Prescription Drug Abuse Addiction Facts in America Sobriety Personal Story

Prescription Drug Abuse Addiction Facts in America Sobriety Personal Story

Prescription Drug Abuse Addiction Facts in America Sobriety Personal Story
hi in this video we’re going to be
talking about prescription drug abuse in America the facts the opinions my
personal experience with a injury that I’ve sustained the back injury recently
the prescription drugs I’ve been prescribed the ones I’ve misused the
ones I’ve abused what do you miss abuse and I’m also going to go over some of
the statistics and in a person some of my previous personal stories but first
I’d like to address a recent comment on the chin this comment was delivered to
me and thank you so much for your comments
this one was by Wendy Michelle on my detox stories video it says good story
however his desk area and room is so staged I could not help but notice it
right down to the three coins placed on the book on a book this is the big book
of AAA all I needed was a pipe in his hands would have liked it better if it
didn’t look so planned out and scripted it would have seemed it would seem more
genuine Wendy I feel you and you know what I care about what this channel is
all about which is in its core honesty and I’d like to take my clothes off
no actually I’m gonna take my shirt off because I truthfully and honestly rarely
wear button-up shirts matter of fact this t-shirt I have on right now that I
currently been wearing for two days you’ll notice the honest deodorant stain
because we all have deodorant stains and nobody’s perfect
so Wendy I care you know and I’m gonna try to be myself from from here on out
although YouTube does suggest that you wear under the videos what you would
wear to an intern interview or a first date I’m not trying to make out with you
and I’m not trying to get hired just try to tell my stories and hopes that’ll
help you or a loved one don’t worry one day and I went on to me
make off I say I’ll do the next one on the toilet
she says huh I said huh kidding I appreciate the feedback you’re
right I put those coins there deliberately it’s all part of the story
and the message I’m portraying thanks for the input I’ll consider it trust me
she goes on to say to shade I like having fun feel free to scroll all the
way down if you’re on your phone to comment tell me the honest truth
about me what you see here my new curtains or my heterosexual obsession
with curtains anyway let’s get on to prescription drug abuse in America first
really quick my name is James I post a video here every week on addiction
recovery sobriety and everything in between I had drank and used for twenty
years and I’ve been recovering for three-and-a-half feel free to subscribe
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message now prescription drug abuse addiction facts well if we’re being
completely honest I have abused prescription drugs xanax I I’ve gotten a
prescription for once or actually actually I had one for a while but I
would usually just take my mother’s or girlfriends or anybody I was currently
taking advantage of to get the leg up on my own addiction this is a prescription
for my ADHD it’s Ritalin we’re gonna circle back to that because that is a
controlled substance this is basically its Prozac fluoxetine that’s for anxiety
and depression that’s not a controlled substance and even if you took the whole
bottle I don’t know what will happen but it won’t feel good and that’s what we’re
usually out to get anyways hi that won’t do it this is diclofenac I
don’t know what that is but I’ll look it up here in a second I haven’t been taken
I think that’s an anti-inflammatory that is for my lower back injury we’ll talk
about that I do have a story about muscle relaxers that I had to
deliberately tell the doctor don’t prescribe these for me please and then
this one is called fern asterisks for nasty ride now that we’re all being
ourselves and being completely transparent on camera
finasteride is a well original use for prostate cancer or something like that
but it also has the side effect of blocking alopecia I believe it is called
it’s basically the male hormone that causes
male pattern baldness and trust me this beautiful gorgeous mane of hair doesn’t
just come naturally I have to take that to block the male pattern baldness or
else I would look something like this insert picture of Nicolas Cage or Jude
Law or some other not so ugly syllabic anywho these are my current
prescriptions now this one Ritalin well it’s methylphenidate methylphenidate
methylphenidate well it you may ask yourself why does this person that’s
touting a sobriety and cleanliness from addiction taking a controlled substance
well if you know me you know that I am a downer
person my drug of choice was alcohol my second drug of choice was xanax klonopin
benzodiazepines I’ve abused and used everything from hallucinogenics to
cocaine I have tried abusing ritalin and adderal
at one point I have however discovered that I don’t like it it’s not my
preferred choice of high I get shaky some people like being super pumped and
super adrenalized and all that this I take for a DD it is a attention
deficit disorder if you’re not familiar I literally have trouble paying
attention I sometimes forget names I forget what story we’re on I can’t pay
attention to the Avengers I don’t even like superhero movies there’s too much
