Plastic Surgery Addiction (FB Live) P3 | Cosmetic Surgery Addict | Dr. Myla Bennett Atlanta GA

Plastic Surgery Addiction (FB Live) P3 | Cosmetic Surgery Addict | Dr. Myla Bennett Atlanta GA

Then all of a sudden, they start,
you start to see things on them that, that is attractive and you’re like, wait a
minute this person is, is cute or whatever after you get to look get to
learn their, their essence. So how you look and how people perceive you in the
world is, it’s very much affected by the inside of you more I think even more
than the outside because the outside will grab people’s attention at first, but
if there’s nothing inside of you that’s good or that’s projecting good, then no
one will care about the outside which is why you see all these beautiful women,
physically beautiful women on Instagram and Facebook talking about ain’t no good
man out here, you gonna miss me when I’m gone, all this other stuff,
women whining about not being able to keep a guy but those are the main girls
with the, with the most perfect bodies and the prettiest faces and they don’t
have a man because the inside is messed up. That’s who you see fussing about men
not treating them right the most. Why do some people have vertical incisions from
a tummy tuck? Those people have excess skin in this direction also, not just
this direction. So the vertical, so the horizontal incision at the bottom is
from excess in this direction. When we have to add this incision, it’s because
you have excess in this direction, so usually that’s people who’ve lost
massive amounts of weight who have that. Hi, Evelyn from Las Vegas. Lori, the
excessive back fat and loose skin after weight loss, if it’s a lot, it has to be
excised, so you end up with an incision on your back. Okay, let me go back and see. We should use our surgery as a tool we use
to better our overall life, it shouldn’t determine our worth, absolutely and my, when I do my
branding and marketing and stuff, the woman that I’m, and I’m not judging
anybody at any age that gets plastic surgery because I’m not against plastic
surgery in younger people, younger meaning over 18 younger people.
Well, well even that’s not even true because I’ve done things like I’ve done
a breast reduction on a girl who was 16 before. Her breasts were insanely huge
and she was, it was making her miserable and so you know I’ve done, I’ve done
surgery on children like the, pinning their ears back and the breast reduction
and you know stuff like that and then obviously for reconstruction, we do it on
children. So it’s not even really an age thing, but it’s just so it’s like almost
epidemic now of really young girls changing perfectly good bodies to a dif,
to a body that’s completely different and not their own and I’m and I don’t
really like plastic surgery that makes you look like somebody else, even when
it’s your body looking like somebody else. Like, I feel like it should be, it
should make, it should help you be a better version of your body. Like all
these people walking around with the exact same frame is strange to me like I
don’t, I don’t particularly like that, so I try to, when I do work, I try to just
make the person’s, what they have going on look like a better version of
themselves. I honestly think I was too big for a
tummy tuck, but with just the panniculectomy, I wouldn’t have looked normal, I’m
sick of not looking normal, it was a hard decision. I do have to go back in for him
to adjust something so I completely understand what you’re saying.
I’m dealing with infection, open wounds, it’s not easy. Please educate yourself
ladies. The bigger a person is, the more likely they are to have infections and
open wounds. I don’t know if you got liposuction at the same time, I’m not
really sure what happened, but the larger a person is, the, the more, the higher the
risk for complications are. Oh, the machine, oh I got a good before
and after picture that I’m gonna probably put up tomorrow for the
Sculpsure machine that I have. Oh wait a minute, it’s done in the spa and it’s
ultrasonic something. TIA, I’m not sure about that one, those ones that are done
in spas that, I can’t speak on those. What do, what do you think about surgeons
in the DR? Umm, I have a whole video about that that you should probably go
back and check, but um I don’t, I don’t it’s not a certain surgeon or a certain
place that I, well no, it’s not certain places that I think are bad, but what I
can say about the Dominican Republic specifically is that they have
infections that have bacteria that are resistant to our antibiotics and women
do come back from the Dominican Republic with these infections and they’re
debilitated for months and months and months on end trying to clear the
infections and being in and out of the hospital, in and out of surgery trying to
drain abscesses and all that kind of stuff and that infection comes from the
DR. I think that there are good surgeons everywhere and bad surgeons everywhere
and the DR is no exception to that and I think that you shouldn’t go to a
place in the Dominican Republic, The United States, Australia, France, anywhere
else, you shouldn’t go to a place that has a track, when I say a place, I mean a
specific plastic surgery office or a specific surgeon that has a pattern of
death and disfigurement, that’s what I have to say about that. For boobs and 360
lipo with vaser, I’m 130 pounds, 29% fat. Someone told me today not to do
everything at once because of the anesthesia, now I’m scared,
any advice? Yeah, so that’s what I was just saying, I just told you about what I
think about the DR from a safety standpoint and uh, so you know be careful.
Once you have the issues, it’s hard to get rid of them and you gonna have a
hard time finding somebody to help you in the United States when you do have
those issues. My consultation fee is one hundred and fifty dollars. Yes, I like to do lipo first, then the tummy
tuck, if I, if a person needs both. The, I won’t do liposuction in the
central abdomen at the same time as the tummy tuck because it’s riskier from an
open wound standpoint, that makes the wounds open up, it makes skin die, not
all the time, but it’s a high enough complication rate that makes me say, I’ll
