Pajamas: ya i think so im not entirely sure Ohhhhh a Bellsproutz gangsta4life music plays* Isn’t that just beautiful? eh boi Wouldn’t you just want to plant that in your house? Show it to your shreks Pokemanz GO (servers are down) You’re all obsessed with it. I… I’m kinda into it too. I’m level 11. You aint gunna beat me So today, we’re going to go outside. ( wait what? go outside?) We’re going to catch some pokemanz. PJ is coming too, the biggest pokemon nerd in the UK. Planet (lol nerd) And… let’s catch some pokemanz. [breathing] Hu hahaha hi ha hu hahaha HU ha music plays* Alright, these are my slaves so far. These are pretty high level. So… we got to take over some gyms. FUCK those kids up! We found PJ’s “hot lady”. Oh my god guys, I found… Oh my god! Ok. PJ: Dont fuck this up, Felix. Alright. *laughing* That guy got in the way. I’m not filming them. Come on! be my slave! Come on! I just got that one Kjellberg. YEEAH! *Final Fantasy Victory Theme* You’re not so special anymore PJ! I just caught a Caterpie, so I think I am. *awkward silence* #rekt Whatever. Are you playing Pokemon GO too? Only because we saw you do it *Awkward laugh* Did you catch anything good? There’s a Drowzee behind you, dude. We see the same pokemon! I found the same right now, I found the same right now. We found all the same pokemon! This is so cool! It’s as if it’s real or something! It’s almost like the Pokémon is there. *Laughing* Now he just got hit by a car! *awkward laugh* We’re gonna go to the seafront. To do some fishin’. Maybe I’ll find some (Magikarps) Magikarps! *Battle Music* So everyone doing pokemon GO videos are like in Los Angeles. They go to the beach and its so nice. Here in… *Laughing* Jesus Christ! *Waves, wind, and pebbles being kicked around* *Sad Music* Okay, f**k the beach. There’s no Pokémans here. Yeah, we should, oh my god. *Battle Music*
The Fuck *battle music* just happened? *battle music* Woah! *battle music* Edgar’s crazy. *battle music* Attack! Attack, Edgar! What are you doing?! You let him escape! Zubat? More like POOBAT! Nice one PJ. Thats hilarious. *More Battle Music* #THUG LYFE We’re close! We’re close, guys! Huh?! Where?! Huh?! What?! Fuck you! Backoff man! This is important! Backoff! Keep your distance!
OH! Got him! GOT HIM! Oh shit. *Epic Battle Music* *Epic Battle Music*
COME ON! *Epic Battle Music* *Epic Battle Music*
Come on! *Epic Battle Music* *Epic Battle Music*
*Final Fantasy VII Fanfare* *Final Fantasy VII Fanfare* YEH! If I heard someone yell CHARIZARD like far in the distance, I would RUN. *laugh* Look how sad Edgar is… He’s depressed. I’m out here playing with like virtual Pokemons, and then, Edgar, look at him, he’s so sad. His tail is down. Can we go home?! *laughter/coughing* He doesn’t want to be here. He does NOT want to be here in the rain. Okay, so I’m planning to lure at this “march of mermaids”. We’re going to go there. We’re gonna go there, there WILL be pokemans there. Maybe a Charizard. It will be a Charizard. *girly voice* PLEASE LET THERE BE A CHARIZARD! PLEEEASE! PLEASEE be Charizard! Alright we’re going. We gotta hurry up. There’s a time limit. Edgar you stay here! Okay? We’re coming back for you. We’re running out of time… RUN RUN RUN RUN! Random man: Hey you making videos? Yes. RM: Can I take a picture? THERES NO TIME! No man, I gotta get this. What’s he missing out on? He’s missing out on a Venonat. Hey, he’s gonna be… Hey he’s gonna be ‘depressed’ after this. He’s gonna be very upset. Slammin’! PJ YOU FUCKIN ASSHOLE! You missed- What happened? You missed the ‘Venonat’. GUYS I LOOKED FOREVER FOR THAT FUCKIN ASSHOLE! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! You just missed it. WHERE IS IT?! FUCKS-
We knew you’d be devastated>:) This is what I get for being nice to fans?! This is my reward? COME ON! Where is it? 🙁 GONE! It says it’s here 🙁 You need to accept reality, it’s gone. *points the middle finger* ACCEPT REALITY! Noob 😉 WAIT! GUYS! There’s a pokemon. PJ: What is it? Right here. Okay theres a no- -Looking for the Pokemon- SLAMMIN’! ?: You Got him? GOT EM! Felix you got a Tangela? *high pitch* There’s a Tangela?! Yeaaah, but I don’t know where though. It’s far, but let’s go this way. PJ: I think it’s going to be at the sakura flowers. I CAN SMELL IT! PJ: What’s going on? HAII! How’s it going? *extreme photo taking* Am I the Pokemon? What the? – Yeah HAHAHA! That was a trap! I fell right in the trap. But I got a Magnemite so it’s cool. I dont even like Pokemon. I don’t even understand. What? Don’t add yourself in the vlog Brad. What the hell film me… It would be funny if you could only hold a gym if you were there. There are tents everywhere. *Edgar’s fine butt* BUBBLE BUTT Guys, I caught them all… ?: You caught them ALL? I caught all the pokemens. ALL 151? Look! All 151… GOT EM ALL! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! SHEEEEEEE! Why am I here? I should be inside. You’re done! Pokemon go home. I’ll see you guys. I’ll see you guys. Guess I don’t need this. *Super Smash Bros Victory theme* Quick get the phone! Alright Alright Alright… That was Pokemon GO. I’m getting a little addicted to this… It’s pretty scary. -Wheezy laugh- Um… It is a fun game. Could it be better? YES. but I still enjoyed it. Did you guys enjoy it? I DONT CARE! 😀 Leave a like if you enjoyed this video! 😀

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