Psychosis – causes, symptoms, and treatment explained

Psychosis – causes, symptoms, and treatment explained

Psychosis is a type of mental illness where
a person loses touch with the reality. They may also experience quite distressing symptoms
which are broadly classified into delusions which is false beliefs. They may experience
hallucinatory things like voices when no one is around them. They may also have disturbances
with their thought processes. If you are looking at the causes of psychotic
disorders, these can be a number of ideological factors or causative factors. One of them
being acute stress, severe overwhelming stress for an individual. The other being illicit
drugs or alcohol. Third being prescription medications like steroids, for example, may
cause psychosis. The fourth being severe enduring mental illnesses like schizophrenia or mood
disorders. Lastly, sometimes because of what is called organicity, meaning that some physical
problems in the brain, for example, tumours. The symptoms of psychosis can be broadly classified
into symptoms of beliefs, hallucinatory experiences, and thirdly, thought disorder symptoms. If I elaborate
on each, the false beliefs are also called delusions. Basically meaning the person develops a belief which they hold very strongly. It can be of various types. For example, some may believe that
people are out to kill them or get them. It’s called paranoid or persecutory delusions.
Some may develop grandiose delusions. Basically meaning they believe they have supernatural powers to do
things. It can also be what is called delusions over friends where they believe people are talking about
them or laughing at them and that might make them retaliate.
Talking about the hallucinating experiences, the most common ones are, people may sometimes hear voices talking to them coming from outside of themselves telling them sometimes nasty
things or giving some demands to do things which are called command hallucinations. These hallucinations are perception disorders in a way. They can be in any other modality as well, basically meaning they can be of touch, smell, taste, and sometimes, they may see things which aren’t there.
The third classical symptoms would be the disorder symptoms where they are confused
with their thought processes. They are again classified into different varieties. For example,
you may not understand what they are trying to say at all, or it may be they have difficulty
conveying their thoughts. These are the three broad classical symptoms people
may experience when they are psychotic. Psychosis can range from very transitory or
illnesses which may last for a few days to what are called enduring mental illnesses
like schizophrenia for example. In schizophrenia, the person may develop these symptoms in quite
a young age that may require treatment normally with medications or with talking therapies as well.
The symptoms sometimes can be very risky for the patient and for others. This really needs
to be carefully diagnosed first and then monitored and treated. Psychosis is treated generally with medications called anti-psychotics. There are a number
of anti-psychotics that can be used depending on what would benefit the person and what
would be the side effects which the particular person is able to tolerate. There’s a choice
of medications which can be used. These anti-psychotics are to be used for quite some time perhaps
two years, three years, for a person to actually benefit. Other than that, there are other
various talking therapies called cognitive behaviour therapy and other therapies which
could help. The other one is to look at how to help or
support the person to integrate back into the community so that they can lead normal
and productive lives. For a disorder like schizophrenia, sometimes, if we can broadly
classify it, around one-third of people may have one episode and may never experience
it again, and another one-third may actually never recover from their symptoms or their illness and the remaining percentage of people may have a number of episodes throughout their lives.
But the good news is there are medications, if combined with talking therapy and other
supports around their person can actually help a person lead a normal life.


  1. I feel hopeless for my mom. She's in her 80's and has always been extremely religious. I believe she has some sort of delusional disorder for quite some time, however, due to her being so religious, I thought she acted in certain ways because of her beliefs. Her main issues stem from sinful acts. I don't know how her thoughts suddenly create these scenarios, but almost out of the blue, maybe after perceiving that someone is having an affair or that something precious of hers went missing, she would accuse that person and tell others about it. Obviously there is no evidence of an affair or an item being stolen. Even when I explain that it's impossible, she won't accept it. It's truly sad.

  2. My father have it he is getting wors and in my country no one goes to therapy they think it’s only for crazy people!!! He even tried to kill me and my sister ones because he thought we were planning with our mom to hurt him we were only 14-13 and he still think everyone wants to hurt him and he thinks he have some super bower 😔 but now we all left him he lives alone and visit us sometimes with new scenarios he mad idk what to do i feel bad for him and no one is helping 😪 (Sorry for my bad english)

  3. I don't know if i have this problem but i think too much and i would talk to myself when nobody is around like if there was a second me talking in my mind. And there's a bunch of things i do but too lazy to comment lol

  4. I went to a county hospital in Texas and was diagnosed as bi polar they did give me medication but i still hear the voices

  5. This shit pisses me off. Doctors immediately diagnose me with psychosis as if its impossible that my "delusions" are true. I dont hear voices, I don't hallucinate. The FBI has been stalking me and I can write a whole fucking book about how I know it.

