Pregnancy Test POAS Addiction Is Real, Puppies and Pain | Infertility

Pregnancy Test POAS Addiction Is Real, Puppies and Pain | Infertility

Hey, Fam! I made it home I actually forgot
my keys this morning and all of the fuss Cheyenne was gone time to go downstairs
and get the keys but look who’s here hey there how you do hi thanks for clicking on Simply Tanika
I am Tanika if you are new here welcome hit that subscribe button let’s hang out
a while if you are returning welcome back
what’s that fertility fam we got to do what
let’s get those babies ladies good morning fertility fam how are you today
is Wednesday February 13th twelve thousand Zach
happy birthday to you happy birthday happy day what all right I actually
talking about news about my dry skin I realize I take a super hot shower in the
morning which probably contributes to rid our skins I’m gonna put on some
almond oil today instead of lotion and see how that helps I don’t I’ve not got
the oil in my face because I have very sensitive acne prone facial skin but
yeah we’ll see how that goes sorry guys there’s a lot of stuff going
on out back I’m sure you can hear the rain coming down as well on top of my
tears but I’ve wanted to get the day started and it’s a busy day I’m up a
little earlier today the goal is to get into the office by 9:30 and get some
stuff done and I didn’t get done last night I had a problem with a document a
spreadsheet I don’t know if you guys do so but I was conditional formatting
during some Chiclets whoa I think it’s called a win-loss graph and the formulas
went haywire on me and I had to come home for the premiere so I will look at
it I try to do it a little bit from home but you know I was like I was tired I’ll
do it tomorrow so my meeting to presented is not until
2:00 so with the fresh mind this morning I’m sure I can get it sorted out rather
quickly or at least this is what I’ve told myself at any rate I am going to
crunch for time I’ve already done my apple cider vinegar in my shower I’ve
got everything on my face up to the primer we’re just going to put base on I’m gonna go for the natural makeup look
today nothing too crazy just like some brows and base some brows maybe a little
gloss and then so that I look presentable for my meeting but it’s not
gonna be my glam so well in my mind I get up every morning and put on a full
face of makeup including eyelashes and have my nails done as you can see I’m
not replaced by nails I’ve been wearing those not the same ones every morning
press owns in general since Christmas I like that and I have to go to this log I
like how they look my nails are growing out underneath there I took them off
when I retwist ‘add because as they grow out it creates a little road I was
worried about all my curly hair getting caught in it and I thought Oh put them
back on on Monday well not that long I’ll put out a new
set on Monday that would be gross support the other ones were closed but
anyway I haven’t done it and I don’t know how are you glamour girls by the
time like who leave the fake the house everyone was like a full beat nails on
his own heroism I can’t sit on this alone or I will just say I am not
willing to sit in the salon and I used to I mean I had natural hair for over 25
years because I started going natural when I was pregnant with Cheyenne and I
used to just straighten it all the time though like with heat and then when I
got to New York the Dominicans do a great job under a full load under a hair
dryer and then a blow dryer so you don’t even have to do like a pressing home in
California my friend Shannon used to do she’s a hairdresser she’s my friend as a
hairdresser she used to do a really amazing hot press on me and it would
just have so much body and be straight than when I moved to New York it gets a
little you know humid here so that was pressing and they’re always a good
option there’s something about that under the dryer and then the blow dryer
that helps with the humidity especially it has to dry under the dryer has to dry
completely because there are times where our
rush them and got out from under the dryer without it being dry thinking oh
they’ll just finish off with the blow dryer
it doesn’t soon as that humidity comes it’s like a lighting a match and all the
shrinkage and all the frizz happens there’s something about locking it in so
I wanted to come out and say good morning get the day started I’m going to
give my over all together I’ll probably get lunch at work I’ve taken out salmon
for dinner Sunday for sure we got a meal plan because I’m making an attempt to be
healthier but it is a little challenging because I haven’t done my meal prep
while planning and so I’m kind of like day-by-day figuring it out yeah
sunday is the meal plan and I think do we say this time there wasn’t a whole 30
I think the next Sunday so that way you guys have time to see you yeah I think
that’s a reason then we’ll do the whole 30 I think that makes sense gets you
meter number belt just healthy eating get back into the measurement and
fasting schedule just like kind of a regulate because I still feel a little
bit like just kabob you lated if you’re wondering I’m not going to sit in the
corner this morning and do any meditation but I do have an appointment
at the corner they see me I will sit there and get that done and tonight I’m
going to wrap up blues about one time gib I got a note that the picture is
coming I don’t know if it’s gonna be here in time for Valentine’s but I’m not
