Prescription Drug Abuse – Prescription for Trouble

Prescription Drug Abuse – Prescription for Trouble

It always seemed so distant. So far away. Like it could never happen to me. But in the most innocent of ways, it has happened
— and now I feel trapped and alone. It’s crazy how something so small can have
such power over you. Hey Becca. It’s great to have you back out on the court
again. What’s the matter? You saw me. I couldn’t do anything out there. Look, it’s only your first practice back since
you sprained your ankle. It’s gonna take a little time before you find
it again. Just take it easy on yourself. Wait, Jordan. Can you take me to my grandma’s tonight? Your grandma’s? Yeah. She fell down again. My mom’s been taking care of her, but she
has to work late tonight, so I have to do it. Sure. I can take you. Thanks! I’ll be right out. So how’s the ankle feeling? I think it’s all better. Yeah? It looked like you were moving pretty good
on the court. Thank you. Are you still taking any medication for it? I saw you take something after practice. So? It was just the last of my Vicodin.
That’s all. You shouldn’t be taking those if your ankle
is healed. It’s no big deal. It was the last one.
I’m all out now. Look! I’m your friend and I know you’ve been having
a tough time lately . . . You don’t have to worry about anything. I’m fine. Thanks for the ride. Thank you for doing those things for me sweetie. When you get to be my age, even the simplest
tasks just seem to take forever — especially when you’re in pain. Would you hand me that remote please? Yeah. Here you go. Thank you. So tell me, how was your first practice back? What? Didn’t it go well? No. It was terrible. I’m super out of shape and I missed most of
my shots. I mean, even my free throws.
I usually hit my free throws. Oh, that sounds terrible. Grandma, you don’t even know what a free throw is. I may not know much about basketball, but
I know a thing or two about life. Becca, life is full of ups and downs. When things are good, you begin to make assumptions
about the kind of person you are. But it’s when you go through the valleys of
life that you are forced to answer life’s biggest question. What question is that? What kind of person do you want to be? Oh, my back. Becca would you get me a glass of water and
my medicine please? Yeah. That’s it. Square up. Becca! Becca! Becca, don’t force the ball! Try it again. Run it again.
Don’t force the ball. Get it to Bec. Hey, that’s enough. That’s enough.
We have a lot to work on girls. That’s enough for today. We have a lot to work on. Bec! Bec! Come here.
I need to talk to you. How does it feel to be back on the court? I don’t know. Hey look.
I can tell that you are really frustrated. I can tell that you’re really upset and I
know it’s tough coming back from an injury. I know you wanna start again, but you’re gonna have to earn it. Do you understand? You’re gonna have to earn it. Yes, coach. Looking for these? Give them back. You’re addicted to pain medication. You stole these from your own grandma. Becca! Look at you!
This isn’t who you are. Becca, life is full of ups and downs. When things are good, you begin to make assumptions
about the kind of person you are. But it’s when you go through the valleys of
life that you are forced to answer life’s biggest question. What question is that? What kind of person do you want to be? Becca? You’re right. This isn’t who I am. I need help. What should I do? Why don’t we start by telling Coach.
He’ll know what to do. How does that sound? I’m gonna help you through this. The power of addiction is strong and in order
to overcome it, you need something even stronger. In my case, it was the love of a friend.


  1. This acting is Hollywood level. I’d like to see Becca and Jordyn in a movie in the near future!! Good luck to both young ladies and of course, their grandma. Get ready to square up!!

  2. Don’t worry I saw the’s Tylenol..I take that same pill when I get a headache(my mom helps me)

  3. My and my friend were hanging out yesterday and we took a bunch of Xanax and smoked some weed but she took to many Xanax she said her stomach was hurting and she started tumbling and she just fell out on the ground I thought it was a joke at first so I started telling her to get up but she didn’t do I went and got her mom and said I don’t now what happened but something is rong with Abby so her mom came in the room and she was laying on the floor and then her mom told her to get up but she wouldnt so her mom felt her chest and her heart wasn’t beating so we put her in the car and her mom drove us to the hospital when we got there she was dead the doctors started doing a bunch of stuff I don’t even now and she came back she got out the hospital the next day she now takes therapy she still does drugs just not as much but to think if she would have died last night it would have been my thought for giving them to her

  4. The girl that was driving sound like a young jo jo siwa 😥🙃🙃🙃🙃😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. I used to get pain meds for ear infections. I got so far into my addiction that I was chewing on fentanyl patches I got from my mom’s TRASH CAN!! Then I started stealing them off her back. I decided I was done with this life and put myself in detox. I am one month away from being 4 years clean. BEST decision of my life!!! (I never went near heroine.) This all started in 2012 after I had brain surgery. Don’t ever think you are immune to addiction. All it takes is a couple, then before you know it you are in the ER (or the street) screaming you have “abdominal pain” just so you can get some morphine or oxymorphine (spelling is wrong.) and 3 days of Percocet (oxycodone and Tylenol) or Norco/Vicodin (hydrocodone and Vicodin. Norco is 325mg of Tylenol. Vicodin is 600mg of Tylenol.)

    Trust me, I’ve done it all, stole from mom who has breast cancer, dug through a nasty trash can, then put it in my mouth. Gone to the doctor for “bronchitis” (I was always lucky and got tusionex, which is hydrocodone in a bottle, to help you sleep for chest virus’. If you think you can do it a couple times, then quit… don’t! It’s not worth it. It helps with pain, but soon you’ll be nodding out by yourself, thinking “this isn’t strong enough” so you’ll pop another one or three. Then you are hooked. Addicts start doing heroine, because it’s cheaper. You want to watch a great movie that will show you what opioids are really like?! Watch “The Perfect High” with Bella Thorne.

  6. Bruh if I could get Vicodin for a sprained ankle I would be stepping in hella holes…

    Edit: How the fuck did she go junky mode after a week of taking them… im 💀 btw they would ween her off of it is she actually had a problem

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