action I get distracted if there’s someone in the car with me I can’t drive
those guitars back there I do play and I’m relatively good however I only know
the beginnings of songs and you know the cool parts of certain risks there’s that
that’s a DD I take that certain there are certain prescriptions that I have
tried strattera worked wonderfully it was a non controlled substance and it
barely you barely noticed anything till about thirty days later I was playing
full songs on the guitar I was reading full books and I was remembering
people’s names and I learned how to scroll five a spiral football I learned
how to throw a spiral football just by watching a guy throw it three times I
learned after a lifelong of not being able to throw a spiral football I
learned how to throw a spiral football now you might say well why don’t you
still take that well it had the non not so desirable effect of erectile
dysfunction a hell I sure I want to pay attention and learning from spiral
footballs but uh I do like my erection I like my erection
very very much thank you there is an epidemic a very serious
epidemic opiates benzodiazepines people do abuse adderall and and ritalin
although it’s not my preference and I’ve never had a problem with it people do it
they quit I’m sure you’re familiar crush it up snort it sell it it’s got a high
school street value all that I hesitated by even telling you that I had a
prescription but I am currently and I’m back and forth with my prescriber about
getting off of them because their day i don’t eat while I’m on them I’m
constantly flying I really only take them when I go to work I work on it at a
factory where energy and not eating is encouraged
no no meal breaks and doing nothing but building things is encouraged by this
particular factory but moving on let’s check out some of the statistics before
we get into my personal stories and like I said feel free to scroll all the way
down if you’re on your phone to get to the comment section tell me about your
prescription the stories now in the US alone this is
a Talbot Talbot campus comm is what I’ve been by the way Google is your friend
Google anything and everything about your addiction how to get over your
addiction and and you will find out valuable resources and bla bla bla bla
bla I linked everything I can think of I link down in the description that may
help you comfort you hit that drop-down arrow if you’re on your phone or
computer hit the drop-down arrow find the description I’ve linked to a website
hotlines anything that can help you out it’s down there but Google is your
friend I googled the prescription drug abuse effects in America and got this by
the Talbot Talbot recovery Talbot campus comm in the US alone an estimated 54
million people over the age of 12 have used prescription drugs for non-medical
reasons in their lifetime most abuse prescription drugs fall under four
categories based on the number of people who misuse the drug painkillers 3.3
million users tranquilizers 2 million users stimulants such as adderall or
Ritalin 1.7 million users and sedatives I would guess those are barbiturates and
stuff point 5 million users between 2006 and 2011 non-medical use of adderall and
emergency room visits involving the drug increased significantly the number of
adults filing a benzodiazepine prescription prescription increased 67%
between 96 and 2013 50 states all 50 states have
prescription drug monitoring programs PDMPs that actively track in-state
prescriptions like I said this this channel my channel here
then came silver games it’s now called and has been called since beginning it
is gaining momentum the views the the comments I am completely happy the
helping you keeps me helped helping you keeps my spiritual staked clean I feel
great about the comments and and and I feel great about doing what I’m doing so
that being said I like to include facts and stuff but with Google it’s so easy
for us to to do our own research it’s so easy so I like to just tell personal
stories so I will tell just a few of my prescription stories right now as you
may know my drug of choice was alcohol but alcohol I mean I’ve been using
anything and everything that can get you high or altered for since I was 14 since
I discovered puberty is a popular time period of when addicts get started I’ve
heard as young as 8 12 I’m sure it goes even younger than that but since 14 I’ve
been using anything and everything I found out that you could drink real
exhaustion and trip because it has something called bxm in it so I used to
drink certain types of robitussin I don’t mean to inform anybody of anything
but it’s a horrible trip and it’s very dangerous and very bad for your liver my
don’t drink and drive crash coma my recovery video I tell the story about
beginning dilaudid when I was in the hospital for a hematoma in my stomach
area and it is as far as I know that’s synthetic
heroin as soon as they hit my bangs I was like dear God because I knew it I
knew that was something that I’m gonna love and I did get addicted to that you
know that story but I’ll just tell you summary of it my I got addicted so
powerfully that my body I got it every four hours my nurse would
come in and ask me my pain level and of course even though the first dose I
didn’t experience the worst pain in my life ever again after the first dose of
dilaudid every time she would come in this is called drug seeking I would say
my pain levels about eight or nine drug-seeking is so prevalent in America