  6. i didnt even use taht much of drugs, just spent 5 years staying high ~ but fuck i failed and coudnt hold my shit and fell to this shit!!

  7. Hear is the thing about psychological diagnoses the American psychological association just has a hands up vote on what should be considered a mental disorder.

    Plus psychiatry does not even know what causes these problems.

    The chemical imbalance can not be proven without going to extreme lengths that would risk immediate permanent brain damage.

    A catscane are mmri does not reveal much.
    It does not reveal where the problem orginates from.

    Not to mention you can see a person's political leanings with a MMRI it does not mean it's a disorder.

    Plus drugs are not the only solution to this.
    You can have a vitiman and mineral defiecencys that causes psychosis.

    In this case if it was caused early on you could treat it like that.

    If it was caused by trama help the person overcome their trama.

    This drug only approach only truly benifite's the psychiatrist and the drug company.

    Plus antipsychotic drug's cause brain damage.
    But a psychiatrist will not tell you that.

    Plus antipsychotic drug's like all other psychotropic drug's are only studyed for 3 week's at a time.

    This mean's their long term effectiveness has not been established.

    Short time effectiveness on the other hand has.

    That is if you trust drug company study's and i do not.

  8. Very nice information. In Ayurvedic system of medicine, the treatment of schizophrenia is possible without any side effects. Planet Ayurveda offers Memory Support Capsules and Medhya Churna for the effective treatment of psychosis.

  9. I've had off and on psychosis my whole life.. The worst thing i experience are paranoid delusions, i have gained a weak skill to work out whether or not my delusions are real.. I had one just second before i found this video. I thought someone drugged and kidnapped my mom because she went off to the bar alone and it just went down hill from there.. I live life terrified all the time.. If anyone else experiences the fear i feel please comment back..


  11. As for what actually causes psychosis and other mental health disorders, he obviously doesn't have a clue. Nothing concerning actual cause, apart from stress, which years ago was the supposed cause of stomach ulcers, until an Australian Dr, traced stomach ulcers to H. pylori bacteria. In the meantime ill mental health sufferers have to put up with these sort of grossly ignorant, grossly overpaid morons, talking lots of bollocks and tossing some poisons at them. What a bunch of scammers. Did I mention OVERPAID.

  12. Sir I have phycosis since 13years I like to go to gym n I go daily but when I was diagnosed with it no one believed it sir can I would come out of it 13years is too much I have gone through hell

  13. I think I am starting to have an episode.. sucks ass.. I hope I can beat it without meds, because I hate those meds..

  14. It's a travesty that the field of Psychiatry doesn't use actual medicine to diagnose their patients. Most of these people probably have some form of autoimmune, viral encephalopathy going on. But no one will ever test them for it. Too much money to be lost and can't risk the reputation of the pseudoscience field called psychiatry.

    The brain is an organ just like any other. If your heart was malfunctioning, or your liver were, they would be running blood tests to figure out the cause, but it's not so in this field of quackery.

  15. My partner is currently being treated in the mental health ward of the hospital for psychosis, they're unsure weather it's drug related or if schizophrenia as it runs in his family. I'm trying my best to be there for him but I've been doing a lot of research and trying to find answers to help his condition. I need to know how to communicate with him. When he's deluded and inconsolable I gently grab his face and reassure him it's going to be ok, and then he asks why I'm crying

  16. How does being diagnosed with this, prevent domestic abuse? The police are so evil-they just apologised for their behaviour 6 and 1/2 years later, this morning! The psychiatrist and my GP who called me homicidal, should be ashamed! Some of us are so happy in life, others cannot take it! Bless us!

  17. My friend suffering from schizophrenia, she don't want to believe that she is suffered from the disease but when she explained her self to me how things happens to her they are the same symptoms. She meet two or three psychiatrist here but they couldn't understand her, so I want to treat her by myself.and this video litraly help me.