seeing him until Friday so hopefully it’s Friday and then I still owe three
of you guys giveaway gifts there at my desk I had cards for each of them and I
wanted to write out the cards like it’s coming I know some people posted there’s
already on Instagram those were the one sent from the company so blame it up
ahead not on my heart I wanted to send a personal note and I’m still writing
those notes out so I will not go and get those out today all right let me get
dressed and head to the office I got a Sheboygan I will talk to you guys in a
little bit all right I am dressed I was almost out of here on time the Deaf will
be busy the bathroom mirror just came crashing down I didn’t break he came
down in one piece but it just all into the sink so I had a call to make it just
anyway it is 9:30 seven seven minutes a little late I’m close to 9:30 I should
still get there around 10-ish good news is my meeting is not until 2:00 so I
just got clear my head get it in the game and not
take all this Lissy it’s all material stuff it’ll all be fine
cuz yeah I’m like can you also clean the wall cuz they fixed the mirror last week
but I knew they didn’t hang it right it’s one of those um it’s a gravity
thing like you can’t hang it from the top with the clips it’s got to be from
the middle actually I’m just gonna show you guys I’m gonna get out of here come
on let’s go Thursday night it came down you can’t
really see if I go it they fixed it but you see it and they made a mess on the
wall but that piece came totally out but they had it hanging from the top and
it’s got to be from the middle which I explained to him before but you know
he’s older and he is I don’t know that late – I do I look blue am i blue I do
look blue all right that’s it I’m gonna get out of here I am hoping you all have
an amazing day I don’t know if I welcome two new people if you are new here
welcome hit that subscribe button hang out a while I noticed in our numbers we
have more visitors and we do subscribers we have like 47% visitors I’m sorry 47%
subscribers and 53% visitors so if some of you want to join you’re watching all
right it’s all very wet heavy like sandy snow I just want to show you that I’m
gonna get to work just cut my lunch is at 349 the meeting went well and I think
I’m gonna go I gotta go get the floss I did a little bit look for before my
meeting I am was that extra this morning we file out Shia was a gift – calm down
Musa and I was like he’ll know if I was type or not I was frustrated but um
especially because I’ve had that conversation about the mirror a million
times like it’s not hum Darla anywhere he’s gonna get a different mirror
but I’m better now meeting went well everything has got done I’m going to eat
my lunch how are you doing hey Sam I made it home I actually forgot my Peas
this morning and all of the fuss Cheyenne was gone tired to go downstairs
and get the keys but look who’s here hey how you doing
say hi to the fam turn on the TV what are you guys going
are you doing hey fam alright the puppies have gone home I my back is my
neck is hurting me so I have this little I put this thing in the microwave and
put it on me it’s got like rice in it and you just heat it up and then that
holds the heat so I’ve been doing that I usually put lavender on it but I didn’t
do that anyway we have packages from Amazon and from one of our TTC sisters
but I think one of these is the book about joy and then I got this which I
don’t know what it is so I have the scissors ah let’s get
okay first and foremost when my TTC sisters sent me some tests I know it
seems crazy and I have so first of all the story is there is no Walmart in
Manhattan or I guess technically New York City is New York City’s five
boroughs you guys know that I’ve never been to all the borough’s like I haven’t
well no I guess I have I did go to Staten Island once okay anyway like for
five seconds I haven’t done anything a semi at anyway there’s no port I digress
and apparently these tests are super duper reliable and they’re also they’re
cheap they equate which is a Walmart brand so one of the TTC sisters send me
seven of these to help feed my addiction my POS because I think you know it’s
crazy cuz it’s um I think it’s a post a miscarriage thing where you’re like oh I
have all these signs of all these symptoms I probably don’t probably but
you know as any good sister she was looking out for me it is the book spark
joy the life-changing magic of tidying up life changing magic spark joy so
there were two of these I got the Illustrated one so this is an
illustrated master class in the art of organizing and tidying up and I needed
the illustrations because it shows you things like folding like on the videos
that I was watching you see that um they were very like specific things about how
to fold it and you want to fold it in like the shirts in a certain way and so
they can sit upright I won’t for you guys right now I’ll show you when I get
to that part of it but so I’m gonna start reading this cuz I think I think
we’re just gonna do whole 30 and this in in two weeks I think that’s what the
deal is so by the time you guys see it it’ll be happening in my life so if you
want to do the whole 30 let me know down below so we can do it together
I don’t know what else I ordered a bunch of stuff you guys I’m gonna do that just
like the owner Lazar and go crazy none of it was urban so I didn’t do all 24
hour or 48 hours paint wasted that big boxes these are
vitamin D the calcium supplements 500 milligrams of calcium vitamin D and