especially in the next the past decade that this nurse had to go through
rigorous security protocol involving codes and a shoot where it shoots them
down from the pharmacy these controlled substances dilaudid she had to go
through a protocol get it and make sure my pain level was up there of course I
was seeking drugs I’m an addict we seek drugs and I told her my pain level was
at eight and I was so powerfully addicted that even if I was asleep there
in the hospital my body would wake me up at that fourth hour and I would get
comfortable and get and I would put daytime TV on at the time was the
channels they had with like Rachael Ray I would watch Rachael Ray and the nurse
would come in asked me my pain level I’d be like eight or nine even though I
wasn’t feeling it and she would Wow hit me with that dilaudid and I was
addicted now I purposely subconsciously knew that I wasn’t gonna be able to get
this out on the street and it would be hard and I just never motivated enough
to go get it but if one were motivated enough you can get addicted to dilaudid
I was fully addicted in there I took well advantage of it on my very last
minute in the hospital I got a dose to go so dilaudid I was heavily addicted to
and it was so powerful than my body even though I wasn’t conscious I was asleep
it would wake me up and you can watch the story of that accident and in my
video I believe it’s called don’t drink and drive
but here’s the thumbnail you can watch that video but after that I went home
they gave me prescriptions to fentanyl percocets and discovered percocets you
eat one you feel good you too you feel better you so erratic brains are like
let’s eat five will feel great so I did and ran those prescriptions out I’ve
also abused xanax prescriptions benzodiazepines as you know are an
anti-anxiety medication and they work so well that they have a high street value
and you can find them on the street and you can also find them in doctors
offices this is a this is a problem in America right now
drug seeking doctors prescribing heavy heavy opiates
painkillers the entire ID medications stimulants such as adderall and Ritalin
and stuff like that they’re popular with businesspeople and students of America
to stay up and study or to stay up and get that money highly motivating people
they use the stimulants I freaking hate the
way stimulants make me feel so I do not have a problem I have tried to abuse I
said huh what’s the big deal why is everyone abuse them there’s got to be
some reason so I have tried it and I got super super strung out and just luckily
for me I do not prefer them and I don’t use them I lived above a coke dealer for
five years and me if I like it I will use it until it’s gone or I’m gone one
of those is gonna is gonna run its course me or the or the or the supply my
life or the supply before if I like it now coke stimulants stuff like that even
coffee and caffeine I don’t even like to drink that much of because I just don’t
like the feeling that’s luckily for me some of you out there may love it
beware of them because people get strung out this particular the drug starts with
methyl feted a metal defendant methylphenidate notice how it starts
with mess that is literally speed and people snore them i’ve tried it people
snore them they get strung out on them prescription drugs you get from your
doctor is a problem in the united states a lot of people we know a lot of people
are new and use according to prescription benzodiazepines
anti-anxiety medication and when coupled with alcohol its blackout city these
were my favorites my own mother i would steal from and it’s not because
i’m a bad person i’m only partially a bad person no I was
just kidding I’m not a bad person I was addicted there’s a difference that you
must acknowledge between being a bad person and being sick with addiction we
you are sick I’m not making excuses this was very prevalent to me I don’t go
stealing people’s prescriptions and shit now because I am sober I am actively in
recovery when I was dead deep in my addiction I would steal from you I would
steal from my sister I would steal from my mother and they knew it too they
would hide shit and she only got point five milligrams or whatever it was very
low dosage so I would have to take four or five that at one time I took so much
it was like eight milligrams and fell it flat on my face that story I made a
video about called my seizure story also had a seizure as a result from alcohol
and benzodiazepine withdrawal benzodiazepines and alcohol affect the
central nervous system the CNS and withdrawal from them can be is the most
dangerous on earth some people think heroin is heroin is very uncomfortable
and its success and I’m sure you can offer yourself when people have however
alcohol benzodiazepines and barbiturates in particular you can die from by means
of seizure and other complications anyway I loved Bill benzodiazepine so
that some had multiple times in my life I manipulated doctors or nurse
practitioners one of which being in my own family we addicts do not
discriminate the people we steal from and lie to the
addiction tells you what to do when you do it unless you address it so
congratulations on seeking out videos like this and going on the road to
recovery you should be happy for yourself it’s not easy it can be simple
but it’s not always easy and rarely as easy it might be one of the hardest
