‘Pretty Wild’ Star Shares How She Overcame Opioid Addiction

now is alexis that was beautiful to me you just came out here and said you shouldn’t have brought me out here You’re talking about my kids and i think that just highlights how your priorities have changed? At the time how long have you been sober now december 1st 2010 was the last time i used paranoia we’re not gonna solve this crisis that you were embedded in in totality but each individual has a chance and here you are a shining example of turning your life around From the time when you know a ten thousand dollar a week habit if you’re spending ten thousand dollars a week you can get anything you want but if a pill on the street costs 80 bucks and heroin costs five or ten bucks what is it like not quite five or ten but yeah tell me about that tell me about how that yeah that switch occurs where you know what you feel like maybe you’re in control because it’s a prescription medicine how does that switch actually occur yeah so The two things that that i think are really important to talk about is one that your tolerance goes up significantly so i started using just one oxy or one about um vicodin or one Oxycodone and that didn’t do it for me anymore i didn’t numb the pain i had a history of really severe sexual Early childhood trauma my parents divorced early a lot of addiction in my family i mean it was like the perfect recipe for Self-medicating when you don’t have the resources to heal from that trauma it was the first time you decided you know what i’m going to i need more and more and I’m gonna i’m gonna Start using or try i’m just gonna try heroin see see what happens there would be much immediate so the first time that i was offered an oxy i fell in love i mean that was that was the end for me and That i told myself you know you’re a smart girl you’ll never go, to heroin you’ll never use dope That’s a dirty drug? and what i found is that the majority of my suburban friends who started using oxy with me were then using heroin much faster than i was because they didn’t have the financial means to continue with an oxy habit so now i had a resource to using heroin it was readily available and i started smoking heroin my Addiction progressed really quickly so i started using pain pills on and off when i was 14 by the time i was 16 i was a regular user but the time i Was 19 i got sober and i’m 26 now and i have a feeling that your family plays such a huge role in your continued sobriety and your Motivation i’m so lucky my husband is so supportive we are each other’s you know like vegas we root for each other all the time when i was first dating evan he was opening a low which is the treatment center that he and his business partner jared owned and together with the help of bob forrest we have made this program that’s that really is so helpful for young people that’s kind of what we specialize in we have a Professionals program but we really specialize in treating young people it is so important it is needed and You, know we work in the in the insurance industry but there needs to be more nonprofits helping the opioid epidemic that’s what i’m working on right now kudos to you because what the sad reality is when you drop these statistics and you know that so few people are getting the help they need and you guys have such a unique relationship because you very much understand everything she’s been through and the two of you together i can only imagine that support network are you finding that more and more people are at a loss for seeking help or now that we’re more aware of it that it’s that you’re finding people more and more willing okay it’s this is bigger than me i need help i would like to think that society as a whole is more understanding of the opioid epidemic Because it faces it it’s in the face of so many millions of americans and their families But it’s not in america i think for the most part even though i’d like To say that you know we’re gonna End the war on drugs which is not a war on drugs it’s a war on drug addicts? that we’re gonna really take a look at this opiate problem and that we’re gonna make progress and it’s not in locking up and institutionalizing drug addicts but instead dealing with the mental health issues we need this you

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