just break it up in two surgeries and so if a person needs both, I tend to do the
liposuction first. Some people have the upper belly bulge after a tummy tuck
because they need liposuction and so it’s not safe to do, in my opinion, it’s
not safe, it’s too risky to do it at, the two at the same time. So for most, I
do the lipo first. If a person is not too thick, I might do the tummy tuck first
and then and I’m not worried about their skin shrinking down afterwards and then
do the lipo later, but I don’t do the two at the same time. I will not do
liposuction of the central abdomen and the tummy tuck at the same time. Meme
Quinn, so specific questions like that, if I have a headache what can I
take? Like you need to talk to your doctor about that, this is not, this I’m
not, I’m not your doctor and so I can’t be telling you what to take when I don’t
know your medical history or what’s going on. I tell my patients that gets a
tummy tuck from me that the recovery is 10 to 14 days. There are doctors that
give a signature look like people will know who you went to because of the look
you have. Right and I think that that’s crazy.
I don’t like that make everybody look the same thing and those doctors wives
don’t look nothing like that, just, y’all should pay attention to that kind of
stuff. So you got this man who has these women rolling in there doing five and
six a day and rolling them out and making these bodies that look exactly
the same and their wives don’t look nothing like that. They won’t, they, they
don’t marry that frame, but they’re taking your money to make you look like
everybody else like it’s just no good. Do you have time to explain a reverse
tummy tuck? That’s the incision up at the top to help address excess skin at the
top. Um, I don’t really like that operation very much.
It’s a great idea in theory, but in truth, when that incision starts pulling down,
it’s a problem. I don’t love that, I will, I don’t love that operation. Vic Brazil,
yeah I don’t agree with that obviously, I’m a plastic surgeon. I’m not saying you
should never go under the knife, it’s easy that’s, that’s kind of a judge,
that’s a judgmental statement and I just think people need to be of a healthy
mind and the right intentions when they do it and it helps the value of people’s
lives in a huge way in a lot of situations and no one says anything to
people when they get their crooked teeth fixed or dye their gray hair or if, you
know stuff like nobody says anything. So I don’t really think it’s fair to judge
a person because their belly is all stretched out from baring your children
and they want to feel sexy again, like it’s just not, that’s, so I totally don’t
agree with that statement and a part of me feels like too people, some people will
take the complete opposite stance like you know and almost neglect their
physical, which I don’t agree with that either because I think a person that’s
really confident and, and strong in who they are also care about, they care about
their inside and their outside. Now I don’t think your outside is more important
than your inside by any means, but when you neglect the outside, that’s also, that
says a lot about the persontoo , in my opinion. So I don’t really agree with
that statement Vic Brazil, but we all have our opinions and we’re all entitled
to them. I saw an article recently that said that older patients more often than
not will come in asking to look like a younger version of themselves,
yes or with photos of themselves at a younger age, yes, then the younger
patients, teens to 20s tend to come in with photos of famous people asking to
look like them. It also went into some rather insane statistics about how the
number of plastic surgery patients ages 13-21 has increased
dramatically in recent years. It’s absolutely true, Susan. So that’s my whole
preserve your pretty thing. People will come in after they let stuff fall apart
and be like trying to get back to their more youthful self and if you just take
care of it in the first place, you kind of stay there. So I’m 40 and I don’t look
40 because I take care of my face, I take care of my skin and I haven’t had any
surgery on my face. I don’t have any Botox or fillers in my face. I take care
of my skin very, very aggressively so that I don’t have to show up to somebody
asking them to help me look like Myla when she was 30 you know. I try to really
take care of my face so that it you know stays as youthful as possible for as
long as possible, so that’s true. Many older women come in striving to just get
back to feel like themselves again. They’ll say, you know I saw a picture of
myself and I was like, oh my god is that what I look like, I don’t, I want, I want
how I look to match how I feel, you know I want to look like myself again, I feel
like I don’t look like myself and I’m always uncomfortable when a person comes
in and asks me to help them look like something somebody else has, like I don’t
like that at all, it makes me uncomfortable. You shouldn’t be losing so
much blood that you need a blood saver and I don’t know how that will work
because the blood saver machine you like are sucking up, you can use that for
like I’m not sure how you would use a blood saver machine with liposuction, I’m
not, I’m not I haven’t seen that or heard about that being done because the fat is
mixed in with it…


  1. I'm torn I'm 5'5 150lbs I have rolls on my back but from certain angles I don't look fat… my main goal is to remove the rolls and enhance my hip area a little more.. I have dents on the sides of my but … I guess my question is do I even have enough fat? Will the little fat I have make a real difference?

  2. Hello Miss Bennett! I looking to get an mommy makeover. I will be 40 this year. I have 3 children, breastfed 2 of my children so I have sagging 34D breast & have muscle separation. And I think my back runs into my butt. I would like to enhance my figure. I dont want a huge butt. Im a natural girl. I want to see my curves. I didn't take advantage of looking great in my clothes when I was younger bc I only wore baggy clothes. Now that I had kids, matured and have confident in myself, I want to give back to myself & I want to look better in my clothes. Please help.

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