Privacy and smartphone apps: What data your phone may be giving away (CBC Marketplace)

Privacy and smartphone apps: What data your phone may be giving away (CBC Marketplace)


  1. This is very unsettling but the huge computer that collects all the data does just that. Unless you're targeted for an at least good reason, there isn't enough people to go over the data that is collected. If you are a person of interest, they can check you out even if you never talk on a phone.

  2. Time for a privacy act that makes it a crime to collect certain information in order to use a product. We have to criminalize this information collection soon.,

  3. Searched through all of mine and they are set right for permissions… i.e.: location only for weather app, etc. However, there's one called Bottle Shoot that wants my location, and if I turn it off, it gives me the warning below. Looks like that's one for the trash pile.

    The warning it gives me when I turn off locations is: "This app was designed for an older version of Android., Denying permission may cause it to no longer function as intended." Well if it doesn't work, then to the trash it goes… a game doesn't need your location.

  4. I was aware of this issue and installed just a few apps on my phone.
    Even so, I went through all the apps I have after watching this video.
    Thank you

  5. I cant tell you how many times I've experienced privacy violations such as this on my lap top and even the phone I'm using right now on Google duo… I Deleted Google duo and yet people can still call me from the app and see me whether I pick up or not… I dont have anything to hide so it doesn't too much bother me.

  6. Well they have the same permissions for Facebook insta whatsapp etc. I noticed I was getting ads for the things I barely spoke about or even conversed on the phone about..what more was I giving out? videos pictures contacts all conversations audio microphones and video camera everything is allowed for facebook to even function on your phone.. since i turned the permissions off I dont get ads about whatI just spoke about anymore. All this info is then stored and archived by CIA etc according to Snowden and Assange. Google facebook and world media are working together with the government. In the name of convenience and security we are selling our personal freedom

  7. you do know you showed peoples ips at 5:03 and at 5:54 it shows a map without street names. you could find out where he is on the map by getting his ip (from the ip list thing) then get his geo location from the ip and because you said he is near a golf club that means you can find out what the address is delplayed on the map

  8. Cyberstalking is real! And Cellphone tracking is one of the best thing to happen to people theses days. We are fast losing trust in people. Don't rely too much on people. Rather be on the watch and don't be on the losing end. No one really deserves to be cheated upon. Be it spouses, partners, casual friends, co workers and even your sibling. You can catch your spousepartner red-handed by spying and hacking into their phones/device. And Webghost the pro when it comes to this line of services ( skype : webghost33 ). They private investigative and break into all security system. If you ever have any suspicions about your dealings with anyone w'app1 414 909 3913 should be the right number to con

  9. 19:52 One these apps need to be designed so when you turn off features they will stay OFF until you ether decide to turn it on permanently or temporally. Once you have uploaded or downloaded what you want on the app the settings will AUTOMATICALLY go Back to the way you set them. When it comes to using your Location before it uses you location it will ask you if you want them to use your location for any other purpose than what it is meant for in the first place. This means the app would have to disclose why and who they want to share your location with and there needs to be a way that you can say yes or no before you give any permissions. This will mean that only YOU can allow pictures or video etc to work if you want it on a on demand basis. Before any app can be downloaded or any content can be downloaded every part of that download has to give you the option to check or remove checked parts that you may or may not need off so those parts will not download. For example lets say that you download an app to open PDF's but it wants you to download a Virus protecting software. Lets say you have a virus protecting software but you already have one this will allow you to NOT have to download what you don't need. For example lets say you want to share your picture or video on Instagram you would share it but once you upload it the setting goes right back and unless you click yes to have something you use on that app to be shared with anyone other than the original purpose then the app will not be able to take that picture or location and share it with that business like that picture of that ice cream cone couldn't be shared with McDonalds or even what you write unless you Tag the person or business into that you don't want them to use.

    Every country needs to do this so it will force app developers to have to make shore when they design an app someone can't go through your phone remotely and turn on your mic or camera etc. There needs to be some very strong and harsh punishments if people don't follow the strict laws.

  10. “Our app is only available to Android phone users. Other platforms won’t support it.“
    Yes, because Apple IOS platform API has strict permissions to protect these things from happening.
    Additionally, apps undergo manual review during App Store submission, where data collection and system access is scrutinised.
    Unless you are a security professional, buy an iPhone! Android out-of-the-box is not fit for purpose.

  11. Can you folks to a hidden camera show on Copacabana Steakhouse that RiP OFF People and this is all a scam!
    I will NOT STOP!! People are getting ripped off every day! . THIS IS WRONG!

  12. FTC part on this episode. Beginning of tech. FTC- should automatically be forceing companys to be transparent.
    There owning billions of dollars of peoples info.. is it that bad, it must be worse then what they describe on show. So read deeper be cautious.

  13. Please dont share your info. I thought I had everything private of facebook and a stalker was able to find my work and home from there. The police we involved and they never caught him. Please stay safe people

  14. 16:15 "what can you do to safeguard your data? visit our facebook page" wasnt this whole thing about not using facebook and other apps

  15. Devices, phones and apps, demand access to your data, contacts, camera, record audio, sms and make calls. That is a criminal intrusion of privacy, with the consent of your governments. They even have the nerve to deny you access to services if you don't agree. I tell them that they're inviting legal proceedings if they do so.. they know 99% or all of you don't read the terms of agreement.. We should make a stand, complain or make a report.

  16. Smartphone is causing more harm than good to humanity.. i feel sick and violated right now. My first enemy in this world is my smartphone right now

  17. who need app's , just enjoy life and your freedom , as long as possible , stay out of the cloud's. they have been hearing, seeing and taking everything since 2000………. be intelligent and not smart

  18. I dont care what spies do behind my phone, if they watch me, hear me, know what I'm doing, I dont care, even if I'm JO, I dont care

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