Pets suffer, collateral damage for opioid addiction

DAY FRIDAY, SLOWING DOWN THE CLEARING PROCESS A BIT, BUT WITH THE HIGHER SUN ANGLE, EXPECTING MOSTLY SUNNY SKIES TO DEVELOP BY THE AFTERNOON HOURS. THIS WILL HELP GIVE TEMPERATURES A BOOST WITH AFTERNOON HIGHS IN THE UPPER 60S NORTHEAST TO LOW 70S SOUTH AND SOUTHWEST. WEEKEND WEATHER WILL BE UNSETTLED WITH A FEW (Samantha Sherman / “The vets I personally went and taught, haven’t seen people abusing their pets, but they have seen them using their older pets that might be arthritic and just saying, ‘the medicine isn’t working, the medicine isn’t working,’ when in fact, it might be. They’re just using it for themselves.” HEATHER SOME PEOPLE IN THE OZARKS — ARE FINDING WAYS TO GET HIGH — THAT MAY SURPRISE YOU. AND NOW — A LOCAL NON PROFIT — IS OFFERING COURSES TO PREVENT IT. DAVID OUR MADISON HEVER JUST GOT BACK FROM A LOCAL VETERINARIAN — WHO PRESCRIBED BY A VET FOR SICK ANIMALS. BUT THE COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP OF THE OZARKS IS HOPING TO HELP SOLVE THE PROBLEM. DR. PHILIP BROWN WITH THE SPRINGFIELD ANIMAL CARE CENTER — SAYS SOME PET OWNERS ARE USING THEIR ANIMALS TO GET PRESCRIBED OPIOIDS WHEN THEY TAKE THEM FOR A VISIT TO THE VET. (DR. PHILIP BROWN / They’re going to bring in a pet and they’re going to say my dog’s limping on this leg hes been limping two days three days… 31:50 sometime you get (DR. PHILIP BROWN / we’ll generally start non sterile anti-inflammatory that’s our first – and there are some very good ones on the market 33:43 were not probably going to first time through prescribe that kind of stufF OVER AT THE COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP OF THE OZARKS IN SPRINGFIELD…SAMANTHA SHERMAN SAYS CRIMINALS NOT ONLY USE INJURED ANIMALS TO GET PRESCRIPTIONS BUT ALSO ELDERLY ANIMALS. (SAMANTHA SHERMAN / “They’ve seen them using their older pets who might be arthritic and just saying the medicine isn’t working the medicine isn’t working when in fact it might be, theyre just using it for themselves VETS SAY THIS ISN’T NEW BUT THEY ARE KEEPING THEIR EYES OPEN FOR PEOPLE TRYING TO PAWN THEIR ANIMALS FOR PAIN KILLERS. (DR. PHILIP BROWN / 29:22 how do you catch that kind of thing? It is very difficult we do work with pharmacists we do try to pay very close attention to it WHILE THE PRESCRIPTION DRUG MONITORING PROGRAM TRACKS WHAT DOCTORS ARE PRESCRIBING…THERE’S NO TECHNOLOGY TO TRACK WHAT OPIOIDS PETS MAY BE GETTING. (SAMANTHA SHERMAN / 50:54 that would be the dream would be to have some kind of monitoring program C-P-O IS NOW OFFERING EDUCATION ON HOW TO HANDLE SITUATIONS LIKE THESE AND TO PREVENT THEM FROM CONTINUING. (SAMANTHA SHERMAN / “We’re teaching them how to recognize the signs that someone might be using their animal to get those pills and what to do once that’s happening” (DR. PHILIP BROWN / “I just think it’s important that we’re all we all pay attention to it, that we do bring these things up.” MADISON IF YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW IS INTERESTED IN THE TRAINING —

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