Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu and Eevee Review

Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu and Eevee Review

(sweet music) – Pi, pi, (sniffs) chu! – [Miranda] It’s often with
rose-colored glasses that I look back at Pokemon’s Kanto story, and I know I’m not the only one who feels a deep connection to the wooded region. After about 40 hours
with the Pikachu version of Pokemon Let’s Go, I put down my Nintendo Switch impressed with how well this reimagining of Pokemon Yellow matches my
memories of my first adventure. There are just a few major differences, and almost all of them turn
out to be for the better. (gentle music) Let’s get down to the biggest and most important
change, catching Pokemon. Generally, the shift to a
Pokemon Go-style catching system works incredibly well for Let’s Go, and offers great rewards
with candy, bonus experience, and the possibility of finding
Pokemon with better stats after catching a bunch
of Pokemon in a row. Tossing Poke Balls at the
Pokemon of my choice is, for the most part, a relaxing
way to fill out my Pokedex, and I’m glad that it
is entirely my choice, since you need to walk into a Pokemon to initiate an encounter. The new catching system
isn’t without its issues. The motion controls don’t always
register tosses correctly, and the catch chance feels
random with higher-level Pokemon. It’s easier to catch
Pokemon in handheld mode, but the novelty of throwing a
Poke Ball with motion controls was still a lot of fun
when it worked properly. (exciting orchestral music) (triumphant music) (“Route 1” by Junichi Masuda) It’s immediately obvious
that a lot of care went into shaping Pikachu and Eevee. Their cutscenes and play
interactions are adorable, though I do wish Let’s
Go, Eevee gave Eevee more definition as a character. Many special animations pull
from iconic Pikachu moments, and Eevee shares these animations. (Eevee yells) Cute company is not all
these Pokemon offer. Beneath their fuzzy
exteriors are death machines that can knock out entire enemy teams. They’re not invincible, but
if you train them right, they sure can get close to it. Pikachu’s three unique moves are strong, but Eevee’s moves offer
greater flexibility, as it can learn a special
move from each of its eight evolution types,
making Let’s Go, Eevee potentially the easier version. All the new moves are
definitely overpowered during a majority of the story, but considering Let’s Go
is supposed to be a unique, more approachable Pokemon
game for new players, they make for a neat addition. You’re not forced to keep
Pikachu or Eevee in your party, so whether you take advantage
of their power is up to you. (exciting orchestral music) Not once did I feel like I
was missing out on battles because of the catching system change. Kanto is littered with
trainers ready for a fight, and specialty trainers like Coach Trainers and Ace Trainers can
offer a nice challenge. Even without Pikachu or
Eevee, the rock-paper-scissors battle system seems
more extreme than ever. Super effective moves often knocked out the opposing Pokemon in one or two hits. Again, this is supposed to
be an easier Pokemon game, so I understand that this
is trying to reward us more for using the correct type matchup. It’s not bad, just surprising. As a result of all that, even though my nearly 40-hour adventure had
a handful of tough battles, I ended the story as
an undefeated trainer. Even still, I was proud of my team. All the training we did
during the main story wasn’t for naught, though, as far more difficult challenges wait in the post-game
adventure with Master Trainers and some other special encounters. Let’s Go comes with a
slew of new, fun features like being able to ride
Pokemon in place of a bike. The co-op features a
nice addition as well. The second player can join
in at just about any time and can provide support
in battles and catching, but can’t initiate any
activity themselves. This is a great way to help
a new player in tough spots or give a younger partner something to do while a more experienced hand drives. With all its changes, the one
part of Let’s Go that really seems to feel the strain
of its additions is the UI. The Poke-box sorting is cumbersome, as is changing items during a Pokemon encounter. They didn’t really mess anything up, but they are irritating. One other big addition I’m looking forward to checking out is Go Park. Its new minigame and
Pokemon Go transfer feature were unfortunately unavailable
at the time of this writing, but the limited access I did have displayed a charming facility. (triumphant orchestral music) Returning to Kanto in Pokemon
Let’s Go, Pikachu or Eevee is almost as much fun and as heartwarming as I’d hope it would be. Thanks to a fresh, colorful
design and new mechanics, Pikachu and Eevee are
adorable, overpowered leads with the capability to
learn some incredible moves, and they feel special
both in and out of battle. The Pokemon Go catching
system is a more relaxing way to fill out the Pokedex
and grind for experience, and I never felt like I was missing out on battles because of it. Kanto is littered with charismatic
trainers ready to fight. Some irritating UI design and issues with its motion controls add up
to be a minor annoyance, but the addicting capture
cycle and great challenges in the post-game keep
me coming back to play. For more on Pokemon, check out the Detective
Pikachu Trailer rewind and our unboxing of two Pikachu
holiday collection items, and for everything else, stick with IGN. – [Pikachu] Pika!


