Prince Harry Says Fortnite Shouldn’t Be Allowed: ‘It’s Created To Addict’ | NBC Nightly News

Prince Harry Says Fortnite Shouldn’t Be Allowed: ‘It’s Created To Addict’ | NBC Nightly News


  1. Why single this game out? Where are the parents? Isn't it every brands goal to have people continuously loyal? Same difference. How about we just act responsibly.

  2. Hey now maybe other games will get recognized. Devil May cry 5 and sekiro should be in these kids hands lol

  3. prince harry you cant ban fortnight who do you think you are the govt cant even ban fortnite and you dont have any power or authority you self entitled little twit

  4. Really people?! Don't blame the games, blame yourself. ALL video games are addictive, not just fortnight. There is absolutely nothing wrong with video games. The key is self-control. If a child is really young then set rules for your child to 2 hours a day of video games, instead of 12 hours. It's called basic parenting. Just because it doesn't fit your book prince, doesn't mean it needs to be banned. People are free to play video games as they wish. It is entirely there own fault if they become addicted. Just like eating candy. You can eat too much and become sick, or you can eat it in moderation and be healthy.

  5. Finally, one who can bring an end to the fortnite plague. Now if only someone could make micro-transactions illegal

  6. This person calling himself a "prince" should wake up to Jesus Christ being back on Earth.
    And wakeup to fact that He is aware of covered up attacks and murders against American media celebrities. We are Aware that the English monarchy is afraid of voices it cannot control, enough to attempt manipulation of the American political and social scenes.
    And the prince should be aware that I foresaw his bloodlust and consent to assassinations of American "stars" in the year 2000.
    When Prince Charles, of the "red dragon" bloodline, began instructing him as a boy regarding the takeover of the U.S.A.
    And remember, marrying a half Black woman from My City of Angels, and hating Native Americans is still evil. Regardless of appearance.

  7. It's up to The Queen and Parliament to decide to ban the Game even though Prince Harry can give an idea I like the Idea for having it banned I played it I thought it was Lamed from the beginning and it is now

  8. Then we should ban all games that is like Fortnite. Food is addicting causing obesity. Alcohol is addicting. Worshiping prince and princess and making a big deal every time your wife pop out a new baby is addicting. Welcome to reality Prince Harry.

  9. Price should mind his business and stop worrying about everybody else. He don’t have to let his children play it. But let everybody else experience the new upcoming addicted loving game.

  10. That is stupid, let them stay at home where they are close to parents. Dads even play with their kids now to this. Instead of being outside all the time with shankers and gangster wannabes. They will eventually get over it anyway.

  11. Dear prince Harry,
    As a gamer,youtuber and Uk resident,I have always looked at you as a good prince but the fact tjat you want to take a game that brings so much love to the gaming community is poor,as the younger gemeration we dont have to be forced to go outside and play with hoola hoops and sticks we are the technological era and now you jusy have to accept it so please leave us in peace.😡
    P.s Please tell me if you agree with my statement

  12. I swear that nobody in that news room has seen Fortnite played before.
    Their summary of the game is bs.
    Didn't even mention STW :'(

  13. Cry me river Prince, Fortnite is just a fade right now yeah battle royale games are in right now but come along with a new concept fortnite will lose its edge I mean look at call of duty.

  14. Meanwhile, his freeloading wife threw a baby shower that cost NYC taxpayers $500,000, yet he's worried that a video game is having a negative influence on kids. SMH. Thank God William, not this clown, is going to be King.

  15. I'm a kid and love Fortnite. I might be addicted to fortnite but I'm also addicted to things such as sugar and caffeine. Banning fortnite will not help! 😛

  16. Rip memes in EU you can drawing meme they cant copyright you if fortnite get ban by only UK just move U.S. is allowed memes and fortnite if get ban by UK if

  17. WHAT IF WE KISSED AT TILTED TOWERS😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  18. Should we ban Prince Harry's autism? If you have a problem with fortnite, it's not nesscary to shout it out in the whole earth, your not even playing fortnite yourself so when did you get this info from the first place? Always worrying about others when you have a life yourself which not many people have with all the money and "royal" crap. Your not any of our parents leave us alone. Us, gamers do these things for an entertainment and cash in our own way by doing what we do best. You do your royal crap and worry about yourself instead of us. Enough said. This is my statement hate as much as you want I dont give a dam

  19. prince harry how about you focus using your royal influence to help the less fortunate not doing bogus crusades

  20. Evergame is to addict aka its not deserved to be banned its the parents fault because there not being like a parent so dont ban it i play it or 1828291919919191919191919 people will be waiting on the air port

  21. Tell him no do not banned fortnite
    Answer:the creater spend his thinking for year and year for the game and it was for ending it and people spend money on fortnite is just a waste of money we don’t get money for free we work for it and wasted it for nothing The guy Harry has no power to stop fortnite he’s just a person only two person has power is god and jeues Harry is a person he can’t to do nothing he’s made of meant blood 70% of water skin made of cell Harry is no special he’s just to ruin people’s life in fortnite he can’t to nothing #Harryisnotpowerfulltostopfortnite

  22. Thy choices gifts in store
    On him be pleased to pour
    Long may he reign!
    May he defend our laws
    And ever, give, us cause
    To sing with heart, and voice
    God save the king!

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