Raven Squad review

Raven Squad review

Raven Squad review for the Xbox 360 and PC In Raven Squad you play as two groups of mercs who land behind enemy lines to retrieve some data. Quite what that data is I can’t remember as this game bored me so much I almost fell into a coma. What they’ve tried to do is marry a first-person shooter with an RTS and the result is either a very poor FPS that’s sub-standard to nearly any other FPS I have ever played or an RTS so simple that you may as well be playing Cannon Fodder on the Amiga… …actually go and play that because it’s better. In FPS mode you can switch between your soldiers to use their special weapons and struggle with the dreadful AI that seems to just stand there whilst you try and fight the good fight alone. I quickly gave up on this idea and decided to play the whole game from above, but this too was a rather dull affair as I pointed around the map and watched my little fellas run about the same drab looking levels over and over again. Oh, actually, one thing I did find very entertaining about this game. The voice acting (if you can call it that) is hilarious. If you know the UK comedy show ‘Allo ‘Allo then you’ll find the accents in this game just as bad as the awful French and German accents in that. And just for good measure, if you want to get rid of your housemate, get them to play the game in co-op with you. They’re sure to leave the house and never come back. Don’t waste your money on this, you’ll have far more fun hiding in your back garden with a spud gun. Raven Squad gets 2 out of 10. You’ve been watching a review from Gamesweasel If you want to get the show each week which includes video game reviews, news, previews, competitions and special features head over to gamesweasel.com for our video podcast Gamesweasel TV –


  1. HAHAHAHA 2/10 LOL hilarious review GamesWeasel.

    FPS are fucking boring except for DOOM, Duke Nukem, Orange box and Call of duty modern warfare are the only good FPS games.

    LOL *sniffs from laughter* oh man can't these idiots take a joke to, btw I would never touch this game even if it was the only game ever made…. I hope they are beeing sarcastic about likeing this game?

  2. Time to dust down the old amiga and get cannon fodder out again. While i'm at i might get my spectrum 128k out and spend half an hour waiting for the games to load. Good times. Street fighter 2 was the best. It came on a 90 minute tape. 50 minutes loading to get to the first fight and when it eventually got there, it was fucking crap. Ha Ha.

  3. the console versions 360 and PS3 version of orange box don't have any DLC or if I'm wrong then they don't have all the DLC that the PC version has, I rarely play PC games but the content in the orange box especialy Team fort 2 is brilliant, the DLC is free on PC and its great if you bought the orange box on PC for £15 its very cheap to get and its still the best video game deal.

  4. seriously, who in the hell can you compare the 2? don't get me wrong, i'm not disagreeing, but i'm just saying that there not comparable..

  5. yeah, hey dude lol xD sorry, i never saw the comments before, i thought you were comparing TF2 with Rave squad xD

  6. The word derived from Niger, a country in Africa, so basically if someone calls you that, there calling you a city, and therefore calling you fat. kick his ass.

  7. Play men of war instead. You won't get the first person control, but you will get to take direct 3rd person control over anything in the game, and the RTS tactical aspect of the game is just absolutely fantastic. If you like slower paced, non base building RTS'es that is.

  8. this is a decent game gosh i hate gaming nerds that have no life and worry about the tinyest things about video games like it is there life which it shouldnt be

  9. @theslayter01 No he isn't, he is talking about an English TV show called Allo Allo where the french accents used by the actors were exaggerated and made fun of.

  10. @theslayter01 I love it when such "worldly" children feel the need to speak their mind. I love that you criticism his English, but it looks as if you type with your feet.

  11. @theslayter01 omg he is not teasing the german and french, he is teasing the bad quality of the voice acting.

  12. I'll just say this. Almost all multi genre games utterly FAILED at the attempt of "marrying" genre's. But I'll have to admit. This one was actually playable. (Unlike our universal combat friend by derek smart) A step in the right direction. But still failed at the attempt. If you want RTS "like" gameplay that coincides with FPS. Look at ghost recon. That's worth looking at.

  13. @321webman The idea isn't new. There are games that dealed with it a lot better. Savage: The Battle for Newerth (XR) for instance.

  14. And yet he puts effort in to making concise, informative, succinct, very well paced and worded reviews that can often be used as an ideal indicator of whether to buy something, or not. And his vocabulary is probably twice that of someone as belligerent and asinine as you. Jackass.

  15. jesus im still getting replies for this comment? its been three years i was trolling. although his accent is still shitty.

  16. This was my first PC game and I loved it, but that was like 6 years ago and I was 13 lol. I found my old copy while cleaning around and I'm gonna give it another go soon

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