  1. Honestly, I like the idea of not having to beat pokemons into submissions to catch them in this game, but instead of it being a core gameplay, I think they should make it an option instead. Maybe something like undertale, in which how you act will affect the story as a whole. However I agree that you should definitely battle legendaries to catch them, they're supposed to be powerful yet very solitary pokemons and fighting the hell out of them to earn their respect is something that should never be taken out. But for the more social wild pokemons in the tall grass, caves, seas, etc. I wouldn't mind catching them the way let's go wanted me to.

    I never play this game tho, but I'm still interested in it. Wish I can get myself a nintendo switch one day so I can try out this game.

  2. Awesome game to introduce my little one to Pokemon. But basic for me but still fun! Looking forward to seeing the new Pokemon game this year!

  3. I know this game isn’t really big in the Pokémon community. I believe Nintendo hit the mark, they wanted to attract new players into the Pokémon universe and they did just that! As a beginner, I am in love with the world and Pokémon, and will go back and play all the rest! Any tips on where to start would be awesome! I’m new fan so please leave the hate comments out!

  4. Thumbs down! No explanation of what this even is. Half way through the video makes it sound like they're talking about two separate games. So WTF is it?

  5. Ok I guys if you are reading this should I get let’s go now ok I don’t really like Pokemon but I’ve tried these games on my friends switch and I enjoyed it I had fun playing multiplayer and in 1 player ok here’s the question should I get it

  6. Not a Nintendo player but been dying to relive the nostalgia of pokemon… but looking at this game I feel like I'll be spending $380 on a switch and a video game. Just to play a better version of pokemon go…. Thoughts on this?

  7. Hmm i grew up with kanto and hoenn regions…I’m not down to pony up $60 for a barebones kanto only Pokémon game. Maybe one day they will make a fully fledged Pokémon game with all regions – the switch should have absolutely no problems with such a massive game

  8. I caught all 151 Pokemon in Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu. Therefore, I am finished with the Pokemon console games and will never buy another Pokemon game again. Nevertheless, I will keep playing Pokemon Go because it convinces people to do exercise while catching Pokemon on the iPhone. Pokemon: Let's go Pikachu is my favorite Pokemon game of all time.

  9. Seeing how this game looks to be passing 10 million sales possibly, do you think they will constantly make more Let’s Go series?

  10. I was looking at all these videos to decide what pokemon game i should get and a lot of people said that Lets Go is a Bad Pokemon Game but I dont care.

    So I'm Getting USUM.

  11. Pokémon would be much better of they had two branches, one for starting trainers/6-12 and then a more adult Pokémon game. Not with anything massively adult because that would ruin Pokemon's charm in my opinion. Just better battles, harder puzzles. I used to struggle for hours on what I think was pearls ice gym where when you stepped on the floor it made cracks. Stuff like that made Pokémon actually interesting. Now with the newer games you can complete them in a few days without any real struggle.

  12. As a long time pokemon player (japanese gold and silver FTW) its always fun to see younger people start and pick up pokemon. Indo get that these games are supposed to be easy for the younger players but I just wished it had like a ''hard mode'' for the older players if that makes sense….

