Plastic Surgery Addiction (FB Live) P1 | Cosmetic Surgery Addict | Dr. Myla Bennett Atlanta GA

Plastic Surgery Addiction (FB Live) P1 | Cosmetic Surgery Addict | Dr. Myla Bennett Atlanta GA

Hello, hello, hello Facebook,
I’m Dr. Myla Bennett of Ederra Bella Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa in Johns
Creek, Georgia and it’s been several days since I came on and so I figured I would
go ahead and come on tonight, take some questions like I always do and I have
something that I want to talk about. You know I get a lot of my topics from
things that roll, scroll through my timeline, so tonight’s topic is
compliments of something that came through my timeline on Instagram. So hello Janice,
hello Sherry, Sherie, thanks Janice. So also I want to say hi to YouTube because
I’m gonna upload this video to YouTube. Hey Ebony, I’ve been getting a lot of
love on YouTube lately. I just kind of started putting old videos on there and
there are some people who like YouTube and they don’t do Facebook and there are
some people who like Instagram but don’t do Facebook and but, but I don’t even
have very many followers on YouTube, and I’ve, the people have been very verbal
and appreciative of the videos, so I’m gonna, I’m actually saying hi to YouTube
today because I’m gonna put this one on YouTube as soon as I finish here, and
there’s a live feature on YouTube too so I’m gonna soon start going live on YouTube
too from my computer probably when I do these so that way I’ll just be recording
from two places at once, but for today it won’t be live on YouTube, but I will
upload it there as soon as I finish. Hi Cynthia, hi Lisa,
hi Stephanie, hi Brenda, okay so here’s the deal so I wanted to talk about
plastic surgery addiction. Can you please speak on previous DVT and mommy makeover
or any plastic surgery? Let me write that down so I’ll come back to that when
I talk about my topic for tonight. DVT in the past with plastic surgery, okay
that’s a good topic. Alright, hello Michelle, hello Chanel, ladies please
share the video. Let people know I’m on.
My goals with these videos is really to keep people safe, help people make really
good decision, make really good decisions, safe decisions for themselves
and that’s my main motivation in doing these. That’s actually what made me start
doing these was when I, when people would say things and, and I would, and I realized
it was like recurring themes of danger and I just want people to be safe
because plastic surgery is becoming more and more popular. Some of the reasons why
it’s becoming more popular are not good, which is kind of the motivation for my
video tonight and I just want people to be safe.
Hi Stephanie, no I didn’t cut my hair honey, I just changed my wig. I’m a wig
woman, I wear wigs every time you see me, it’s a wig on my head. I haven’t worn my
real hair out in years and before that, I used to wear sew-ins, but now I’m
addicted to wigs because I can have a different hairstyle every day, mm-hmm. So
I got this from the Virgin Hair Fantasy yeah, so yeah that’s a wig girl, my hair
might be long tomorrow honey and thank you. So anyway, so what came through my timeline, yes
so share the video share, share, share and and then okay so what came through my
timeline, it actually came through yesterday or maybe it was Friday. It was one of these
fake Atlanta snow days we’ve been having, thank You Janice. So what came through my
timeline, a girl posted something, she has a very active plastic surgery page on
Instagram. It’s, it’s beautifully branded and she’s
got a lot of followers and a lot of engagement on her posts and she posted,
“If money wasn’t an issue, what work would you get done?” and the majority of the
people on there listed like a million things that they would do to themselves
like, “I would get my boobs, I would get lipo, I would get a thigh lift, I would get
my nose done, I would get this, I would get that, I would
get you know a BBL, I would get this”. It was like they were, they had like
this long laundry list of stuff and I was just like whoa,
there’s not like, it always sends red flags to me when people have like a
hundred things that they want to modify on themselves. Obviously I’m not against
plastic surgery, that’s why I know these, some of this stuff is confusing to people
sometimes, I’m like, sometimes I don’t, I know when something makes me
uncomfortable, but I can’t always articulate why because I’m like Myla, you’re
a plastic surgeon and I don’t think plastic surgery is wrong, but today I had
a breakthrough in my own thinking to help me understand and have a firm grasp
on what gets under my skin about plastic surgery and why, and it was like a
breakthrough and so I wanted to talk and share. What I real..what’s this stuck on my face,
sorry y’all, what I realized I was, when I when I saw those people putting all
those things like just laundry list of things like basically ripping themselves
apart physically. If you’re trying to surgically change 5, 6, 10 things on your
body, that’s like major you know, and it’s, that
in my opinion, for the most part, that’s usually a issue on the inside. If you
literally like want to change like seven things, like I want seven surgeries, like
whoa and, and I was thinking back to when I was and people are getting these
things younger and younger, so like you’ll see girls like in their
20s who haven’t had children, who haven’t had the stuff that happens to you in
life and aging hasn’t shown up on their bodies yet or anything like that and
they’ll be like getting these surgeries and I was thinking back to when I was
like a teenager and when I was in my 20s and thinking about me and my friends and
I don’t remember us ever really sitting down talking about things that we wanted
to change on ourselves physically. I wanted to be a plastic surgeon, but I
wasn’t thinking about anything that I want to change on myself and it wasn’t
until I had a child that I actually was like, I guess I’ll get me some lipo on
my stomach, you know because I was really I was pretty happy with myself like I
thought you know I had it going on and I wasn’t looking at other people wanting
