play EVERY PS4 game on Nintendo Switch!

play EVERY PS4 game on Nintendo Switch!

– I’m gonna stop you right there, this video is not clickbait,
we actually have found a way to play PlayStation on the Switch. A big trend in gaming right now is the idea of cloud streaming, the idea that instead of having to install a game on hardware to play it you can just play it
remotely through a server. And oftentimes when we talk about it it’s the concept of doing it
on your computer or on a phone but something that we’ve kind
of thought about in the past that’d be really cool
is, what if there was a handheld console you
do that like the Switch? Well, it’s actually some you can do by taking advantage of
Android on the Switch. This is something we’ve covered before of the idea of getting
Android running on Switch, we’re gonna do a quick refresher
on how exactly it works but if you guys want an in-depth guide on how it all goes down we’ll have that link down
below in the description. Now a couple things before
walking through the entire setup, for this to work you do need to have a certain older model of Switch as well as not be running
the latest firmware. There are guides you can find online that show how old you need, you can even enter serial
number to find out. This one in particular
happens to be old enough. And the first step is to put
the Switch in recovery mode and what you do that is by making use of a little tool like this that goes into the right Joy-Con slide rail and once you have that in there you hold the volume up button
and then tap the power button and then you just wait a while for it to boot up in recovery mode. If you notice that the screen turns on and everything’s all black that means you actually did
it right and it’s working. So once we have it in recovery mode we plug it in to our PC setup where we’ve got this already running so we can inject the payload to set it up as an Android device. So, says we’re good to go,
we’ve got the green light, let’s go ahead and inject the payload. And there we go, after doing
that you can see on our screen that we have this little setup ready to go and then give that a little bit of time to go up and running. Again, this is just going
over the kind of setup of how you go to set it up
each and every single time that you want to be running in it. What’s interesting to know about this is that all of the OS right now, the entire Android aspect of this, is running off of the SD card
that we have in the Switch. So as far as the Switch is concerned, it’s still just a regular Switch, we’re just forcing it
to boot from the SD card to go into this Android mode. And this part does take a little while so. Aha!
– Yaha! – This is basically the halfway point, you still gotta wait a while after this. And there we go, we have
Android up and running. So again, this is something
that we’ve covered before and shown being able to set up. Back when we did that time we just tried some different Android games and checked out what apps worked. But in this situation we’re
gonna take it a step further and use this as a starting point to make this a remote
played machine for PS4. Now, the first thought here would be to just download the
PlayStation Remote Play app and trying to use it through there and supposedly there are ways
to actually make that work, it didn’t for us. Working that app just did not work, we were able to download it but actually running it did not work. So instead we’re making use
of a secondary unofficial app that we found that we downloaded
from their website directly called PStreamer, PStreamer. It’s stylized, doesn’t matter. Anyways, the point is
we’ve made use of that app to be able to start actually
connecting to our PS4 and use this remote play now. We’ve already set this
up and configured it to connect to my PlayStation that we have set up here with the account. And I don’t think the mic picked it up, you can actually have the power on signal from across the room. And there we go, we are on the home screen for my PS4 Pro. Let’s go ahead actually Switch over so you can see on the TV screen
that this is all running. So I went ahead and launched
God of War on the Switch and we’ve got it set up on the PS4 Pro. So this is PS4 Pro we’re running it off of and you can see it happening on the TV but the controls are coming from me playing here on the Switch. Now you might notice that
the image here on the Switch is not great, it’s definitely not 720p, it’s not running at the
maximum the screen can support and the framerate is not a smooth 30. Part of this does rely on the fact of how strong your internet connection is and where we are right now isn’t actually the best
place in the office but this is showing that we are in fact controlling this PS4 through here. Another aspect is that we are not using the official Remote Play app, we are using that PStreamer instead. Now just like with the
Remote Play app though we are able to use on-screen controls. So you see the overlay here of all the main buttons
for a PS4 controller and that’s allowing us
to control the game. Now this does work like
the Remote Play app in that it does use an
overlay of the buttons for the PlayStation, at least once you’ve
been touching the screen. And it gives you the ability to control but honestly it’s not the
best way to play in most games except maybe very basic RPGs so using a controller
is much more preferable. And PStreamer does have a
built-in way to map controls using your favorite Bluetooth controller. Now we tried getting the Joy-Cons to work and it only went about halfway. We can get buttons to work, so if I want to attack with
the shoulder button it’s fine. The big problem is the sticks don’t work so I can’t actually move around. So not being able to use
sticks is definitely not great. But thankfully using PStreamer
we we’re able to connect other controllers using
Bluetooth and get those to work. So you’re actually using the Switch just like an Android tablet, you go into the connection settings and connect to Bluetooth
controller of your choice. For example right now we’re
gonna use an 8BitDo SN30 Plus and we’ve already got
it set up on Android. So now, yep, just reconnected
it and it controls fine. It’s weird watching the PlayStation screen because everything’s happening at a delay but on this one it makes sense. So it’s actually really
handy that by using PStreamer we’re able to not only play
PlayStation games on the Switch but we’re able to use a controller as well like this one right here. Now, I know what some of you
might be thinking right now looking at the fact that this is a Switch. What happens if you dock it? And the answer is it works, it’s just, well let me just show you. If you haven’t seen this shirt before this is actually original design we’re selling on our merch store which I’ll link down below in description. We’ve got a couple new designs
on the way real soon as well so if you wanna check those out we actually of a promotion right now, you can get 15% off we’ve
used the code Genesis. So we just docked the Switch
and if you didn’t see before when we did the original Android video, when you dock it in this way it’s not actually putting
