Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 review

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 review

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC Last year’s Pro Evo was a big disappointment, so much so that I didn’t play it once after I finished reviewing it. FIFA was my footy game of choice last year so what can Pro Evo do this time to win my affections once again? The first thing you’ll notice before you get into the actual game is the way the stats are displayed. Gone is the graphical representation and numbers up to 100 are back. So far, at least for me, so good. Presentation, at least in terms of player looks has taken a big leap too. Liverpool’s my team and players such as Gerrard, Torres and even Kuyt and Carragher look great. They look less ‘waxy’ than the FIFA games and far more photo-realistic. Player animations are a bit hit and miss though. Standard running and walking still looks a bit awkward but some of the animations when players poke out a toe to score a goal or fall over to get a cross in are sublime. Like FIFA, Pro Evo also has full 360’ movement but the game still feels a lot more like an arcade game and therefore it’s easier to try to follow a set strategy for getting balls into the penalty area and score. It’s also worth upping the difficulty because I’ve been banging goals in against the AI left right and centre. The Champions League is back and this time it’s a lot slicker and you can also take part in that, and the new Europa League in the Master League mode. You also have the ability to play as an individual but to be honest this feels like a blatant copy of what FIFA introduced a couple of years back and since then of course, EA have expanded on it with Game Face and the like. Commentary’s still a sore point and not much better than last year, and some of the chants from the fans are once again non-authentic and off-putting. If you’re a fan of one of the licensed teams it won’t really bother you that the game’s not fully licensed, however, if you support a team that’s not in there you can always edit your own teams if you’ve got enough time in the edit mode. Sorry Konami but despite a good effort, FIFA’s still very much in the lead. If you want a footy game where it’s easier to score that feels more immediate, I would definitely recommend this over last year’s effort. PES 2010 gets a very good 7 out of 10. You’ve been watching a review from Gamesweasel If you want to get the show each week which includes video game reviews, news, previews, competitions and special features head over to for our video podcast Gamesweasel TV –


  1. Yes, the style are different.
    pes can give us more fun and excitement than fifa when playing with friends. For example, the game speed is fast and we can use one player to run and dribble into the box and shoot not so difficultly.
    fifa focus on the realistic part very much, we cannot do the same thing above easily, so it may give us less excitement.

  2. This is a total bullshitty review, and this guy doesn´t understand one thing about football. I reckon pes 2010 is a downgrade, and not at all an accomplished game, but this guy saying he chose fifa09 to pes09, it´s ridiculous. no game will ever "feel" like football as pes does, and i hate this years version. I review this guy as the worst reviewer i´ve came across

  3. I prefer fifa 10, because I just don't like the robotic moves on pes.
    Also I feel pes 10 is harder to control sometimes ( I feel the player controlling the ball is so insensitive ).
    I used to play pes and I'm just waiting for konami using a new engine for pes…

  4. PES invented become a legend mode, EA copied it and called it "BE A PRO". Konami had "fantasia mode" back in the ps2 days, which was the become a legend mode. This reviewer doesn't know shit about the game. EA is the copy cat!!

  5. come on… dude you are not a soccer player… :S.. its that simply.. if u like fifa better that pro.. u dont know anything about soccer…

  6. ?? WT* fifa is better? dude do you even know how to play soccer games? fifa gameplay is so much much unrealistic. I do agree once we reach a certain standard of playing, even playing with a CRAZY SUPER DIFFICULT AI it will still possible to trash the AI. BUT, as what i always do PLAY using a MUCH MUCH weaker team against those Brazil or real madrid. dun use liverpool to fight against real madrid. cos if thats the case might as well go and play that FIFA

  7. unrealistic? are you out of your fucking retarded mind?????? seriously man, i tried both of them. fifa 09 and pes 2009 and i can really say a lot out of it. in fifa 09 players react more realistic and the commentor of the review was totally right! in pes the players looks so unrealistic they dont react very smart, they're more like robots, it's embarrasing when they run and walk. fifa 09 was way better. now pes2010 looks much better than the pes2009, but still not as good as fifa is.

  8. I'll give it 5/10. I still play pes 2008 for fuck sake. I loved the game play of pes . Now I fail to see the difference between fifa and pes……..

