Playing Super Mario Bros U Deluxe with Ro – Part 1

Playing Super Mario Bros U Deluxe with Ro – Part 1

– Hey guys, it’s Justine
and I’m here with Ro. – And today we are back
playing some Nintendo Switch. – It’s been a long time,
– Yes. since we played Switch together – It’s been too long and it’s terrible. – I mean, it was probably when the Switch first came out, we played like
the, we were milking cows? – We did all of the funny games. Ready for some cow udders. Top, bottom, okay, top, bottom. Top, bottom. You get a gallon? – You did five cups, that’s okay. My first time milking,
I got like two cups. Today we’re playing the new
Super Mario Bros U Deluxe that just came out. Actually, it came out a little while ago, but I haven’t got a chance to play it yet. – Me either.
– But, we are going to play through some of the little challenges. So, the first one I’m gonna
try and play was Boost Rush. – Okay
– So, I don’t know, I haven’t played this yet,
so we’ll see how it goes. Two people are playing.
– Two people. – I mean I guess I’ll play
Mario and Luigi, right? – Yeah, you can be your Mii? – I guess so, look at that.
– No way! – Okay I’ll be Mario.
– Okay! – Okay, hat, no hat? – You even have little overalls on. – I can pick a hat? (gasp) – Yes, you need a hat.
– I wanted a hat. Yes, yes, yes.
– Yes! – Let’s just play easy.
– Please do. I’ve been playing a lot of Mario Kart, for years–
– Oh my gosh, okay. – But not, I haven’t done this for years. This has been years since I’ve played. – Yeah, wow, wow, okay.
– What do these do? What do these do? (gasp) I’m a squirrel, I’m a squirrel, I’m a squirrel. – (giggles) So, I think the more coins. – Oh no, I’m not a squirrel,
I’m not a squirrel. – Speed up.
– Speed up? We’re too slow, we’re too slow. – We gotta speed up. – We’re just gonna blow
through this level. – Yes, oh my gosh.
– Let’s do it, let’s run. Run, run, run, run,
– I’m trying! (mumbles) – I’m jumping on your head, oh wait, do we need to go up? (mumbling) Jump on top of me. – Speed up, speed up, speed up! – Speed up, speed up, we’re up, we’re up. – Oh my goodness, so it gets
faster as we progress through. – Whoa, take that! Little Goombas, and gotcha!
(makes up own sound effects) – It’s probably going to get super fast as we go through the level, here we go! – It’s just gonna get faster
and faster and faster. – Oh, my gosh, speed runs.
– Girl, uh-oh. (makes own sound effects) How do you fly? How do you, no, no, no.
– No! It’s okay, it’s okay I’m still alive. – I started watching you, to see how you were doing it,
– I wasn’t going to speed up, I’m not ready, I’m not ready. (gasps) – Girl, run. (Justine screams) Run I’m stuck, don’t leave me behind. I’m no good at this. – The wind is like pressing back on me, I’m trying.
– Save yourself! Win it for the both of us, I’ll float in. – Oh my goodness, okay, I’ll see you soon. – Yup.
– There’s no time for that! – There I am, no that’s
not me that’s a mushroom. I’m back, don’t die Ro. Just don’t die, just don’t die. – Speed up! I’m here for you.
– Win it for us Justine. – I’m goin’, I’m goin’, I’m
goin’ for the win, I’m stuck! – It’s all on your shoulders.
– Yes! Join me, join me, join me! – No pressure but I suck at these games. – No, you’re good, look we beat it. (giggles) and we had time to spare. – Okay, oh, dang it this is fast. – How am I, oh my gosh,
we’re at max speed! (yelling) – [Both] No, no, no, it’s
okay, it’s okay, it’s okay. I’m still here,
– Justine, Justine! – I’m still here.
– Get out of there! – Oh, this is fun.
– Oh no, oh no, oh no, run, run, run, Ro, run Ro, you little nugget! Run, run, run faster than
your little nugget legs, – I’m going as fast as I can go. – Have ever run before! – This is incredible.
– Run, run, you’re stuck, you’re stuck, oh no.
