Real Doctor Evaluates Injuries In Video Games Ft. Doctor Mike

Real Doctor Evaluates Injuries In Video Games Ft. Doctor Mike


  1. Games, like movies, are not supposed to be completely realistic, they are only entertainment for frustrated people. We all get frustrated sometimes.

  2. you guys showed some preety bad clips, doctor Mike was grasping at straws really. luckily he is that good so to make this very interesting.

  3. Dr.Mike – sees 2 doctors on a bike hit a truck
    Also Dr.Mike- unconcerned about the doctors and says "that looks like an Escalade"

  4. Dr.mike:how strong are this guys see god of war

    Me:they are gods so much strong one of them survive impale him self with a fuckin giant sword

  5. How about in the Tomb Raider game when Lara Croft fell on this rusty piece of metal that seem to pierce her near the kidney but she just pulls it out and run around the entire game with that wound?

  6. Me: Oh hey Dr Mike uploaded… That’s weird, I could’ve sworn I had notifs for him? Oh well, let’s turn it o- Oh. Oh that makes sense. This isn’t Dr Mike’s channel.

  7. I watched the video half way then I had to quit, because it's too violent and scary (like I feel the pain sorta) can't believe those are video games :'( :'(

  8. Video game injury suggestions:
    the finger chopping scene in Outlast or Heavy Rain
    the chainsaw scene in Resident Evil 7 and the healing water
    Deus Ex: Human Revolution opening credits (the surgery scene)

  9. Doctor: I don't know if this thing is human or not. 🤷‍♂️

    kidding asside, it was fun to see Dr. Mike on the channel. I've seen many of his TV reactions, he's great. 🙂

  10. The best thing is when Dr Mike is describing the injuries of GTA seems like he is composing lyrics to a new Cannibal Corpse song

  11. Since he did this, doctor mike should review death animations in the sims and/or the doctor career in the sims… I think itd be funny bc hes so analytical about each death, I'd love to see him commenting on some of those since there's like 10+ different ways a sim can die, lol…

  12. The moral is:
    If you are gonna make a brutal bone breaking game
    You need a doctor to make things correctly

  13. wholesome explanations! but in my opinion you guys were giving him over the top scenes. should've gone with the more "down to earth" kinda scenes for example, in Tomb Raider (2013):
    – that beginning scene when Alex was giving a crew member a CPR
    – when Lara fell and got pierced on her side
    – when she cauterized her wound
    – when she took care of Roth's injuries
    or, in the Telltale's The Walking Dead, when:
    – Clem cleaned her wounds
    – that accidents at the St. John's dairy farms
    there's a lot more really, could've been way better scenes to dissect to!

  14. Dr. Mike : talking about chiropractic adjustments …Where it's like 'bah!'
    Me: Is that what its called these days?

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