  9. the only advantages fifa has over PES is the commentary, music, and licensing… to hardcore soccer/football fans like me the actual gameplay, tactics and simulation give PES the edge over fifa

  10. Stfu fanboy. How can you say that fifa is a arcade and pes is a simulator when even the producers of pes agrees(spell) with the fact that its more of an arcade! FIFA is a simulator Pes is a arcade. Alwways was and allways will be.

  11. first of all pes is harder to score in, the players are more realisticand if you played pes 09 and then played fifa you could tell fifa stole some of pes overall for me its pes the only reason that fifa sells is for the name

  12. elbean1000 it is clare you have not played fifa 07 and 08. pes 09 copied fifa 08 be a pro seasions.pes 10 copied fifa 09 and 10 manager mode attributes,be a pro etc besides you should check one of the game review of pes 10 were they said they got a copy of fifa 10 that only mean that they know fifa is better

  13. Well… I first have to watch this video to form an opinion…. only then I know wether I can take the shit he's talking… and he's talking crap. So… that's how it works… really.

  14. yaa exactly the best in ur pes series is shit for the world,dude stop selling pes just accept facts nothin can beat fifa 10 on consoles,but i have to accept that on pc pes10 is 10000 better than fifa 10

  15. well i did not see the in the previous pes 360 degree dribbling,i do not recall seeing cards, player overall,ability to move the goal keeper in a penalty shoot out all these i did not see in the last pes.then again i am grateful u replied

  16. dude u don't know konami. watch one of there reviews.they made an implicating statement saying "so we got a copy for our selves so here's wat we find out ". if they could that copying is not surprisin. i played fifa 08 and i fund out that they copied attributes of barca players 4rm there.but i guess u haven't notice dat.let me tell u something i have never had pes 4rm d mouth of fifa producers i watched interviews notin on pes.but watch pes is d opps.

  17. @TheSeamus10 ooh really fifa has 4 different console and about the modes i don't understand because fifa has many modes than pes

  18. see friend,fifa had be a pro since fifa 08.I i think u should play fifa 08 and u will see be a pro cause I do not know why pes fan always say fifa copied become a legend

  19. @locoxviktor actually saying pes 10 is better than fifa 10 is like saying robots are more human than humans them self

  20. WTF are you talking about? Konami made "be a pro" way before Fifa ever thought of it. Konami introduced the mode called "Fantasia" in the game J-League Winning Eleven 10: Europe League 06-07 back in 2006. Fantasia is where you take control of just one player…exactly what be a pro is. Fifa, as usual, copied it and tried to introduce it as their own. EA is just a big copy-cat. I know because I've played it, read up your facts bitch. And yes, I played fifa 08, 09, 10. I play both Fifa and PES.

  21. well as fifa 08 nobody said fifa copied WE 10 and be a pro is completely different from be a pro or whatever they have different goal and achievement.EA is just a big copy cat?no that is not true at all well i know u may have noticed that there fifa attribute in pes 10 since u said u have played fifa 08,09,10.And friend do not be surprise if pes 11 hve arena mode create a set piece,take your pro to any mode of the game etc. i think u should know fifa is not in competition with pes,but pes is

  22. Yes, PES10 does seem to play like fifa09, i admit it. Honestly though, if fifa didn't have it's exclusive liscenses, it would be no match for pes10. I doubt pes will ever have the arena though, cuz pes does have a great training mode, far better than fifa. I'm sure you've heard this, but PES is for real football fans, fifa is for ppl who like flare and tricks. Play what you like, say what you think, PES is still the best.

  23. PES you say are for real football fans.well i know robotic football players if people luv pes and call's it real football game that only means players in real football are robot

  24. yes, the animations are still a bit robotic, but the whole gameplay is much more realistic than fifa. Fifa's player models don't look anything like the real player counterparts. Fifa's gameplay is stupid, the players lose the ball too easily (you simply touch them, then they lose the ball)….what happened to body strength and shielding the ball? Fifa's freekicks are too easy, you just shoot then 9/10 it's in…no skill.

  25. i love both , but i think fifa has a better gameplay but the graphics for the pes is better .,,, so much better … fifa is bit cartoony for my taste , both of em are good , GO BUY BOTH ! AND FAST !!!

  26. PES is for retards who thinks they play real soccer simulation, witch PES actually WAS, but now its a piece of shit 😀

    fifa 10 <3

  27. please, please… tell me why is so important which game is better? ea or konami will not bankrupt if their game is worse. incredible! the most popular sport on earth and we only have two companies every year? why??? we need more! more companies to compete for a good game.