– It’s okay. – Oh no, oh no, no, no, ah, no, no, no. – Oh my goodness, this is so incredible. Okay, now it’s slowing down. – It slowed down? (mumbles)
– Oh my gosh, max speed! It’s so crazy!
– Oh jeez, oh jeez, no, no, no, no, no, oh
my gosh, I’m still alive, how’d that happen, we don’t know. – I’m so much better at
these games though when, it’s not, when I’m not going slow. – Keep fallin’ into this
quicksand, you guys. – Oh my gosh, it’s going so fast. – This is a terrible time
to come back into the game. – It’s a terrible time! – Okay, here we go,
here we go, here we go. Max speed, max speed. Run, run, run, run,
– Oh my goodness! – Run, run, run, jump, run,
run, run, jump, (gasp) boom. (video game cheers) (both exhale loudly) – This is stressful.
– Just, just, yeah. – I like the speed runs, though, ’cause it forces you,
you have to keep going. That was fun, there’s our best record, – But look how happy is he?
– We could go back, and try to beat them. This is cool. – What I like about it, is that
if you start with a bad run, you can always improve
and always get better. – It’s true, now let’s
go and do Coin Battle. – Oh, what is this?
– How many people are playing? – You can be Luigi.
– Okay, Okay. So, basically we just wanna collect coins. – That’s all you have to do?
– Lets pick a random battle. – This will pick it for you?
– Yeah, so it’s gonna pick us, – A surprise?
– Yes. – What do we do?
– We gotta collect coins. – Oh my gosh, I thought I was Mario. – I know I got confused
too, I was like, wait! – We gotta get that big
coin, get that big coin. – So, here’s the thing, I think we may actually be
playing against each other. – What, really? – Like a friendly competition,
it’s a friendly competition. – Well, I like when you play
Mario Kart and all the mini games, and you have your
little balloons and stuff, I like that, I actually enjoy it. – Yeah, the battle modes
are always super fun. – Let me try to pick this up,
and I’ll run up the stairs, throw it up here, boom, boom.
(making own sound effects) – This is great, so, I should be trying
to collect coins because, that’s basically the name
of the game. (chuckles) – Okay, just get all the
coins, get all the coins. – We wanna collect coins.
– Eat all the coins. I have this, I throw this
over here. (Justine yells) Oh no, wait!
– It’s okay. – I can hurt you?
– Yeah, you can, because, this is battle, we want,
– Oh, okay. – So, right now it looks
like you’re winning. – I didn’t like that
because, (Justine laughs) I thought I was throwing it
at these little fighting guys. – No, it’s okay, that’s basically
what you wanna be doing. – I thought we were
throwing it at these little, okay, c’mon little Luigi, little Luigi, get up there, little Luigi. (screams) – I didn’t wanna throw it
at you, ’cause I felt bad. – That’s really sweet,
’cause I really suck at this. So, it would just be like, (sighs) – I mean, we are just
collecting coins though. – Oh my gosh, these guys
are real aggressive. – They are. (gasp)
– He just killed me, he just knocked me out.
– It’s okay, you’re back. – C’mon, c’mon, I’m hitting
the button, where am I? – But, at what point does the game end? (Ro making sound effects)
Does it, do we just, – I need to take some boxing
classes, girl, because, I feel like if we do, are you
kidding, (Justine mumbles) I just walked out the door. I didn’t mean to do that,
– I’m Mario. – I thought I was you.
– I’m Mario. – I thought I was you. – See, that’s the problem
that we’ve been having, because we keep switching. – We keep switching, and
then I think, oh jeez. I’m dead.
– It’s okay. (mumbling) – At this point, are we surprised? – Actually, you would have beat me, ’cause you collected more coins. (Ro laughs and mumbles) – I knew that we were
gonna have this problem because, when I was like
oh, you’ve been Mario, the whole time.
– And then we switch. What is happening, what is