magnesium they are organic dark chocolate I was out of all my vitamin D
I had been taking the tablets before but the chews for a little more luxurious to
honest I have not started all my cell phone once again I’ll show you guys my
container I have it over here I am this is here which is what I take my
supplements in and you can I’ll show you like some of them I have taken and some
of them I have not been two weeks maybe a week that since I’ve like had sort of
plan to take them but I wanted to do the detox and this week was detox week and
then next week I’ll just try to maintain my healthiness so it’s already 8:30 so I
think I’m gonna close out the vlog I still have to do the dinner but I’m just
gonna do Sam and I think I’ll do salmon with like a I don’t know I’m a spinach
loving pool so maybe I’ll either do it over a bed of spinach now maybe I’ll
just do a salad because I’ve got the salad that’s already like you know the
pre-washed it’s like spinach and masculine maybe do that how I got
sprouts alfalfa sprout sprouts so yummy they have they have a sweet crunchy
shrimp but I didn’t get or tomatoes I thought I had some of the ones I had
were not so fresh so they wouldn’t I wasted that my feel bad I’ll probably do
another grocery delivery with some other stuff like it was I’ve been in and out
cuz I was at Blues the other weekend and I don’t know
so anyway I’m rambling I’m going to have dinner gonna prep my lunch for tomorrow
I’ll prep all my meals for tomorrow and then out tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day I
won’t see blue tomorrow I took karate off from work so no work Friday and then
Monday is the president’s holiday so I’ve got
but presidents holiday so yeah I have a four-day weekend I am going to spend one
of those days with blue I think we agreed on Sunday we’re gonna do the
Sunday champagne day over it um cork buzz and then I don’t have to work on
Monday so I can recover appropriately and get you know my meal prep and all
that done so yeah that’s it oh the other thing I was gonna say I have this on my
neck has been bothering me one I’ve just been not sleeping well I’ve been staying
up late which is why I’m closing up the vlog now and not after dinner cuz I want
to edit get stuff up for you guys tomorrow
I am one I think I need a humidifier of some sort so you know a good humidifier
let me know or view or have a reason why not to get a humidifier I need like I
don’t know someone at work was telling me she had like a personal one that just
sits on the nightstand I don’t know if that’s gonna do it like I feel like I
need to be in mist at night cuz like I’m really driving I’m getting like itchy
eyebrows from being so dry I don’t don’t even know what that means but they itch
they’ve not done that before I think the skin underneath is dry and then I’m not
sleeping well and so I have to figure out like why it’s a big situation a
little I mean I’m sleeping better after like starting to declutter whoops I’m
not sleeping better after starting to declutter the room I will say that like
it’s more peaceful in there I’m not sure that it’s as a restful as it can be and
I’m not being consistent with taking the melatonin or magnesium or any kind of
sleep it’s I need to be better about that so that I feel more rested I am
getting a little bit better about the coffee I’m not as far along as I’d hoped
to be but I saw this thing about a weighted blanket and I have one coming
so that is meant to help with sleep as well it’s supposed to make you feel snug
and cozy and all of this fun stuff so we’ll see if any of you guys have tried
a weighted blanket let me know they come in a couple of different weights I got
the lightest one it’s like 15 pounds I think and it it looks really cute like
it has a duvet cover at least in the pictures I’ll unbox it and you guys will
see it when it gets here it has it like a duvet cover I got it in gray I’m
hoping I can put it even though it has a cover it sounds like it could go over
the top of the bed but I love my pintuck duvet that I have from Pottery
Barn so I’m hoping I can leave that out and SiC that weighted blanket underneath
so it’s closest to my body but we’ll see so I’m just gonna be working on like
improving my sleep improving you know what’s in the bed so I think I got the
new sheets the microfiber I showed you guys I’m not that impressed by them it
was my first time trying microfiber I don’t know if it’s the brand or if it’s
the texture I normally go with like per cow or sateen which are cotton it just
has a smoother feel the microfiber I don’t know it I don’t want say it feels
dirty but feels something you know when you slip in and you want to be all cozy
I’m not really fan and I wash them and oh now I’m talking about them I’ll talk
about them in another video but yeah that’s it we’re gonna focus on
sleep sleep meditation yoga but I think starting with the I don’t know what I
just did I think starting with the with the bed during the morning meditation I
have to go back and look at my notes I was some morning meditation that I was
doing before that really helped me and at yoga pose I think but I have to go
back and look at my journal all right goodbye for real this time I love you
guys thank you so much for hanging out with me I hope you are doing well and we
know what’s up with you down below are you getting good sleep
are you getting your skin moisturize what’s going on let me know I’ll talk to
you later bye I’m baby does to you


