POKÉMON SNAP (Kids React: Retro Gaming)

POKÉMON SNAP (Kids React: Retro Gaming)

♪ (old-school video game music) ♪ – (Finebros) Today you’ll be playing this. – Is this an X… no. – This looks like a claw,
and it’s see-through. And it looks so old and cheap. – If there was a handle right here, I would be like a dinosaur. Rahh! – YES! A Nintendo 64 with a Pokémon game. – “Pokémon Snap.” I don’t know what that is at all. – It’s a game where
you fight other Pokémon, and then you snap if you win. – Oh, I know this. You take pictures of Pokémon. – Taking pictures of Pokémon! What more can you want? I love it! (camera shutters clicking) ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – Start. – “Write your name here
and don’t lose it.” – I’m just gonna do Dash,
’cause I have no imagination. – My own name, of course. – Capitals because swag. – I want it to say “Candy.” – Awesome. – Jaxon, just like me.
Well, it should be me. Though it looks nothing like me.
I don’t have red hair. – Professor Oak.
– (Oak) Hello there. – “Hello there, Candy.” That’s me. “I’m Oak, the Pokémon professor.” – “I’d like for you
to take pictures of Pokémon for the PKMN Report.” – “This is my new invention:
the ZERO-ONE Vehicle. You can take this on your trip.” (gasps) Really? Okay,
I feel special. He looks evil. – “The ZERO-ONE Vehicle constantly
moves toward the goal gate.” – “I’ll teach you how to take
pictures in the first course.” – “I’m counting on you,
Jaxon!” You should. – “I’m counting on you, Candy!” Hey, that sounds like he’s really hungry. – Seems easy, just taking pictures. – It’s just taking pictures.
You can take pictures in real life. Click-click, click-click. – (in game) Yes!
– Let’s go. (Pidgeys squawking) – Okay, how do you take photos of things? – Okay, press the Z button. – Where’s Z? – Z. Z, Z. – (gasps) A to shoot.
(camera clicks) (gasps) I did it. (camera clicks) – I want to take a bunch
of pictures of the Pidgeys. – “Try to take a lot of Pokémon pictures.” Okay. How do you move around? Oh no! Oh no! No! (camera clicks, success chimes) – Oh, Pikachu. (camera clicks twice) – I got three Pokémon in a shot. I think that gives
more points. I’m not sure. – No, stop it. Stop it. You’re too fast. (fast clicking)
– Taking a whole bunch of pictures. What’s this? – Snorlax. – Sleeping like he always does. Lazy bum. – Man, I am a bad photographer. – It’s a big cat that
I think wants its mommy. – Now, come on. – (Meowth) Meow!
– Oh, that was a good one. Woo! Okay, now this is fun. Go, Pokémon! No, go down. No, g– You know what? – It’s hard to just move all the controls while the animals are moving. – (mumbles) (sulkily) Okay, this is
gonna be really hard. A. A butterfly picture. – I can see how you could
spend a lot of time with this back when it came out, and even right now. – Oh, I got a new Pokémon. – A kangaroo? Is it twerking? – And then… yes!
(mumbles) Got something. – I feel like there should be an Onix
or something around here. – That’s a nice booty you got there. Oh my god. They’re all– Oh, Meowth. Cool.
(camera clicks) – Ooh, that looks like a cartridge. – Did I make it? Did I make it? (portal reverberating) (in game: zwoop)
– “Back to the lab.” – Okay, I did bad. I failed. I failed. – “Camera check.” – 14 pictures. Okay. – “Seven pictures have been taken.” – (triumphantly)
“41 pictures have been taken.” Okay, that’s good. Now we just
have to see how good they are. – (Finebros) Now pick your
best pictures for each Pokémon to show to Professor Oak.
– Hmm. Okay. – Okay. I’ll just use this one. That one’s pretty nice. – That one’s pretty good,
’cause I’m pretty sure you get more points
when you see their face. – Yeah, Meowth. – Yeah, this is it. Yeah. This is it. – That’s my best photo, because you can see a full profile of him. – I like the one of Pikachu right here. – Yeah, that one’s better. I got the whole thing in the shot. – (Finebros) All right, so hit Yes to show your pictures to the professor.
– Okay. – “Let me see. This is Pidgey.”
Oh, that’s cute. “How’s the size? 440 points!
Hmm… it’s so-so.” (offended) “So-so”? I like that photo. “How the pose? 1,000 points! All right! It’s very nice!” Oh my goodness, thank you
very much. I like you. “How’s the technique? Okay. The Pokémon is right
in the middle of the frame. I can double the score for you!”
Thank you, Professor. – (Oak) Wow!
– “Wow! There are other Pidgey in the picture.” (gasps) Yeah, they are. “I’ll give you an extra 230 points.” Yay, I’m good at this! “Wonderful! Your work is impeccable.
Keep up the good work!” I like this game. “Let me see… This is Pikachu!” “How’s the pose? 1,000 points! All right! It’s very nice!” I like that pose too.
“How’s the technique? Wait. Your Pokémon isn’t
in the middle of the frame.” Aw, but it’s close. Well, maybe you try riding on a train with all the Pokémon moving. – “Let me see. This is a Pidgey!” Yeah. “How’s the size? 340 points!” Yay, I think that’s good. “How’s the pose?” (gasps) 750! See, I told you the post
was important in the game. “Let me see. This is a Meowth. How’s the size? 390 points. It’s so-so.” “How’s the pose?” (gasps) Yes!! I told you that pose was great. (points chiming) – (Oak) You were close. – “You were close, but you see… It disappoints Pokémon
to be photographed from be–” Ohh. I just took a picture of his butt. – “Let me see… This is a Butterfree!” “How is the size?” “510 points. Hmm… it’s so-so.” “How’s the pose?” “1,000 points! All right! It’s very nice!” “Wonderful! Your work is impeccable.” – “Right in the middle of the…”
It’s in the middle? Like, its head is out,
but his whole body is in the middle. “Let me see. This is a Meowth.” Yeah, because it was
really close to the middle. The Pokémon was really, really close. If I had moved it just one more,
it would have been perfect. Just perfect. – Pikachu. “How’s the size? Hmm… so-so.” “How’s the pose? 750 points.” “How’s the technique?” “Your Pokémon isn’t in the middle.” “It would have been perfect if the Pokémon was in
the middle of the frame.” A Butterfree. “Let me see… Butterfree.” “How’s the size?” (mumbles) “How’s the pose?” I think. “Pokémon isn’t in the middle…” Oh my gosh, I heard. – (Oak) Great! – “Your Pokémon isn’t in the middle
of the frame.” Oh my gosh. Every time. – “Let me see… This is Pidgey.” “How’s the size?”
(points chime) It’s so-so. Rude. “How’s the pose?” Yeah! “There are other…” (mumbles) “I’ll give you an extra 230 points.” Yes!
– (Oak) Wonderful! – “Wonderful! Keep up the good work!” Okay, I will. “Kangaskhan.” “How’s the size? 290 points.
Hmm… it’s so-so.” “How’s the pose? 50 points.” (gasps) 50 points? Rude! – (Oak) You were close. – (mocking) “You were close.” “But you see, it disappoints Pokémon to be photographed from behind.” Well, I couldn’t get the front of him. – “This is a Kanga…shakan.” “How’s the pose? 10 points! Hmm… It’s not very good.” That’s rude. “It disappoints Pokémon to be
photographed from behind.” Well, how am I supposed to– How am I supposed to
get him from the front, when I’m not in the front?
That makes… okay. “It would have been perfect if the Pokémon were in
the middle of the frame.” Well, I’m sorry. He’s being really mean to me
right now, and I don’t like it. But he’s telling the truth. – (Finebros) So what is
your final report score? – Yay. 5,620 points! Yeah! – 5,800 points. He’s so mean. It’s like, well, no one’s perfect. – 6,260. – 6,460 points! Woo! – 6,550. – 6,073 points. [sic] – 7160. – 10,350. All right, nice! – (Finebros) All right,
that’s all we’re gonna have you play today.
– (disappointed) Aw. – This game is just weird.
It’s nothing like the actual Pokémon. – In the original Pokémon things, I was supposed to catch ’em all. In this one, I have to snap ’em all. – Once he graded me,
he was super-duper mean, which brought my self-confidence down. – I don’t get why people think this… this… stuff is addicting. I don’t know. I don’t– I just don’t get it. – I didn’t think it would be this fun. I mean, it’s an old game
on an old console, but it was really fun. – I like that it was sort of different
from normal Pokémon games and games in general. Most games are, oh, you shoot people, or… you shoot people. – Thanks for watching us play
Pokémon Snap on the React channel. – What was your favorite Pokémon?
Let us know in the comments. – We have new shows every week,
so don’t forget to subscribe. – Goodbye. I got to get
my photos to Professor Oak. ♪ (old-school video game music) ♪