things we ever do but nothing easy comes nothing nothing good comes easy so so
recently I hurt my back work and the nobody the doctors we visit
when we get sick or ill or injured they don’t know we are addicts alcoholics
they don’t know that we’re in recovery and instinctively when I go to any of
them don’t know my past I will my first thought is to seek to seek drugs to seek
something that’ll make me feel good and the problem in America right now is that
they have them these prescribers these doctors these professionals they have
they write a slip of paper and boom you have a 30-day supply it’s not good and
it’s dangerous a big pharma in my opinion is is very bad so I telling
myself now I say look I am in recovery I would rather you not give me I I you
cannot get me o pious you cannot give me anything with a street value any
controlled substance please do not give me now my prescriber that prescribes me
my mental health prescriber abd is a mental health condition she knows my
entire history with drugs and alcohol I have told him myself this is something
that we should do is telling ourselves make sure people that love us in our fit
in our lives make sure people another honest tidbit about me is I don’t like
wearing pants you’ll most often find me in gym shorts most of my videos you
can’t see what I’m wearing below the table but I pretty much guarantee it
see they’re sweatpants for gym shorts anyway my prescriber she she knows that
I can’t have xanax there was one time where I tried to slip this you know why
and I was trying to be like listen I’m doing pretty
she’s like James I’m not prescribing you xanax we have a very honest relationship
she absolutely knows that I will not abuse this in fact she has to now by law
this is a VA prescriber she has to now make me do a drug test to make sure that
I’m taking the medication as prescribed of course but if I’m not taking it that
means I’m selling it this is a because it has such a high street value this is
a problem an epidemic I have recently she has told me I can’t pick it up at
the pharmacy because a VA nurse a VA person in the hospital somewhere other
at another VA in another state lost her job went to prison because she was
taking abusing selling controlled substances so I can no longer go to the
pharmacy in the VA and my convenience to get this it has to be mailed to me which
means I have to answer my doorbell in the daytime when I’m sleeping because I
work nights and I have to sign for this and if I miss it a whole bunch of
complications arise and you know it’s very inconvenient but that is what we’re
facing here in America and I’m sure other places of the world but right now
in America if these things are a plague opiates as you know are a problem I had
to Whitney surgery I also had to didn’t have to but I did my brain mitotic brain
convinced me that it’s a prescription it’s okay the doctor says it so might as
well ended up eating five or six at a time I slipped back into drinking
alcohol because we relapse way before we pickup so in summary I would like to
also address this movement that we’re going through right now this is a
movement that I’m very passionate about I did a video on profiting off of
marijuana stocks legal marijuana stocks now marijuana is becoming legal accepted
and science and the world is finally accepting the fact that marijuana is not
dangerous marijuana Ezek is beneficial and can treat anything from multiple
sclerosis to auth rightous to epileptics to cancer painting it’s a back pain to
all kinds of pain now I get drug tested at my job and unless I have a
prescription we’re a highly dangerous drug they will accept that but I cannot
smoke marijuana so I do not I do believe that marijuana can and will help and
benefit planet Earth greatly as we finally come around to this revolution
of it being legal but Big Pharma opiates painkillers epileptic dialects or
whatever the they all do not want marijuana legal they don’t want a seed
that you can plant in dirt and gain relief from instead of buying there are
hundreds of dollars worth of prescriptions dangerous by the way that
cause side-effects that need to be cured by other prescriptions scroll down to
the comment section tell me what are you taking what if you had problems with do
you know friends that are strung out on opiates or prescription meds scroll all
the way down if you’re on your phone you have to scroll all the way down to the
bottom to comment and if you feel just ask me questions talk
tell me your dog name I don’t you know just comment just talk let’s make this
an open dialogue also share if you care to get this out there I would really
just made that up it I’m gonna stick with it now share with those of you that
you care about to get this message out there videos like this one in my
previous videos I try to be honest open and willing to share about my life and
my struggles with addiction it has been a struggle those of you that are
watching it can get better in recovery things do get better there is no choice
we were living in squalor and we get better even the slightest that are met
including just not being higher drunk all the time
will make life just a paradise on earth you wait you’ll see and congratulations
and Godspeed and welcome to the site subscribe share like and comment and
we’ll see you next week until then keep it clean keep it real keep doing the
damn thing alright


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