  28. im a konami liking guy, and PES10, sucks balls, its awful, the only way u can play it and be happy is by playing in Medium difficulty…so, 7 out of 10 sounds even too much to me, but anyway, im enjoying PES09 until PES11 comes around 😀

  29. u r 2 much of a pes die hard fan 2 think it is better than fifa 10. I've always luved fifa till it went sour in da late 2000's then i switched 2 pes but pes is way 2 easy 2 play. u score goals 4 fun in that and its boring after time. If u play REAL football like myself u will kno that not every1 is as gifted as Messi and will lose da ball 7 out of 10 times if tackled. I believe Pes will surpass fifa again someday but not this year

  30. I agree, players are too tough to tickle down in PES, but too easy in FIFA. The reason because konami likes a "tight" game, whenever you score 2-0, the opponent suddenly scores one back to 2-1. Konami thinks it's more "exciting" that way. But when FIFA want a "tight" game, both teams will always draw, no winners. HAven't you noticed that you always draw or lose during which other teams have derby games. If it's Manchester derby, you'll never beat your opponent, no matter if it's Wigan or Hull.

  31. im the other way, i cant understand why people like pes? i mean unless you play it on the pc you can easily tell fifa is the better game, better gameplay, better game modes, authenthic comentry by andy gray and martin tyler, the only thing pes is good at is cutscenes and player faces which is sorta gay.

  32. i know what you mean my favourite game is winning eleven 9 for ps2 i had so much fun with it. it s the only game i actually play. i have 360 and i still play we9 for ps2 lets hope they do bring winning eleven

  33. fifa is relly batter then pes i meen if you look in pes it sucks they stell all thing from fifa so fifa is way batter then pes

  34. this game fucking sucks and so does fifa no good soccer games out there stupid developers pes winning eleven 9 still the best

  35. FIFA can make their games as much better as they want but it will never be as good PES 6. Absolute classic!!!!! PES 10 is really good to, i prefer PES than FIFA.

  36. i agree with the review (i have played both), though i prefer PES in some areas over FIFA.
    something worth mentioning, in FIFA you can select goalie's difficulty as Legendary. when in that mode its both a bit unrealistic (they have superhuman reflex, though there are ways around it – to score), but satisfying (when you do score a goal) at the same time. it takes a bit time to get used to FIFA if you had been a PES (winning 11) fan – like me, but over all, i'd chose FIFA (not perfect)… for now

  37. so hard to play.. i liked pes 2009 very much.. it was a great game.. and in anyway i like pes 2009 better than any fifa, ever!!! 🙂

  38. Konami = nothing but fucking ugly, dirty, worthless scum!! all they can do is cheat and steal, steal and cheat, cheat and steal, steal and cheat!! The CPU can only steal its victories, it's so unbelievable ugly how they cheat!!

    fuck komani, i hope you all DIE you fucking scum!!

  39. @omi1313 i agree!this review is f#cking!fifa has better gameplay!fifa has
    very very very bad faces!for example compare messi's face in fifa and in pes
    in pes is better! of course!f#ck fifa f#ck fifa and you must fuuuuuuuuck this
    fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucking review!

  40. @SuperNikos1986 pes 2010 gets only 7 to 10!wtf!because i know that you
    are greek i want to write this:αυτή η κριτική για το παιχνίδι είναι χαζή και
    ηλίθια!καλός μλκας και θαυμαστής και ρουφιάνος του fifa είναι αυτός ο μλκς
    που κάνει την κριτική!ελεος17 στα 10????!!!!ΗΜΑΡΤΟΝ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. seriously how the hell do you do tricks in this game?! you have to move in a specific direction then move the right stick in a 90 degree and hold x and a and SHIT. seriously just make it easy!

  42. pes is sooo shit man fifa is so much better the graphics is better pes gameplay is crap i no this cause i got both of the games and pes is too easy to score soo fifa 10 is better and fifa has much more to offer !!!!

  43. This is the last pro evo I bought after many years it's over to FIFA I loved pes but after playing the new demos it's time to change for me, I'll prob end up getting this too to play against mates but I'm hyped about FIFA now

  44. @fmmaster10 really? how older are you? I guess you have to go back a bit more than 10 years before saying that pes copied fifa….I would say fifa copied pes cuz pes is much older and back then it was called….WINNING ELEVEN!

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