PsyCo’s Edible Addiction XD – Channel Update [January 2017]

Ahoy thar, Legion! Hope the week is treatin’ ya well! Random protip right outta the gates: if any of ya lucky enough to have found their
better half, open up a separate tab right now and scan ebay, amazon or whatever. Snag you something for Valentine’s day. Even just something small to cover yer bases. They can’t say you forgot again this year
and even if you DO forget, a small gift goes over a lot better than a stuft teddy bear
and wilted flowers ya got from the third gas station you went to because everywhere else
was bought out. Remember: the best fight is the one not fought,
Legion! Unless ya know… that get’s ya goin’… I did want to touch down on this real quick
as I mentioned it on the Devstream 86 recap, while I am not pleased with how DE is handling
things, I’m more shocked at how blatantly other content
creators are ignoring or straight up denying common issues and complaints players have
been having with the game. Not all of em, of course. But if you want to hear a taste of how deep
rooted their praise and blind adoration gets, I’ll put a link up in the description to the
official podcast. Needless to say, I couldn’t make it more than
about 10 minutes in. Granted I gotta cold, but I still needed to
wipe my nose less often than they did. Don’t wanna no drama, all I’m gonna say is,
if you aren’t already, be skeptical and think critically. Watch whoever and whatever ya enjoy, but do
try to keep in mind who’s interests that particular outlet is aiming to please. Is is the company, themselves, or their viewers? Based on recent uploads and certainly the
podcast, it’s pretty clear to see where the true loyalties lie of many supposed fan channels. The lyrics to Hand that feeds comes to mind– !but in other news it seems I have a slight
pistachio addiction. Misses got me a bag of the things to snack
on and by golly I cannot stop myself. Only a few handfuls in and already I have
quite the impressive array of shelled corpses lyin’ around the desk. I close the bag but nah, need another hit
of that stuff. I’m like the leprechaun from that one horror
series, gotta stop and crack open each one to eat it before I can do anything else. Might need an evac team at this rate, Legion!
[mouth full] Send help! Of course, the physical sign of thanks for
all yer support in the form of the T-shirt giveaway A tshirt? The tshirt. A? The! The t-shirt giveaway is still good and in
the works, unfortunately the misses got sniffles which of course I got and then of cooourse
gave it back to her and so on, so what should have been a fairly straight
forward project has been stretched out quite a lot. I’m sure if we did a quarantine and kept our
hands to ourselves for four days it would run its course… but yeah that’s not happenin’. We did get work done on them though, learned
you reeeeally need to rinse the dye out of things thoroughly before washing them together
so instead of reds oranges and yellows it’s pretty much reds and a lotta orange. I suppose that’s the nature of handmade stuff. Wabbi sabbi n’ all that. Also the design is eating up a LOT of paint,
like a bottle each so the cost of these things keep goin’ up haha, I don’t even wanna combine
the pricetags at this point. And the shipping. Oh god- Oh, so you think you’re safe in your nutty
cocoon do you, Mr. Nut? Ve have vayz wit dealin’ with chu! Yeeees. In the questions and answers ya mighta heard
mention of me waiting on the newest Sony Vegas comin’ out to upgrade as my current one is
showin’ signs of age. Well, I’m not liking what is known about it
and ran across After Effects and, Legion, I are impress. So impress in fact I actually snagged it for
a month to see how everything works. I’ve sped through many hours of tutorials
and still need to find out things I have no idea I need to find out with it, but I like
what I see. Special effects, 3d cameras and positioning,
motion tracking, whole buncha stuff. Currently I’m pretty much limited to audio,
background footage and text. So… yeah. Kinda limited. Lookin’ forward to get my teeth sunk into
that. It looks to be a great combo of both the animation
software I used previously and a video editor rolled into one, so I’m quite excited. On that front, muh noggin’ seems to have gotten
starved and is craving new things to gnaw on. I’m readin’ a book, very close to gettin’
a keyboard to learn to play some tunes, just need to add up some best buy gift cards I
got lyin’ around and see what the damage is gonna be on that one. Gotta line up those real life platinum discounts
when ya can, Legion! Do you expect me to talk? No, Mr. Pistachio! I expect you to CRY as I eat yer entire family! And your distant relatives! Bathe in their shells! Breathe in their wretched demiise! Hoping that with a new set of tools and even
techniques I can really crank up the dial on the end results for ya lads n’ lasses. Minor heads up, depending on how the coming
month pans out and if anything worth talking about comes out of Warframe, I might actually
be making some changes to the line up. Nothin’ too drastic, and again it depends
on scheduling, but I might end up aiming for two videos a week instead of three, along
with adding other games to the roster. Currently I like the charm of both Let It
Die and The Tomorrow Children, since those are so releated to one another and everything. Just wish those weren’t exclusive to just
one platform. Had some funny ideas for both, but fret not,
Warframe’s not goin’ anywhere. With the new program in place I’ll actually
be able to get back to the animation ideas I had for it! Not to spoil anything, but Madness Meets Warframe
is definitely near the top of that list, along with rap battles between various bosses
and NPCs. Had those ideas on the backburner for ages. So there be another ramblin’ update for ya,
Legion. I’m gonna go head and make some delicious
shell angles on the floor here, but before I indulge in that, I just wanted to say to ya, many, many thanks
for all your continued support. Ya done right by us, and we’ll continue to
do right by you. Enjoy the rest of your day to it’s fullest,
gonna have to get the Misses to sit down and play another round for beginner to beast for
Friday, but until then, thanks for watchin’, have fun, and take care.

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