

  36. Wuh war on drugs, police selling Rel drugz, it's ah war on it's impoverished citizens, they doh like to see poor people Have shit, Fire bomb they airconditions, and fight depression# 1 cause of Hard drug use, love people, Satan ha ha

  37. Coca farmer is not the problem but the Drug dealer ,The Illegal dealer and the legal dealer aka Pharmaceutical companies ,medical provider's and Banking Sector.The web of conspiracies.

  38. They have fertile land. Yet they want "the government" to plan and produce and educate them. Their problem is that they have no initiative, beyond the immediate, no culture to produce, and if left to their own devices would go back to warring on neighboring communities to pillage their stuff, take slaves, and finally sacrificing their own children to the gods. I have zero sympathy, but I also have zero sympathy for those in the USA who demand cocaine! Cocaine is not a "victimless crime". Cocaine freaks are not decent people. And those people supplying it, pushing it, are not a solution, they are a problem.

  39. I don't understand why people do coke. The high is so shitty, it lasts like 10 mins then you gotta do more, it's way overpriced for how short it lasts. I like a numby once in a while (cig filter rolled in cocaine) just because of the numb feeling but that's it! I'd rather smoke a bong and be high for 6 hours..

  40. The biggest lie, there is no war on coca production, if that was true, the Stepan Company would be out of biz and so would Coca Cola. There is a war on the poor people that make a living off drug trade, which is different.

  41. This general is doing cocaine. Notice hes sweating, and that wrinkle on the top of the nose between eyebrows. Two obvius tell tales…

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