the Switch in docked mode but it is pushing a signal out to the TV. So it’s keeping things at that 720p, sub 720p in this situation, signal but it’s just having to fill the screen. So right now this is the
PlayStation, looks great. Let’s go ahead and swap
over to the Switch. There we go, yeah, so you’re getting that considerably lower resolution
on a giant screen which is, which is not good. Now of course, just doing
this in the first place kinda defeats the purpose
of this entire experiment which is, you know, having
access to a handheld Switch for playing PlayStation games. But it’s just really interesting to see that you can actually do
this in full circle and it’s, yeah, just don’t do this. Yeah, like this look
bad on the Switch screen but it was still, you know,
you could make sense of it, your eyes kind of
compensated a little bit. Blowing it up this large, yeah. Anyways, let’s go somewhere else and try some different controllers. So along with moving downstairs and actually getting a
better internet connection we’re also trying a
different controller type, this time we’re using a
Switch Pro controller. It’s really easy to use
a variety of different Bluetooth capable controllers,
we used SN30 Pro Plus, this controller, and even
an Xbox One controller. All you have to do is go into the Android, ah, it died while talking. All you do is go into
the Android settings, go over to Bluetooth
devices, pair a new device, and connect whatever controller you want. Now I know the logical
thing to use with this would be a DualShock 4 but sadly because of the outdated version of Android that we are running on the
Switch that is not an option. So you can use a Switch Pro
controller which is great, you can use an Xbox controller, you can use a number of
other Bluetooth ones, but you cannot use the
DualShock 4 for the remote play. And apparently there is
a way to make it work, just couldn’t get it to go on our end. And just because it was just released I think another really
good way to highlight the insanity of this entire set up is that right now I am playing the new, at least currently
PlayStation 4 exclusive game Death Stranding on a Nintendo Switch with an Xbox One Elite 2 controller. A kind of really weird forbidden mixture of all three companies right now. And it is absolutely insane to
see the visuals of this game on a little tiny Switch screen. I mean, it looks like right
now I’m just watching a movie which I am because it’s the
opening cinematic right now but the point is is that
you’re getting awesome quality on this tiny little Nintendo Switch screen thanks to being able to just
play our PS4 through it. So slightly fuzzy screen,
not quite as crisp as playing on a PS4 Pro. But still the fact that
I’m playing Death Stranding on a Switch right now is mind-blowing. I gotta say, while this
particular setup isn’t at a 100% I love this concept and I really
wish this was a real thing. Well, it is real thing, but a real like officially
supported thing that works well. You know what I mean. By the way, if you’re
wondering about the Switch we’re using in today’s video the reason why it’s the color blue is because we’re using a skin
from today’s sponsor dbrand. They make a whole bunch of
skins in a variety of colors that are totally safe to use your Switch, on the Joy-Cons, even for the dock If you want to learn more
click on the link down below. Kind of like in the past when we’ve done other videos like this where we find weird workarounds of things to do on the Switch that you’re not really
supposed to do on the Switch, the main takeaway I really
want to talk about here is the potential the
Switch has as a system. I think this particular function is something that a lot of
people are really interested in because it’s something that’s
kind of been rumored before, although in that case for Xbox. Early on when we got kind
of initial murmurings that Microsoft and Nintendo
we’re gonna work together the things we actually got
were support for Xbox Live for games that were multi platform and of course certain first party games making their way to the
Switch, like Cuphead and Ori. But one of the things a lot
of people were hoping to see as a potential part of this partnership was the idea of something like xCloud making its way to the Switch. This idea that you could use the Switch as an on-the-go handheld and stream play major first party games for Xbox. You could get 4K style quality awesome looking graphical games
on a little tiny handheld. And while we are certainly not using the Switches own OS to do this, we’re running Android on the Switch, it’s pretty clear that, yes, you could use a handheld like this to be able to access streamable content, especially video games. And I think that’s something that is really worth considering because, sure, there’s the option to do
things like play on your phone or even playing on a tablet but I think there’s something
very attractive about the idea of a dedicated handheld
gaming device like the Switch being used for this, both
because of its good screen size and the fact that actually
has built on attached controls that make sense. I mean, there’s a reason why we’re seeing a lot of third-party
accessories starting to come out that use that Switch control style as an idea for mobile platforms. Now of course the Switch is still a great handheld system on its own just playing its own Switch games. This isn’t me being like,
oh, the Switch sucks and this is what it
needs to do to be better, it’s just I think there’s
so much more potential for what the system can be. And for this particular example, yes, there would need to be a
little more cooperation between companies that would
need to play nice a little more but honestly I think this exact this case is something that would be very beneficial to everyone involved. Now while there are a lot of companies that are messing with this
idea of game streaming I think Microsoft is the
one that is the most open to this idea and doing it with Nintendo because they’ve been the most
forward out of everyone lately of trying to actually work
alongside other companies and I think they’re very
invested in this idea of Microsoft being more of a service instead of just being the Xbox hardware. And so having something like xCloud or even the ability to own
your own library of games that you can access through the Switch is something that would
be appealing to them. And what this hack shows is it’s a concept that absolutely can work,
the only question is whether or not companies
actually want to make it happen.


  1. Are u gonna use xcloud on switch it seems it would be better considering you don’t have to have the Xbox on like ps remote play and may work with the sticks I’m curious

  2. Did you try using the knock-off joy cons that only connect to the Switch through Bluetooth to see if it works with ps4 remote play?

  3. "You could use a handheld like this to be able to access stream-able content, especially video games. And i think that is something really worth considering."
    Guess he never heard of the Playstation Vita.

  4. It's weird cause…I don't have a switch and don't want one but watch all your videos. I just like seeing someone passionate about something. Very interesting

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