to be like them and even if I saw another person who I thought had it going on
and they had something that I didn’t have, I didn’t feel like oh she got that
I want it, you know like I didn’t feel like that and so I think that’s the
thing that bothers me, I feel like younger and younger the way the culture
is now and I think social media plays a big part in it and reality television, I think
that we spend so much time comparing ourselves to other people physically and
not physically also that we start to get consumed with it and social media, which
since we didn’t really have, we didn’t have social media when I was growing up,
social media makes it all worse. So you sit and you look at these things and you
look at these pictures of other people, and you see people changing so quickly
and dramatically and then you see them getting all this attention on social
media and so then people think it tran, it can translate over into their lives
to be able to you know if they can have this thing changed, if their butt was
bigger or if their boobs were bigger or if their nose was different or whatever,
then their lives would be different and that’s not really the case. It’s not,
that’s not true and if it takes you changing everything about yourself
physically to get something, my question is why would you even want that, but, but
that was when I started really, I’m like you know, I think we have to be really, we
have to be really conscious of what so, what social media does to us. Like we
are so, all of us me included, are very influenced by the things that we see on
social media and it’s not all real and it’s not all true and it’s not all good.
Just like a lot of these news stories will come through your timeline and
and the blog, and the blog sites that, that have social media presence and then they’ll
put the news, put this headline on their page and frame it the way they want to
frame it and if you go outside of that, go outside of their page and research it
on your own, a lot of times the story is very very different, or sometimes when
you read the story, what it said in the title is not at all what happened
and people will take it and run with it and it’s the same thing that’s kind of,
is happening with plastic surgery except, thank you Tanita, except this is
something that can kill you if, if you’re if you get to the point of desperation
where you want to change things so bad and you have a lot of things you want to
change, when people have a lot of things they want to change especially if
they’re young, because young people tend to have less money then then a you know
40 or 50 year old lady who wants to change something they, they’re usually
more established and have the disposable income to be able to go and find a place
safely to, to modify things, but younger people they have less disposable income
if any and so then they end up in like maybe more unsafe situations trying to
bargain shop because it’s a whole laundry list of things that they want.
This has happened with me in consult with folks a few times where they have
this list and the list is not anything realistic for, to be done in one, in one
setting and the list, when you add all the stuff up on the list is a lot of
money, it’s like okay lady, but you have six things on this list that you want
done, but you want to pay five thousand dollars and I’m not about to do all that
work for five thousand dollars, so then they’ll go to a place where they can get
it for five thousand dollars and oftentimes those are places that aren’t
very safe. So I want, if you, if you have like four or five things that you want
to change about yourself, I want you to be, I want you to stop and say why am I
so unhappy with all these things because I’m totally not anti plastic surgery, I’ve
had it. I had liposuction of my arms when I was in residency, I was a part of a
research study. I did my first lipo for research, it was part of a research study
for laser assisted lipo vs. traditional lipo. They did laser on one arm and
traditional on the other arm and guess what both arms turned out the same way,
it didn’t make a difference and I couldn’t tell which one was which
because they didn’t tell us which one was which and we just had to report on
things for the next 3 months afterwards from a pain, swelling, all that
other stuff standpoint and none of us could guess which arm was which, we
basically was like 50%, which basically means it was flipping a coin, nobody
could tell which arm was which. That was my first liposuction. I didn’t
really need it, I mean I guess I thought my arms was a little fat, but it wasn’t
really, can you see my arms? There’s my arms, there go my,
there’s my lipo scar, yep right there. So you just, I didn’t put no lotion
on my elbow, so you just made me show my ashy elbows to everybody, but yeah that
was my first liposuction and then my first plastic surgery procedure and then
my second one was liposuction of my belly, which I got, thanks Tommy,
which I got when right before I had Bradley, but after Benny and I had a
little extra flub on my stomach and I you know went and got that taken out,
but, but I wasn’t like you know I want


  1. You will have a lot of followers on you tube very soon just keep making the videos. I know I am one of them. This is the third video I have ever watched and I think your amazing! Your so helpful, smart, and beautiful. Thank you for all the helpful information, you have me really reanalyze my research. We all have a vision of getting work and looking great, just how we wanted. However we donโ€™t think about the danger we just think about the great results we think we will have. These decisions canโ€™t be rushed and itโ€™s because of you that I am really thinking this through. Thank you!

  2. Q bonito se te ve tu pello y todo lo q tus temas son me interesan, Gracias Corazon๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸŒŽ๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒˆ

  3. I have been saying this! But people act like I am crazy. You might want 1 or 2 things done, but 7? You can go to the gym for some of that!

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