  1. I love pokemon snap I have played it many times and complete the game 17 times last played 15.4 2018 I'm so happy that they played this damn game

  2. Its So cool you have to admit even if Pokemon red and blue were released it didnt have colors this is game is amazing

  3. Just got done watching Dash's grad into teen's react. He said that this was his favorite epi, because after it aired he went out he went out and bought it.

  4. Kids getting so proud of that first tutorial pidgey picture is hilarious

    Side note: let's teach kids that criticism is not being "mean"

  5. If They Do Not Understand It's Just That They Were Never Born With This They Have never Seen seen Anything like it. You Think Kids Know Everything?

  6. Truth be told, I'm amazed they had as many good shots as they did. Your first ever playthrough of the level isn't necessarily this successful. They handled it pretty well I think.

  7. I kind of wished they told them about the tricks to get different pokemon to show up or have them turn around. That's one of the reasons it was fun too.

  8. "He looks evil" I never thought about that, but he does look like he has an evil smile most of the time, doesn't he?

  9. This is the crappiest pokemon game i've ever seen. Maybe with more realistic and modern graphics and like….if you were allowed to explore, it would be interesting. Not just going on a train taking photos with bad graphics.

    Can't believe a company actually invested money on this…

  10. So I actually still own pokemon snap. My family actually owns
    two nintendo 64s. And we still play them.

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