PUBG Its an emotion level – 1 | Shanmukh Jaswanth | Infinitum Media

PUBG Its an emotion level – 1 | Shanmukh Jaswanth | Infinitum Media

I got the best gun. Hey Pruthvi , I have a doubt in this coding . Please tell me. I dont care about your doubt dude, make sure the HR doesn’t catch me . Im playing PUBG. PUBG ? What is PUBG dude? New game dude. The whole world is playing it . I don’t care about this stupid game. First, work on the coding. PUBG IS NOT A GAME IT IS AN EMOTION. OHHH. HMM. I can’t deal with this fellow and his game Follow me Follow me You mean ? Me ! Yeah, You only idiot. Follow me. AHHH. Wait, I am coming . What the hell? Why are you following me? You only asked me to follow you right ? I was talking to a friend in the game. Not you Hey, why is your face glowing ? I JUST GOT A CHICKEN DINNER OH really ? Finally, they served chicken at office. I AM SO HAPPY ! Not in our office dude, in PUBG . Okay , I have to post it on Instagram immediately. Im already 30 seconds late. Ufff..they’re all behaving like they got an opportunity in an on-site project. Haaan ? What are you guys doing ? PUBG Left Right Left Right LEft Right Idiot, get up getup! This game is ours . Slap him with the Pan . Pan? Don! I want to play PUBG. How do I play ? First Download the game from the play store . WHAT THE HELL ! WHAT THE HELL , DUDE! They’re killing me before I land. Dude, PUBG is not about killing. It is about surviving . Play again. Download it in SNAPTUBE! 4K 2K 1080P We can download in all qualities. Here, your omelette . KILL HIM, KILL HIM , IDIOT ! He is in the next room , kill him! Wear bangles and sit at home, ASS****! Ill kill him wait . Thats it, kill him kill him! That ass****! Get up Get up Kill him with the sniper dude. They have to kill you dude! Idiot. Hey, what are you doing here man? PUBG dude Pubg bro ! PUBG PUBG OHHHH LOOK AT THAT ! OHHH.. OHHH.. OHHH.. YAAAY ! I GOT A CHICKEN DINNER. MY FRIEND TOLD ME THAT PUBG IS NOT A GAME AND THAT IT IS AN EMOTION. SO FEEL PUBG AS AN EMOTION AND NOT As a GAME. SO, To play pubg, you just don’t need two hands and two legs. All your body parts should be working simultaneously for PUBG. Then only you will get a chicken dinner . sorry Sir, can you guide me to this address? Sir this address From here to there it will take 10 minutes Meanwhile will you play 8 minutes game? Hey, who are you man ? its okay . We play PUBG with random guys. So there is nothing wrong to ask a random person right? You kill it Grandpa ! You kill it ! I gave you a scope. Check. Revive me , Please. Atleast , you revive me . Yaaay , Chicken dinner !!!! Chicken dinner!!! Yes , Chicken dinner !!!! Yaaay , Chicken dinner !!!! But i dint get revived no ? 🙁 Bye Swamy! Are you thinking why I dint get a chicken dinner? Swamy right? So no chicken dinner ! Stop the bike dude ! hey hey what happened ? Supplies dude ! Hey don ! Cover me ! Ill get supplies for both of us . See See, someone is shooting . IDIOT! SIT ! YOU IDIOT! I ASKED YOU TO PLAY THE GAME NOT MAKE IT YOUR LIFE . THEY’RE INTERVIEWS HAPPENING FOR THE ONSITE PROJECTS. BE CAREFUL ! I WONT BE THERE . hahah true, You die always right, Never got a chicken dinner no. BLOODY POCHINKI PRUTHVI. I UNNECESSARILY INTRODUCED THE GAME TO HIM. WHATS YOUR NAME ? SHANNU . SANHOK SHANNU HUH ? ANYWAYS, FOR OUR ONSITE PROJECT WE ARE SENDING PEOPLE ONSITE. Your projects are in Canada Australia and US. Where do you want to go ? SANHOK SANHOK ? WHERE IS THAT ? NEXT TO MIRAMAR MIRAMAR ? WHERE IS THAT ? NEXT TO ERANGEL AHH..WHERE IS THAT ? NEXT TO MIRAMAR I UNDERSTOOD. Anyway, do you have a passport ? Ill manage everything else. WHY DO I NEED A PASSPORT? I HAVE A PARACHUTE RIGHT? When the place arrives ill just jump and land. huh? Give me our office address. Ill land exactly on our rooftop. ohh! You have that facility too ? YEAHHHH… anyway, I can’t find a paper from one of your projects. Use an 8X . You will see everything clearly. What is your problem? WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER GET OUT ALREADY? THEYRE 30 MORE PEOPLE . I will kill them , have the chicken dinner and then leave. GET OUT MAN! JUST GET OUT! Lets GO BOOT CAMP DUDE! I WILL BE BACK .


  1. "Arey… antra edi" famous dailog in your all gyus in viva Harsha team but now your all team guys individually not producing fun at least a single video

  2. U people don’t encourage this type of games.which leads the people to death.and small children spoil their studies and neglect their carriers. Plz excuse ban this type of games. Don’t play with lives. Life is very precious which is given to us by god. Plz excuse try to Use it in a better way. You people don’t have right to play games with others lives. Try to do good to others or else if not plane quiet. This is my kind request first plz ban this type of unuseful and useless games.

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