  18. Dear sir pls guide wht i should do for treatment of breathing disorder while I am awake feeling very much hard to take breath where I should go so pls wht i should do

  19. If you have hallucinations of Visual images in your mind those visual images are in the third Eye chakra of the Soul the brain is incapable of making a visual images

    Clairvoyants can receive information from the spirit world through the third Eye chakra and then pass on accurate information to people that they know nothing about and they are receiving these visual images with intuitive feelings

    Drugs do not work on people who have hallucinations those hallucinations are constructed created images created by God and the angels and implanted into somebody's third eye

  20. I suffered even morr after taking medications, ralkung therapy is better, stay away from drugs and alcohol..Prayer and meditate on Gods words, try to love yourself, start in small ways, breathing exercises also brisk walk if possible…

  21. My sister gets confused, forgetful and says strange things like "I need to keep the room dark so they don't find me". She stays with our parents often and she is fine has no strange episodes for weeks at a time but as soon as she goes back to her own home, things turn bad again. She will talk to me normally and then out of the blue she'll say that someone came around to her house the night before (sometimes that person is the ex husband or a dead person). No sign of voices, no aggression, she doesn't talk much, she showers every day and no history of drug abuse.What is wrong with her??

  22. I experienced a psychotic break once which led me to br diagnosed with Bipolar 1. It was unlike anything I have ever felt. I had never felt so terrified, sheer terror, and then the next moment pure ecstasy. I felt so free of my inhibitions. I think it is a defense mechanism under too much stress that the person cannot handle.

  23. I did have supernatural powers… As I was coming out of it when I was in treatment playing catch I was barely looking catching two small balls at one time.. Even though I'm good at sports I can't do the things I was doing when I was in psychosis

  24. I had a next door neighbor who was like this and she had a house ful of cock roaches as for me i find ppl like this so damn funny and she made me laugh so fucking hard I had cock roaches crawling on me as she was thinking she was talking to her doctor and he was not even in the room and she was throwing fist in the air first of all I am not even her doctor so the crazy shit ppl say I would say throw them crazy's on the stage make ppl laugh

  25. If it's caused by stress you can just get CBT because it's stress and trama related.

    Plus a delusion is just any fexated false belief resistant to logic reason and evidence.

    Plus as much stress as i was exposed to on a daily bases no wounder why i had head problem's growing up.

    I mean if people went through the shit i went through at 5 year's old and most of my life they would be fucked in the head.

    Either temporarily or permanently.

    Rather than the mental health system trying to truly understand the shit i went through and give me love.

    They instead druged the shit out of me.

  26. The first thing that you need to look for with schizophrenia is viruses, parasites and bad bacteria in the gut then heal the gut.

  27. him: …. or physical things in the brain, tumors
    my horrendous never ending thoughts: YOU HAVE A TUMOR

  28. Psychosis is essentially the uninformed Western terminology for an Existential crisis/Dark Night of The Soul. Allopathic medical practitioners are tragically not educated in these types of areas. Avoid all anti-depressants, they will destroy your neurotransmitters to a devastating affect. Seek a Holistic practitioner or Homeopathy specialist.

  29. My son was just diagnosed with severe depression with psychosis and is in treatment its been a game changer but hopefully we are able to help him and make it better long term

  30. Every time I go to bed, I open my eyes like every 5 seconds because it feels like a killer will come out of my bed and kill me when I'm not looking. Plz help I don't know what to do.

  31. hi. It is my belief that psychotics are not sick, they are instead in a hyper state, the purpose of this hyper state is to flush out the junk they have received (there's a lot of bs out there) and rebuild their mental maps at the fundamental level. This involves shaking off all authoritative abuse, directly or indirectly imposed on them. When they come out the other end they come out stronger. In the western system we see this "death and rebirth" process as "illness", it is not illness. Labelling it as such only disables people. It is a natural process that occurs when people have a lot of suppressed energy that needs expression, such people are extremely strong and one of the challenges of the psychotic is learning non-violent communication and channeling that energy constructively. Of course, after the abuse that happens to them in the mental health system, I am not surprised they often want to avoid people at all costs as society NOT ONLY provides no value for them, society is actually COUNTER-VALUABLE to their needs. 50% of surviving mental illness is avoiding people who could potentially hospitalise you against your will.

  32. I don’t feel myself, my emotions are numbed, I experience nervousness when speaking to others, and don’t feel like doing a thing.. no motivation.. just feel disconnected from family and friends.. someone help!!!!

  33. I haven’t talked to a soul in a couple years until a few days ago, I talked to a couple people and they seemed to be afraid of me and said I wasn’t acting normal, I’m scared to leave my house cause I think someone is coming after me over things from a long time ago, I’ve just recently started to see things around me like people. I’ve also had nightmares on the regular for the past few months, I live with my family and none of us exchange a word. I have a feeling something terribly wrong is going to happen to me I’m not sure what to do

  34. I was diagnosed with depression and shortly after I was told I I have a BPD also known as EUPD I started hearing voices telling me to harm myself making jokes at me and constantly threatening me and then I was put into hospital for 4 weeks been on and of medication also for psychosis evil hallucinations. Mental health is no joke I've seen and felt things no one would ever dream of get the help and try to move on hope for the best get as much support and help u can before it's to late.

