Progressives Attempt To Lower Prescription Drug Costs & Former Felons’ Right To Vote Restored

Progressives Attempt To Lower Prescription Drug Costs & Former Felons’ Right To Vote Restored

And finally tonight, some good news. A group of progressives from both the House
and the Senate have put together legislation that would lower the cost of prescription
drugs for American citizens. It’s led by Bernie Sanders in the Senate and
Ro Khanna in the, in the house. The series of bills would prohibit drug companies
from charging US customers more than they do other countries. Congress would finally be able to negotiate
drug prices for Medicare and other government programs and allow Americans to import cheaper
drugs from other countries. At a time when huge portions of the Democratic
Party are focused on attacking Trump, it’s nice to see that there are few progressive’s
in that party willing to move forward on issues and ignore the distractions. Americans from all political parties want
prescription drug prices reduced. But the question now is whether Republicans
and corporate Democrats will side with Big Pharma or the American public. Don’t hold your breath on that one. Nearly one and a half million former felons
in the state of Florida had their right to vote restored thanks to a referendum that
was passed by 65 percent of Florida voters in 2018. in spite of the attempts by the state
legislator to delay the implementation of this rule. It did go into effect, possibly changing the
future of the Florida electorate. Here’s why this matters. The biggest margin of victory in an election
in the state of Florida in the last 20 years has been roughly about 240,000 votes. So even if a small fraction of these newly
restored voters show up at the polls, they can easily change the outcome of future races. But what’s even more important is the fact
that these former felons served their sentences and now they can have their rights restored
and they can properly move on with their lives. Don’t be surprised to see this ballot initiative
spring up in other parts of the country. I think that’s what’s coming. That’s all for tonight, you can find us
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because their advertisers tell them not to. Have a great night.


  1. The price for medication in the U.S. is outrageous compared to Canada. Gotta vote for more progressive Democrats in 2020! 🌊

  2. The Russian people have lived in Putin's Gulag for 20 years now. No freedom. No wealth. No prosperity. The people need to find a way to kill Putin.

  3. Progressives are all that's good about our government. It's a shame that they're so out-numbered by the establishment politicians, that represent the corporations, and the rich… more than they do the people. #Bernie #JusticeDemocrats

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  5. we want a justice system that is fair and equal to all. Instead of this Fortier justice system where the rich can do what they want and at the bottom is the poor and anybody that isn't "Right-White."

  6. So I'm assuming that the Florida state legislature dropped it's attempt to make the former felons pay restitution to the state before they can register to vote? That would be great news.

  7. Now I hope everyone realizes that the corporate bought and paid for Dems and ReTHUGlicans will now work together to introduce a bipartisan bill to either defeat this one or will find some other way to please their owners , "I mean donors" (but not really)

  8. Dems are doing their job, there are over 200 bills passed by the house sitting on the desk Moscow Mitch that he will not bring to a vote and many of these would help us all.

  9. U.S. taxpayers pay the research and development of Big Pharma through colleges and universities and pharmaceutical companies show their appreciation by gouging American citizens on the cost of prescription medication.

  10. I really hope those former criminals don't blow maybe their only chance to elect an actual democratic government and vote out the crooks they've been forced to live(and die) under until now.

  11. First thing is we need a Democrat in the white House to sign bills and we MUST get rid of Moscow Mitch. He sits on dozens of bills and does nothing to allow the senate to vote on them

  12. Republicans who have been creating a new Oligarthy-fascism, and that's what their voter suppression and fraud is all about. They are smart enough to know that sooner or latter that all empires fall, and that another FDR would certainly bring them down once again. The modern day Golden Rover Baron Age success is balanced on whether or not their puppet Trump gets reelected, or Bernie Sanders does. The attaches on Bernie have kicked off from Trump's claptrap now that someone in his campaign has come to the realization that Liz Warren isn't the one to fear, but rather Bernie Sanders. The sociopath is about to get really nasty.

  13. Progressives 2020 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

  14. That's why I'm Liberal! People take shots at being a liberal is a bad thing! It's not! I see most liberal do more for the people than conservatives do.. we are not asking for free stuff! We are asking for sh_t to match what most of our salaries/hourly wagers are! How is it that we pay $500.00 or more for medicine when our pay checks may only be $500.00 a week.. I find that sh_t Ludacris!

  15. The lying GOP and Trump worshippers cry all the time about free healthcare and socialism, yet their own Representatives won't even TRY to fight big pharma. This is the result. Now we need to publically disclose the names of traitors.