happening? (Justine squeals) – Oh gosh!
– Okay, okay, get the coins, get the coins.
– Alright. – Go Justine, go! Get the coins, okay I’m green,
I’m green, Ro, you’re green. You’re green.
– I’m Mario. – You are green girl, you are,
– I’m Mario. – Also need to go, okay. I’m Luigi, I’m Luigi, I am Little Luigi. I am Luigi. (gasps) We’re underwater!
– Water levels, are all sorts of trouble.
– Oh, look at us go! Look at the pretty pearl, I want it. – Gosh, I’m having so much
nostalgia playing these, and playing these maps again.
– We gotta get the coins. We gotta get the coins,
no, no, no, no, no. Do these things chase
you, do they chase you? – Yeah, kind of?
– Are they smart, or do they have a traveled course? – I think that they may
have a traveled course. Oh, he’s trying to get
me, he’s trying to get me, oh my gosh, I’m sorry, I’m
sorry, I’m sorry. (Ro mumbles) – It’s fine, it’s fine,
it’s fine. (mumbles) Up here? Tricked ya, fooled ya, fooled ya sucker! Oh, oh, oh, oh, I want
it. (Justine groaning) Got it, yeah! Look at all these coins,
– So many. – Coins, coins, coins, coins,
coins, coins (both scream) No, no, no, no, that’s a
huge, creepy dragon eel. I mean, how’s that fair? – I don’t know, I’m just
gonna, I don’t like this level. (mumbles) – We did it!
– We did. See, I like when we play
together not against each other. – It’s harder,
– ‘Cause this is, competitive and I don’t
like being competitive. – I already have a hard
enough time as it is, so, if it’s not a teamwork situation, I might as well be in that
floaty bubble the entire game. – Well at least this is cumulative so, as we keep playing you could potentially win this next round. Oh shoot, I thought I was you!
– Oh no! Look at my, I’m alive,
I’m living, I am living, I lived, I lived. – Oh my goodness. – Okay, that is just a life
lesson for don’t ever give up, don’t you ever give up
on yourself because, if you keep jumping, you could live. – It’s true, oh boy. So we gotta go in here?
(video game beeping) – Am I supposed to go in there? – I don’t know, I think
maybe you will join me, and you did.
– Magic. (gasps) – Yes, okay, they have
helmets, they have gear. – They do, I’m just runnin’ – Wee!
– Because see, Here’s my thought is like I
already collected so many. Look at your blue little hat.
– I really like the blue fit. – I do too, it’s super cute. So, that was the final round, I like the Coin Rush, that’s fun. – I need to play this a bunch of times, just to get better. – We need to just have a game night, like an actual game night, not recording, – Can we do it?
– Yeah, we should. – I’m coming over to your house, you have a better gaming setup than me. – I’ll get us both a nice
setup, it’ll be incredible. – I’ll bring some snacks,
you have the games, done. – What are these? Oh, I think it’s only for one player. – Okay, do it, I’ll cheer you on. I’ll be over here cheerleader.
– Alright, lets try it. – Yes, yes, yes. – Time attack, so they’re
basically speed runs. (gasps) Okay, let’s do it, reach over there, so I gotta reach it in 53 seconds or less, to get gold. Here we go.
– Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, – I’m pretty good at going fast. – Look at you cruise, you are really fast. – But I’m not, oh my, this
is going to be so addicting. No! Too bad, I get real feisty. – See, I always feel like
those are close calls ’cause I feel like you land on his head, maybe it just wasn’t
high enough, is that why? – Yeah so now I know but I just
thought that I’d be able to jump over it, but I didn’t.
– They’re so cute! – Justine, I don’t know
if you know this but, I actually made popsicles
that look like little Goombas. – (Justine gasps) That’s so cute! – Yeah, they were delicious, I think they were root beer flavored, it was a while back, on Nerdy Nummies but they were delicious and
