Pre – Workout Dependence And The Widespread Addiction To Caffeine

Pre – Workout Dependence And The Widespread Addiction To Caffeine

I mean they’re everywhere everywhere you
go there there’s pre-workouts or energy drinks or whatever one woman is
warning others to be cautious of be workout drinks after she says her
husband ended up in a coma. all I know is that we have been hearing more and more of people that
have been having her problems because event says her husband Kevin grab an
energy drink on his way out the door you know on his way to work. but one day
Cassandra says her husband John came home from work, gasping for air. Then went into cardiac arrest. Sandra spoke with the head of cardiology he told me that you know people that are
drinking these drinks are literally playing Russian roulette with their life Cassandra’s husband died after suffering a brain… Had spent the day walking the shores
reportedly consuming energy drinks I’m never drinking energy drinks for as long as i live Shortly after, Liana had a heart attack that took her life. energy drinks have become one of the
fastest-growing products in the global drinks market due to a rise in the
consumer focus on fitness and health. It is my opinion that long-term usage of these
products will only lead to negative consequences. In 2017 the global energy
drinks markets to that are whopping 55 billion u.s. dollars I think that this
will continue to rise as more and more people fall for the lures of increased
strength, pump and cognitive focus whilst in the gym especially considering that
anyone would have decent following in the health and fitness industry sells
their own ripoff products online to their fans. Even with the more stringent
guidelines of what the energy drinks and powders can contain today, more
commonly used combination of ingredients and the amount of each and still pose a
risk to some and even with sensible usage over the long term it becomes very
easy to get stuck into a vicious cycle of dependency In 2014 a pre-workout from a
lesser-known brand put me in hospital for a week had a serious bout of nerve inflammation and irrespective of what the doctors told me as to the cause of the
issue I knew deep down that it was from the pre-workout that was not merely a
coincidence. I was poisoned by something in that pre-workout you never know how
you’re going to respond to a certain concoction of chemicals. I was affected
in a way that I would have never thought possible by something that was so
readily available. even considering that I used these products along with black
coffee very sparingly I knew deep down that I was dependent on the pre-workout
and caffeine to be able to train it the intensity that I expected of myself
that’s the main issue I have been pre-workouts once you set that bar with
a pre-workout or highly caffeinated substance and it’s very hard to meet
that expectation without that substance this product cost twice as much to make
as the leading competitor in pre workouts SNOT packaging for pre-workouts and energy drinks are colorful and attractive and I think it’s hard for people to resist the
temptation of these products and a promise of improved performance both
mentally and physically. even a product as widely used as coffee has its own
risks both short-term and long-term which I don’t think people are aware of.
unfortunately many regular coffee drinkers are completely dependent on the
stimulant to perform at the level they expect of themselves and to keep up with
the blistering pace of modern society seemingly for many tasks as easy as
getting out of bed require a dose of caffeine. over time the tolerance to
caffeine increases and the coffee consumer will need a greater number of
cups per day to experience that same energy level therefore they enter into a
vicious cycle of varying energy levels side effects of caffeine consumption
include the following: stomach issues incontinence blood pressure insomnia
digestion issues and then the following from withdrawal from caffeine: depression
headaches low energy and anxiety. There will never be any real mainstream
research into caffeine or any restrictions put into place if it was
deemed to be unhealthy much the same as nicotine and alcohol it all comes down
to money but it’s not in the establishments interest to reduce our
consumption of these products especially caffeine given the fact that so many are
dependent upon it on a daily basis to get up each day and do what’s expected
of us. In my opinion it’s just another voice that the populace are hooked upon
a false source of energy a replacement for a good lifestyle it’s used to mask
how we really feel and I think that’s where the problem lies.
needless to say I haven’t touched a pre-workout since early 2014
I’ve had maybe three cups of coffee since that date I prefer to listen to
the feedback my body gives me rely on my own energy as opposed to the false
energy that caffeine provides Pre workout we start with the base
core ABC the core pump so this is gonna be your
non stim. peach mango, core fury next core test. so this is taurine part of
our commodities line HMB really cool
Intra is really easy. Intra workout two scoops of core abc, again using the crystal Cosmo.
another 5 grams of you know free form bcaa post workout. this is our new core pwo
so this has a fast-acting whey 2 things we added to this. overtraining
solution new product five grams of creatine mono


  1. Great video fella an edgey topic also ! Remember taking the original Jack3D back in the day 8/9 years ago .. umense energy but i felt out of control as did my bpm ! Got no sleep 😫😫 etc etc

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