  1. Yes, POAS addiction is very rarw. Before I got pregnant I did it a lot. Once Grayson died I will poas sometimes every half hour. It us crazy and drives me crazy but I must do it. I hide my sticks so no one knows my addiction. I'm so glad you understand. ❤ Baby dust to us all.

  2. I love Sprouts😋 , now I might end up fixing a salad for dinner.a weighted blanket sound pretty cool please do the unboxing of it❤️❤️❤️

  3. I have a humidifier that I bought thinking it was a dehumidifier. It would probably cost me more to send it than I paid for it!

  4. I love mixing my almond oil with a nice lotion. It makes my skin so soft… I like putting on my heals and then some fuzzy socks… good stuff… love to you😘

  5. I am 1 of the 49% admittedly that watches but isn't subscribed. I think ppl like to watch for a little bit to see if they would want to subscribe. But I just subbed to you. You seem fun and sweet and I would love to watch your ttc journey🤗

  6. I know this sounds crazy, but I freaking LOVE when you ramble. LOL. I start talking back, forgetting you can't hear me.

  7. My Favorite sheets are Bamboo sheets!!!! They are amazing! I've had them for 2 years and still Awesome!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  8. I have the worst experience when it comes to press on nails. I can't keep them on. Do yours ever break or fall off? What brand do you use if you don't mind me asking?

  9. Hey sis! Looking good hunny, that POAS is REALLLLLLLLL!!!!!!😫😫😫😫😫 I think we all have been there at some point in time… the lipstick #XOXOPLBD

  10. the back of my neck has been bothering me too. Do u get headaches, too? ugh…I need something like that or a massage,,,something lol. The dogs are so cute

  11. I'm definitely interested in the whole 30 I'll look into it. I definitely need to organize I have to make room for my baby I'm waiting for 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  12. I have chronic severe dry skin. So dry skin all year long. And I use dermalogica intensive moisture balance face lotion and it is demalogically tester for dry skin you can get some at ulta. And for my body I use soap and glory very dry skin lotion it's called something kitschy like the righteous butter or something but it's fairly cheap 15ish dollars and it's a large hot pink round container. Those are my go to OG tried and trie skin lotions. ^_^

  13. Yay!!! Outdoor NYC 😊
    Good to hear the meeting went well. The dogs are too cute.
    I took a 2 week break from my supplements but I plan to start back tomorrow. I want to do a detox too.

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