Rainbow Oreo Cookie Jars – Easy No-Bake Recipe! A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction’s Rainbow
Oreo Cookie Jar Tutorial where I’ll be showing you how to take this simple Oreo cookie and
turn it into this gorgeous rainbow cookie jars [alike], the perfect [favor] for almost
any occasion to give to your guests or to your friends.
Tools and equipment that we will be using today:
I’ve got just a regular knife. You do want to try and get a knife with a relatively flat
edge on it. So it doesn’t necessarily have to be sharp one. But just try and get a knife
that’s relatively thin. I’ve got my Oreo cookies.
I’ve got a jar. So you can use a [mason] jar. This one is not quite a [mason] jar. It’s
got a bit of an indented lid. I will mention I would have preferred to have got the ones
that did not have the indented lid, that had more of a [screw] on lid just because you
can fit an extra Oreo in those ones. This one here, I’ve got a [lid] space for the Oreo
cookies so I missed out on one of my colors. I’ve got my frosting. Now I’ve used our perfectly
pipeable buttercream frosting in vanilla. And you can see here, I’ve just colored it
using either liquid or color paste. It really doesn’t matter. And I’ve just picked 5 or
6 different colors of the rainbow and colored it in, mixed it all through. And then I’ve
spooned that frosting into 5 separate zip lock bags. And I’ve just trimmed a little
corner off. There’s no exact measurement here. It doesn’t have to be precise but it just
fashion it into a little bit of a piping bag for us.
I’ve got your little “Keep Calm and Eat Cookies” tag. So you can see here, I’ve added that
to the front of our little rainbow cookie jar. That’s totally optional. You can obviously
put whatever you like on the front of your cookie jar but I just created that template
for you, guys. And I will leave a link to that in the description box below.
So to get started, you want to split your Oreo cookies. Now I had a little bit of trouble
here. And I’ve found a lot of my Oreo cookies broke so I’ve pre-slit them and I’ve scraped
off that cream inside. When you split your cookies… I know it says to twist them on
the packet. But every time I twisted one, it broke. You can say there. I think Ii must
have gone a couple of packets that have been dropped.
Basically, you want to cut it in half and you want to scrape off that excess cream.
So you end up with quite a few that you’re going to eat. I know that me and my son will
be eating cookies and cookie crumbs for quite some time. But basically, you want to do that.
And you want 5 or 6 cookies but it’s going to vary depending on the size of the cookie
jar that you’ve got. So for me, 5 is perfect for this size cookie jar.
This is a really really simple tutorial. We’re going to take our cookie. There we go. You
don’t have to take all of that cookie cream off. Just take as much of it as you can off
so you’ve got a little bit of space. And then I’m going to take my first color,
so my bottom color, which for me is going to be blue. And I’m just going to make a little
sort of a swirl on the Oreo. Bring it out not quite all the way to the ends. But you
do want to keep it relatively even in that Oreo. And you can see that sort of a thickness
that I’ve gone with there. It’s about a little bit thicker than a regular Oreo cream. So
when you take your Oreo top, stick it on top and you just want to sort of evenly squished
it together. Now, if you put too much cream, you’re going
to end up with cream sort of spilling over the sides and you don’t want that in this
jar. So you can see there, as I squeeze it, I’m turning it around so that I can even up
where that cream is, I guess, squishing that. And you’ve got there a really nice sort of
an even Oreo cream. So now, to get it in your jar… The first
one, because it’s got the fartherest to travel, I find it easiest to turn the jar upside down
and just sort of lift it in there and let it go. The next ones, we’re just going to
drop in. So we’re going to repeat that process with
our next color which for me is going to be green.
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great rainbow-themed and everything else that you can imagine, cupcakes, cakepops and cake
decorating tutorials. There’s our green ready to go. So to drop
that into the cookie jar, you just want to drop it.
If for chance, it comes in, it’s not completely flat, use your knife just to tilt it a little
bit. But try not to let that frosting touch the edges of the jar. You really want to try
and keep the frosting inside the Oreos. And you don’t want them messing up with the nice
edges of your clean, clean, clear jar. So we’re just going to repeat that with our
other colors, moving on now to our yellow. Now you don’t have to do this in a rainbow
pattern, you can do it in an [umbre], so graduating colors of, say, blues for little boy’s baby
shower or pinks for our little girls. There’s our final color, that red. And in it goes
on top. So if you look at the sides of that cookie
jar… Have a look at that. It’s a simple Oreo cookie. It’s a completely no-bake recipe
and it’s really effective. Now I’ll just finish my jar off with a little
bit of ribbon. You can see I’ve gone yellow on that one, orange in this one. And I will
likely do all the different colors of the rainbow as far as that ribbon goes. Pop your
lid on the jar. And if you’ve chosen to go with that little
optional tag, I’ve just printed mine out in a bit of a sticky label. So I think we call
them mailing labels here in Australia. And just stick it on top, nice and centered.
So there you’ve got your gorgeous little rainbow Oreo cookie jars, the perfect favors or gifts
for your guests. I hope you’ve enjoyed watching this tutorial
and I hope that you’ll love making these rainbow cookie jars for your friends and family. Thanks
very much for watching.

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