  16. Unfortunately, the Republicans in Florida are doing everything they can to put a road block for these newly registered voters by implementing a law stating they can only register once they've paid their fines off! hence, supressing votes again. Good thing thought, there some county courthouses who found a way around that restrictions and that is by just forgiving their debts altogether.

  17. If the 85% of people (Black -White..all between) realize" THEY" keep us separated and fighting amongst ourselves while THEY steal our $ and give 0 back..

  18. Non violent "accidental" or indifferently at that time.
    Felonies should be expunged after 10,15 or 20 yrs Mandatorily by an Act of Congress or Per Executive or Lieber Code Order if with
    0 infractions and Full Rights restored ; empowering Amparo and as an incentive to be a Productive & Lawful member of Society
    Anything else is injustice and may be viewed as a Genocidal Act by Govt and Denial of Right to Amparo
    Some may have even used the ultra rare "Kennedy Plea" honestly & appropriately
    (rarely accepted by Magistrate High Clerks or Judges) ;
    & did not meet "Intent" nor Technically be convictable as there was No Intent ; Nor did they Knowingly Consent to (Commerce) ; as they Did not Understand their Common Law rights nor were Most/they Properly informed of All their Rights in Law
    Outside DC Article 3 (District)
    Inside DC Article 1 (Congress)
    Jurisdictional Boundaries under BOTH US Inc via BAR (Canon) Garbage & USA or Internationally recognized Common Laws .
    They Deserve to be Fully Restored or as "Infants in Law" Protected Persons Status upheld ?
    🤓👍 I support Non Violent offenders Right to Vote & also to record expungements after "Probationary Period" w No further infractions
    Btw some of these so called felons plead or were convicted under Later determined Unconstitutional and Removed Laws ; Hwvr their Records were never expunged or they Remained Unlawfully in Jails/Prisons
    For Lawfully determined Later Lawful Activity ; whereas they deserve Full Restoration of their Rights / Amparo & or Protected Persons Status under Geneva Convention
    "Let Justice be done, Lest the Heavens Fall"

    Most Americans have No Clue what a Certificate of Participation is or what CAFR truly is
    Or there would be/might be Civil Unrest Nationwide
    Most Do Not Understand How many Unconstitutional Acts and technically Genocidal Acts in villation of their Amparo All levels of Governance have Committed against them or that the Present day Council on Foreign Relations as the "Deepstate" are Responsible for these Injustices, Thefts and Frauds ;
    as well as Lieber Code and Unconstitutional Acts over the Last 40+++yrs by Scotus itself
    Esp Qaulified immunity policy as Law from the Bench and Citizens United
    I submit the US Inc, Executive, Scotus ,DOD Executor for the missing Trillions Fiduciary under his watch ie Liable , most of Congress and the Numerous states Have/are daily Breaching their Oaths Knowingly & Willfully which is a High Capitol Offense in DC Constitutionally as
    Treason/Sedition on behalf of the True owners of the US Inc .

    Wake up Peeps ; Demand Amparo
    God Bless Our Good Peoples
    We are Not Slaves ; despite their Writings saying We all Are
    A Captured Nation by CFR founding Families; state level seized 1776 and federally March 9, 1933
    Per Many Senatorial, Congressional and International Court of Justice Records/Findings at the Hague

    Demand Congress Restore Our Good Peoples Peaceably & per Proper Process
    End the War upon the Peoples Rights esp the Indigenous as equals
    and the Wars abroad !!!

  19. One if my 6 Rx's costs me $180 as the co-pay. The pharmacist says she loses $ on the medicine, even with insurance & high co-pay.

  20. Trump has been trying to get progressives to concentrate on lowering drug prices – the only credit they can get is to stop stalling. Trump tried to honor daca in exchange for the wall – progressives blocked it. Dems are do nothing fascists with mirror complex. Obama gave iran over a billion dollars of our money for the nuclear option – progressives blame trump for war mongering. Call them out. I was a progressive once and discovered they are not progressive. Call them out. It is really neither dem nor gop it is deep state screwing everything up – they change hats aka parities as they please – CALL THEM OUT.

  21. I can imagine that the Republicans in Florida are really shitting their pants now cause I guess that about every ex felon will vote for a Democrat just to stick the middle finger up to the Republicans after years of abuse..

  22. Anyone who wants medication not tested and approved in the USA . Enjoy them and if you get sick by them go to the country you got them from for help .

  23. Lower drug prices? The ability to negotiate lower drug prices? You're kidding? And give up the exotic sports cars, top shelf hookers, Cuban cigars and single malt scotch? Over your dead body they will.

  24. allow felons to vote 🙂 will benefit trump give the attempts plans to retrain them so they don't return to crimes. We need trained trades men and women.

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