Rat Study Sheds new Light on Addiction

Rat Study Sheds new Light on Addiction

you know the old studies that probably anybody’s ever taken an
introduction a psych course the learned from the forties where they
pay they crammed a rats into small in small
cages and discover that at a certain point the rats actually search eating
each other start you know the gods super aggressive
and then ultimately they would even becomes Kabbalistic or at least eat their young
there’s a %uh the second step to those experiments
which everybody is broadly familiar with um and again probably don’t even have to
take intro to psych to get its part of our culture and that’s the story
a rats that and not just rats there this is done
with it’s been done with champs in other animals too but the rats stories %uh the
most famous ones on animals well replicated where they put a rat in cage in a given
a little bar in a consult administer food or consulted Minister morphine or
heroin or cocaine your choice and the rats were just keeps
of administering the the heroin or cocaine until they die
they just you know stopping interested eating and
just are getting it should mean high and the take away message to all that is
gee these are terrible dangerous drugs and therefore we need to have laws against drugs his lawyers to put rats in
a cage in game all here when they want and pretty soon they’re not even eaten cannot reproduce in the 918 they’re
certainly not working they’re not good members of society junkies well as the late great Paul Harvey would say that’s
just half the story and I find this fascinating did the other
two parts of the surf as the first ball this is over Democratic Underground
right now haces meld Verde has posted at the headline is
it’s not the morphine it’s the size the cage the part that’s kinda funny about this
is you know do you know has ads maybe they always
did I just have recently noticed them a in the ad
up at the top up my particular one in and in a site
the ads typically reflected things that you’re
buying you know that you’ve bought I think I told you the story I keep
getting ads for for t-shirts in and for customized mugs and things
because we’ve you know got that kinda stuff with what
they can suffer website and so gone shopping for things like a and they
know what you’re shopping for rent and i cant say no thank God I’m not
shopping for porn on the web but in any case I its it the the at the top is for d-conn
solving rodent problems for over 50 years learn about now but I think it’s because the content of
the story it’s it’s about rats but here’s a story a I they they redid the rat study only in this case instead of basically tie in the rat to the little tab in letting him have the food at the
morphine or sticking a little tiny cage they build this thing they call the rat
Park I Alexander bill Rapp parking 8 point 8 square meter there’s 95 square
foot housing colony two hundred times the square footage of a standard
laboratory cage there is 16 to 20 rats about sexism
residents in abundance of food balls wheels for play and enough space for May 18 and raising
letters rats who had been forced to consume morphine hydrochloride for 57
consecutive days were brought to rat Park Cesar rats were already addicted and
given a choice between plain tap water and water laced morphine but now they’re no longer old trapped in
this miserable little cage with the miserable little life now there in the
rat Park for the most part Alexander Road they chose the plain water turkey rats he said nothing we tried produced
anything that look like addiction in rats that were housed any reasonably
normal environment control groups are brats isolated in
small cages consumed much more morphine in this and
subsequent experiments in other words our problem love addiction is not a
problem with how horrible addicted to drugs are or even know how in some km you may eat
maybe there’s an argument for this maybe not I honestly don’t know but let’s say not even necessarily the fact
that some of us are predisposed to blog addictive drugs it’s a problem
in our society to problems our culture we’re living in
the friggin rat cages you wonder I you know now now the thing
that would kinda contradict that is the you know the occasional wealthy person a
movie star whose a was an addict you know famously well um but on the
other hand you know I’m not our a movie star
wealthy person I’ve known a few of them in and that its own kind a rat cage you’re listening to the Thom Hartmann
program call 866 987 thon so the takeaway from this is we should
do a Portugal has done AD criminalize all drugs and then be build a strong social safety net so
everybody lives in a rat park


  1. Am I the only one who thinks the "conservative" movement to both wage "war on drugs" and cutting social security/medicare and nets seems counter productive now?

  2. I agree that a strong social safety net and decriminalizing drugs would be the best way to go.  But, unfortunately, "THAT WOULD BE AGAINST JESUS!"  Just ask any conservative Christian, they will tell you that. 

  3. Could one conclude the problem of addiction, the problem of society – is a problem of freedom? A problem of civil liberties? I only mention this because Thom supports ObamaCare, yet this will reduce our civil liberties. Therefore, it's conceivable that ObamaCare will, over time, create more drug dependency as the US Citizens are spied on more and continue to haemorrhage their Civil Liberties 'for the Good of Society'. 

  4. Drug use, and drug abuse are not synonymous. Drug use and drug addiction are not synonymous.
    A discussion between William F. Buckley, Jr. and Prof. Michael S. Gazzaniga was published in the February 5, 1990 issue of the National Review which outlines, and explores this issue very thoroughly.
    It is a fascinating read for anyone who wants facts on this topic, and a must for any true debate on how to view and treat addiction.

  5. Neuroscientist Dr. Carl Hart talked about his book, High Price: A Neuroscientist’s Journey of Self-Discovery That Challenges Everything You Know about Drugs and Society, in which he combines a memoir about growing up in a poor Miami neighborhood with his studies of drug use. He argued that the current drug laws are based on assumptions about race and class rather than a genuine understanding of the physiological reasons for and effects of addiction. He spoke with Juan Williams, columnist for The Hill and Fox News contributor.

  6. Well for some it may be obvious that the cause of addiction and abuse comes from poor social status in society, but please stop for a second and think.

    Rat park is like a controlled heaven. You can control a ratpark with 30 rats, but try and control one of 1.000.000 and you'll find this "paradise" is just not controllable by humans. Same goes for society. You'll have to depend on "the rats wanting to do what's best for themselves", but without the controlled abundance of food and freedom – it would be up to the rats to establish. Am I the only one who can see the problems with comparing rat park with society now?

    So my conclusion to this statement of experiments would be that society has holes which causes some people to "live in small cages" and we should focus on making society better, but it cannot be done by legalizing drugs.

  7. I just can't get behind the rat park theory of addiction. I think environment does play a big park but I truly believe that addiction is an inherited trait. Changing your outlook and environment might help someone with no biological predisposition but somebody with say addict parents would have to work alot harder to get sober or better yet, never try drugs in the first place. I grew up in a family of addicts and I was stupid enough to experiment with shit and yes, alot of it has to do with my environment at the time, because I was very unhappy. But even when I tried to improve my life, get a hobby, and go back to school, I still have this terrible disease on the back of my mind and I've seen it happen to other people with addictive personalities and parents. I also seen alot of people with non addictive personalitys mess around with every drug on the planet and quit as soon as they want and it was easy for them, it's not as easy for me and many others. I even see my own parents deal with their addictions to this day and that scares me, genetic wise, we just seem to get more anxious and bored easier than other people. It doesn't matter how successful we get or how fulfilling our lives are, that itch is always going to be there and it drives me crazy.

  8. The rat park experiment is bullshit. No one has been able to replicate the results. I still believe the cause of addiction is largely environmental. But I HATE when people look at this study for the be-all-end-all of addiction science. If it were relevant, scientists would be able to replicate it. But they can't.

  9. yep and you know what will do the same d*** thing masturbation and F*c*ing P****ography https://youtu.be/OtQBxsf1st8

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