Psychedelische drugs op een festival: Bastiaan gaat naar Psy-fi | Drugslab Extra

Psychedelische drugs op een festival: Bastiaan gaat naar Psy-fi | Drugslab Extra

Hi, my name is Bastiaan and this is Drugslab Extra In Drugslab Extra we answer your questions about the world around drugs.
So do you have a question about drugs, let us know in the comments, and maybe we will answer those questions the next time today I am at one of the biggest psychedelic festivals in Europe. Open-minded people who are tripping on Psy-trance Colorful visuals, and a lot of psychedelic drugs That is what I imagine about a psychedelic festival Next week you will see how I am tripping on truffles, on this festival But first, I would like to know more about the use of psychedelic drugs by visitors, and about their knowledge The vibe is already good! And I am curious if anybody already used some drugs! If I say: psychedelics. What is your first thought? Nice! Sometimes I find it quite scary, but it is mostly very interesting LSD
– Truffles! Intense Self-reflection
– Nice one! Have you taken any psychedelic drugs before? Yeah, absolutely. LSD, DMT, 2-CB Truffles, 2-CB, magic mushrooms
and LSD Truffles and 2-CB I’m curious, but I know my mind
will project more stuff So I have to be a little careful I have done 2-CB before.
I’m curious about new things Truffles, magic mushrooms, 2-CB Truffles and 2-CB
Weed doesn’t work well with me That makes me trip
but not in a good way But I can handle real psychedelic drugs better Have you taken anything now?
– Yeah, just now. LSD Look in the camera! I only do it here, I know it’ll go well Instead of in the living room or something LSD.
– What do you feel now? I took half a seal, I feel really chill,
energetic and light And if I look around, everything is kind of pulsing The colors are prettier The music sounds better I just had some truffles before talking to you guys I took some light ones Some visuals, but I can still dance and have energy And I’m not knocked out on the floor We’re going to take truffles later
– What are your expectations? Very nice visuals Truffles always make me more connected to my feelings Those are always nice to experience So I’m hoping that will happen I hope so too Can you see why people choose to take drugs on
this festival specifically? Yes. Everyone keeps an eye out on each other.
There is a different vibe here There are trip sitters at the festival,
in case you’re going bad They can help.
– That’s chill! They have these tipi’s you can enter in case you have a bad trip, they can make you tea and help you feel better – That’s so nice!
I know, right? I think that helps better than being sent home because you’re going bad The setting is designed specifically.. for these kinds of drugs. The music too Well look around!
Everything is so beautiful They make it extra beautiful Everyone accepts each other. You don’t feel weird I’ve learned to let go of any embarrasment What you look like, how you’re supposed to dance,
it doesn’t matter. Let’s do a Drugslab quiz I’m going to ask you some questions about psychedelic drugs Question one:
What does LSD stand for? Woooow Ehh… that’s a hard one I don’t know but can I tell you what DMT stands for? No. Just LSD. Liquid.. something I’ve read articles about this this morning No I couldn’t tell you Lysergic Diamethyl ehh It’s called lysergic acid diethylamide diethylamide, ok Out of everyone you gave the closest right answer I’ve written an essay about it What unit of measurement is used to indicate the strength of LSD? Milligrams, right? Milliliters
– Milligrams It’s a teeny amount, right?
Micro… Micrograms That is correct! Is ayahuasca legal in the Netherlands? Legal As far as I know it’s legal.
My mom and my stepdad have done it During one of those rituals Legal, I think I think the substance is illegal Illegal?
– Yes, correct Everyone thinks it’s legal, but it’s not. But there are ceremonies, aren’t there? That’s true but the substance itself is illegal What body-specific substance is in ayahuasca? – Dopamine
– I think the same stuff that’s in DMT – DMT Very good, very good.
Last question What is the difference in growth between truffles and magic mushrooms? They’re both fungi, that I do know I don’t know how they grow differently I know magic mushrooms are illegal in the Netherlands Truffles are a fungus And grow underground Magic mushrooms grow above ground,
truffles grow below ground Very good You know quite a lot! What will you do to make your trip as good as possible? Do everything I feel like doing!
Listen to your gut feeling Dance a little bit And then let my body tell me what to do Stand in front of the speaker, and roam around a little Get to know new people, dance a lot Have a tripsitter Take a break if I feel it’s too much That’s really important to me Thank you so much. Let’s hug *hugging intensifies* People seem to know enough about psychedelics here There are a lot of psychedelics being used today But precautionary measures are taken to make it a good experience I am very curious how I’m going to like doing truffles here But that’s in next week’s video This was Drugslab extra for this week If you have a question about the world surrounding drugs, let us know in the comments Like this video, subscribe
And I’ll see you guys next time Bye!


  1. Is Ayahuasa really illegal in Netherlands or in a grey area? As there are organisations and the Santo Daime churches where you can experience Ayahuasca in Netherlands.
    "DMT, one of the active ingredients in ayahuasca, is classified as a Schedule I drug under the United Nations 1971 Convention on Psychotropic Substances, meaning that international trade in DMT is supposed to be closely monitored; use of DMT is supposed to be restricted to scientific research and medical use. Natural materials containing DMT, including ayahuasca, are not regulated under the 1971 Psychotropic Convention."

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  3. Weet iemand wat de lied om 6:03 is? Ik heb er naar geluisterd terwijl ik op truffles was en ik kan me de naam nu niet herrineren…
    EDIT: Astrix – Deep Jungle Walk

    Χάσαμε το μυαλό μας….. Το δώσαμε ολόκληρο … Στον Hoffman 🚵 τον γιατρό μας ….

  5. Я ни черта не понял что они говорят ,но интуиция мне подсказывает ,что ребятки под маркошами ,и делаться своими эмоциями и впечатлениями на легальном фесте,черт возьми это просто невозможно для нашей страны …завидую вам по доброму

  6. man im 18 and i tried more then these guys and know more. And i dont even compare to some of my friends… I need to go there

  7. Психоделический фестиваль,а люди все адекватные, у нас же всё под запретом,и на обычном фестивале уебанов и быдло больше половины встретить можно…

  8. Я сделал перевод этого видео на русский! Залетайте на канал, пишите, какие ещё перевести!!

  9. I was living in The Netherlands for two years.. it was the best time of my life. Indonesia will never be ready with this kind of shit 🤣✌ peace out! xoxo

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