they looks just like Goombas. – That’s so cute. – So, I feel like. – Look at you fly, you fly girl. – I mean, I might actually, oh no, no, no, that hurt, that hurt.
– There’s two, there’s two. – That hurt me, oh my
goodness, I’m not gonna get it. – No, no, no, no, no, no.
– I didn’t get it, I missed, I didn’t get 50, I
didn’t get it, I got silver. I’m so upset. – What did we want gold? – Platinum?
– You want gold. – Diamond?
– You want first place, – What’s the tiers, ruby? – I mess one single little thing, you gotta reach it in 40 seconds or less? These are so hard, 30–
– 30 seconds? – 30 seconds, what?
– Go girl, go. Fly like those little legs
have never flown before! Just fly, just cruise
on top of all of these. Don’t even care about anything. – I’m not.
– Go, go, go. – Oh, that hurt, that hurt.
– No, you can do it, you can do it, you can
do it, you can do it. (yelling in defeat) – One more, one more, one more, that’s it. – We got this.
– This is so fun. – This is like Olympics, it has
bronze, silver and then gold just like the medals. That’s how they do it,
makes a lot of sense. Go, go, fly, fly, fly, fly, fly, fly, fly, – Oh, shoot.
– That’s okay, that’s a little slow, but you
know what, fine, fine, fine, we can get it back, we can get it back. – I don’t think we can,
I don’t think we can. – Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, – No, ’cause it’s 30
seconds I didn’t get it, I didn’t get it, that’s like impossible, that’s like, that’s so hard. – Bro, that’s a medal, we’ll take it. – It’s a medal we’ll take it. – Take it, you’re still in
the Olympics, who cares. – I feel like this may
be my new addiction, just playing these. Well thanks for playing this with me. – You are very welcome,
and I’m proud of you, look at these medals. – This is incredible, well
I think for the next videos, we should probably try to
play through the acutal game. So, that would be really fun. – One, it will be really fun. Two, I’m sort of scared but I love it. – No, you shouldn’t be
scared, it’ll be fun. – Okay.
– Okay. Well guys, thank you so much for watching, go check out Ro’s channel, we have some fun videos coming out very shortly for you guys. Do you guys wanna see more gaming stuff? Yes, no? – Please say yes, okay you guys
let’s just put it out there, I know I suck at gaming,
okay it’s all out there, cards are on the table,
I’m not hiding anything, but I love it.
– It’s so fun. – I have so much fun, and I
love gaming with this one. – It’s so fun,
– And she teaches me things, so I’ll get better over time. – We will, we’ll definitely,
we’ll both progress. – I’ll start at the dirt level, and we’ll move up to bronze and silver, and all those other things. – Well we should definitely
play Mario Kart one day, ’cause that would be really fun. – I’m actually okay at
that, I’m mediocre at that. – Okay guys, that’s it, Ill
see you guys later, bye! (upbeat music)


  1. Yay Mario Brothers U my second most favorite Wii U game my most favorite is of course Zelda Breath of the wild ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. iJustine, do you think Chef could be Roโ€™s new boyfriend? He is equally as cute, likes being in the kitchen and is quite possibly the same size!

  3. Yes @ijustine & @rosannapansino gaming vids…YES!!!
    All the consoles…Yes!!! ๐Ÿ•น๐Ÿ•น๐Ÿ•น๐ŸŽฎ๐ŸŽฎ๐ŸŽฎ๐Ÿ“บ๐Ÿ“บ๐Ÿ“บ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

  4. I wish ijustine likes my comment, that would make my day because it would like she's giving her autograph to me.

  5. Mario cart with my cosines starts out colm and ends with shouting
    For example
    Flip you, ihate you, your so stupid
    Exclamer, all of you reading this and saying you calling me all these things no its just an example of the thing we say during an angry game of mario cart

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