  35. Thank you sir. My grandfather would say that's more what his mother went through than schizophrenia with her 1 o'clock screams.

  36. Sometimes when I get high my thoughts amplify and I start actually hearing voices, they could be positive or they can be negative asf. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I’m afraid I might have schizophrenia. They sometimes happen when I’m sober

  37. I've been getting so down lately.. I should have never done drugs, been sober for 2 years and it's almost like I never stopped.

  38. I always had a fear of having psychosis. My half sister and mom both had schizoaffective disorder.

    Not so long ago (around 6 months) I couldn’t leave my house. I was crying every day. I had a panic attacks every day. I kept having repetitive thoughts of suicide.
    It’s like my thoughts weren’t my own. I could’ve sworn I was psychotic. Thankfully, I received help. Now I’m on meds and I’ve been able to cope a lot better.

  39. sometime i laugh or talk in loneliness can someone tell me is it a disease if it is then what is a cure without using medicine

  40. My daughter was diagnosed with secondary schizophrenia.
    She exhibited delusions and hallucinations but her thinking was more or less clear; she was aware she was very ill.
    The psychiatrist scripted medication which stopped the symptoms within a week but over about 6 months she put on 20 kg.
    The medication was very effective called rexulit , now 12 month later she is exhibiting no symptoms and has lost about 5kg.
    She got a lot of moral support from us and now is back with her boyfriend.
    She disclosed to the psychiatrist she had been smoking weed to relieve the stress of her occupation but now she has reduced her hours by half and does not smoke it anymore.
    She was able to stop taking the
    anti psychotic drug too after about six months.
    The psychiatrist said there was a risk of relapse, but she has been recovered for over 12 months now with no return to the illness.
    She followed all ADVICE from the psychiatrist and cooperated with us; she recently confided she wanted to totally recover and did no want to be admitted to a mental hospital even knowing at the beginning there was a risk of this.
    Her wanting to be rid of the illness I believe was a big factor in her recovery.
    My best wishes for recovery to any body suffering from this illnes but seek treatment and abide with it- not learn to live with this demon!
    Fight it !!!!!

  41. I watch this video because I feel like I am have physios because I've actually thought I had special powers people talking behind my back

  42. Oh fuck man I’m trying to get off the sauce. I had a terrible alcoholic psychosis

    I was at the pub one night drinking beer and I left. As I was walking home I got lost and i live in a town where all the houses look the exact same. As I was walking down the street I got so delirious and paranoid. I believed I was walking in an infinite loop and I got so scared I kept running and running until I got hit by a car. Then I got up and ran and passed out in the woods.

    I’m telling this story to let people know they’re not alone. We can get off alcohol there is hope for all of us.

  43. To anyone/ everyone here suffering with psychosis – I send blessings to all of you. Keep your chin up and know that you are not alone.
    Exercise, eat healthily, meditate (but only root chakra at first, NOT stuff like your third eye etc), and pray (I am not religious but I am spiritual and definitely believe that the universe has sentience, hence things such as karma and quantum physics).
    It is not something that defines who you are, it is merely something that you are experiencing at the moment! Once this period of your life is sorted, you'll appreciate life much more than the average person! I already am 🙂

  44. I was diagnosed with psychosis at the age off 13 but I am not sure I don't hear voices I'm not hallucinating or having delusional thoughts just sometimes I feel either angry, extremely happy or really depressive sometimes. My Dad kept on saying that I keep on acting like different people when I lived with him and for a while I found a median where I was just feeling normal as can be anyway now I'm just feeling these things coming back again. Is psychosis is or did I get misdiagnosed or something because I've read on psychosis a bit and it doesn't really match up with how I feel. Sorry if the comment is long I just need a bit of help.

  45. I just want to say for some of these people saying “I think I have psychosis” you probably don’t and you won’t know you have it when it’s happening. It’s very intense. If you think you might be having an episode then go to the doctor.

  46. Ive been dealing with this kind of mental illness for 7yrs now im taking abilify and akidin right now can someone help me???

  47. Most of the mentally ill are con artists also. They are very good at acting strange enough to keep their social security but not crazy enough to end up in jail where their freedom and social security will be taken away.