  13. They have done sequels to Kanto games before, and will do the same this time round. This is why everyone skipped the current Let’s Go titles. Because the sequels will have Kanto anyway. Everyone knows that.

  14. I've been a pokemon fan ever since. But Pokemon Let's Go is the worst Pokemon game ever. Here are the things I disliked:
    -removal of battle with wild pokemon (it makes the pokemon adventure feels authentic)
    -removal of new moves (I know it's suppose to make fans feel nostalgic but I feel limited due to the few selection of moves)
    -removal of Z-moves (going back to basics is meh)
    -removal of held items
    -removal of abilities

    Wish I didn't buy this game at all.

  15. Before I played it I thought it was bad but when I played It my opinion changed and now I think it is one of the best pokemon games ever (And I think it is way better than fire red)

    My opinion! 😀

  16. If you're a die-hard Pokemon fan, get this game. You'll like it. But in the same sense, if you're the die-hard fan that thinks this is the Pokemon Stadium/Fire Red Leaf Green crossover you've been waiting 15 years for (and the game we deserve) then you'll be disappointed and you should spend your time on another playthrough of Heart Gold/Soul Silver with the rest of us.

  17. was thinking about buying the game, saw the names of the moves at 2:11. This game is marketed towards 3 year olds, no thanks

  18. I haven’t played a single Pokémon game except for Pokémon Go (I know I have missed a lot of fun). I want to get one of the Let’s Go games but want to know if I should rather get Evee or Pikachu…

  19. I know after watching Detective Pikachu (no spoilers please) I’m gonna want to pick up this game anyway. But the no random battles is a real bummer for me. So split about getting this.

  20. To all the veteran Pokemon players, save your money. You’re given a overpowered starter (Pikachu or Evee) that will one shot everyone in early-mid game, an opportunity to catch all 3 Kanto starters early in the game, and the game naturally makes sure that your Pokémon are up to par. No grinding or challenge whatsoever.

  21. It's an easy chill version of the first pokemon game. Definitely would not want this for the main series but this isn't bad at all. Really would want an old school kick you in the face game though. No more friendly rivals!!

  22. My sister has Let’s Go Eevee and I usually buy the opposite Pokémon game(I.e. She has X, I have Y, pun not intended), plus I have an unused eShop gift card, so I know what game to buy today. Thanks, IGN. Lots of Cameron nuts owed to you.

  23. I like how people used to complain that this “was another remake of Red and Blue”, yet it’s actually a remake of Yellow, and people soon realized it.

  24. Gives the third remake of Kanto an 8.3 but can’t even play past the fourth dungeon in Pokémon mystery dungeon explorers of time

  25. everyone says its geared toward younger players. i get that but when pokemon Blue and Red first came out on gameboy i was about 5 thats about as young as it gets to understanding how to play that game. i played it everyday the game was so hard cause i had no idea what to truly do but i managed and had so much fun learning what to do and it was so worth it when i completed a challenge. soooooo???? anyone who brings that argument into play can just leave chat

  26. My 9 yo son wanted the Let go Eevee so I got got for him with the Pokemon Nintendo Switch limited edition. He hasn't put it down and still plays it

  27. Are you able to make more users??? My wife plays this game. Am i able to play aswell without destroying her game??

  28. Missing out on pokemon battles because of a poorly done, frustrating motion stick is the only thing I felt in the demo.

  29. Possibly the worst RNG in gaming… and they removed any way for you to work with it. Also removed basically all violence and insults from npc. Very sappy version of the game that replaces basically all skill with RNG. And Pokemon was never a hard game anyway….

  30. Shittiest pokemon game of all time,still the best one is pokemon silver even after all these I play it on my phone.

  31. i feel like the fact that they basically relaunched pokemon red and blue should have taken away some rating points. if you plaid red and blue, this game is really not all that interesting.

  32. Should have just made difficulty selection with beginner being this and normal being normal. Why was it so hard? They alienated their fan base in favor of newcomers who probably won't even care about the game to begin with

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