  48. I am recovering from living with acute paranoid psychosis for 6 years. As part of my recovery, I am writing about what it is like. Read my stories about what it is like to by psychotic at

  49. My wife is going thru something like this. She hears something that is not there always telling her to do things. She also says she feels vibrations in her body. Mostly in her private area and keeps saying "they are raping me" "why wont they leave me alone" "that is harassment" she believes it is her sister doing it thru some sort of "sound system or sound waves" it's getting worse as the days go on, and she refuses to go to any type of dr or hospital. She doesn't want the expensive bill as well as she has already told me she will not admit to anyone what is exactly happening. As she feels theres no need for a dr because she thinks it's someone doing it to her. Im starting to get scared that she might get to the point where she cant handle it anymore and do something to herself. She has to actually walk inside the hospital and tell them for them to do anything about it ive already asked. When someone is around she can hide the fact that she's hearing and feeling anything so if I tell a dr whats going on she will say I'm fine I have no clue what hes talking about he made me come here. I just wish something would make it click in her head that she needs some type of help. I've gotten to the point where I have nothing left to give and now I'm getting depressed. Ugh any advice?

  50. okay im scared as fuck ima just say it i dont want to have delusions or living nightmares like the stories ive heard. ive had hallucinations, yes, like feeling people looking at me in the corner of my eye and when i look at the theyre faced the other direction. i have also heard my name being called out of nowhere a few times. however i have not heard nasty things just my name, havent had paranoia, or delusions yet but im scared out of my mind of having this.

  51. I think mental stability is the number one thing to strive for, which is the only reason I would condone using drugs. Once you have mental stability, it's easier to cope with stressors. The only issue is with psychosis and mood disorders, the stability is not there.

  52. 18 y.o, I definitely have psychosis;
    >Thought broadcasting i believe? i talk to myself like a crazy person for HOURS. in my mind im explaining something about myself or how great i am to my friends. I talk as if theyre really there and could hear me. yesterday i spent 4 hours doing that. my eyes are open but it's like im blind to everything in front of me. all i see and hear are my hallucinations
    >Also have severe thought persecution- i feel like people are plotting to murder me in my house so i covered all my windows with metal bars, and i sleep with a huge knife by my bed. once when i was 15, i had a mental breakdown and wrote "im so scared help me" on a piece of paper hundreds of times after hearing a rustle outside
    >mild disorganized speech, would repeat things a lot, jump from topic to topic real fast
    >smell hallucinations- i would smell SMOKE all of a sudden and find it hard to inhale
    >would imagine grotesque/creepy looking creatures behind me in the mirror or in the corners of my room, they look very realistic

    i really need treatment but im broke asf 🙁 need to start saving up. i cant go on like this,,,

  53. I was almost hospitalized for the same reasons. I believed I had secret agents following me and they were out to get me, my family started freaking out and took me to a emergency room. When I talked with a nurse at a hospital she said it was probably because I was putting in too many hours at work and drinking too much caffeine. After I cut down on my caffeine intake and let myself sleep for a whole weekend, I started feeling better. The paranoia slowly started disappearing. I was pushing myself too much and my breakup with my ex girlfriend didn't help me.

  54. i always think that someone behind me talking about me,and my family members but there is nothing like that. i am taking every small thing like a serious matter why this is happening

  55. There is no cure for psychosis. Drugs are used to try to alter or subdo a patient's mental state, but its a common factor that patients choose to take their medications however they wish and whenever they wish; if they take their meds at all. Schizophrenia is an invasion of the psyche that has been linked to families with genetic propensity toward mental illness, trauma in the womb during maternal pregnancy, abuse/usage of recreational drugs, can all bring it on in those that already have a propensity toward mental illness. Its a fight to get them to take their meds properly, and Its heartbreaking for the family and friends who love them. It gets worse over time. Though science doesn't appear to recognize certain spiritual effects of severe mental illnesses, demonic possession has been a fitting assumption with some.

  56. It's kinda weird but most of my symptoms of "psychosis" have been verified by others around me. Honestly, with how paranoid doctors are, I wouldn't entirely be surprised if science proved some superstitions as real if they'd be able to cope.
    It's times like this I wonder if the therapist needs a therapist more than I do. Bloody professionals have issues they need resolved.

  57. Anyone please help me. I have problem. When I see things such as any kind of movie, drama or read a novel any thing right after then it happens that I see or read this before. But I can't recall when. I just this those I have seen before. Is this a mental problem?

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