Real-Life Rapunzel Has 90 Inch Long Hair

Real-Life Rapunzel Has 90 Inch Long Hair

COMM: For over 20 years, real life Rapunzel, Aliia Nasyrova has been growing her hair and it’s now around 90 inches long, almost 2 meters and 30 centimetres. COMM: Caring for her hair doesn’t cost her much money as she gets sent a lot of free
products. She washes her hair just once a week. It takes about 20 minutes, but if she
doesn’t use a hair dryer, it takes a whole day to dry, which can impact on her holiday
plans with her husband, Ivan. COMM: Because her hair is longer than her height, Aliia often wears it in a braid. COMM: She cuts her hair herself once a month, but just to remove split ends. But it still
passes a professional’s inspection. COMM: Being out in public with hair this long, people tend to notice. COMM: Aliia has no intention of trying a shorter style any time soon and will continue to post
pictures for her online fans.


  1. I don't like it if you Have long hair then use it make styles and all stuff she looks Tired like a walking dead or Zombie or smthg
    And No i Don't acctually find her pretty nor the Face or Dress Nothing

  2. that moment, when the main girl is from Latvia, and probobly even a latvian. the video is filmed in capital of Latvia – Riga, BUT ALL VIDEO is in Russian language. I get that she and her husband speaks russian, ok, but why all people who were interviewed aslo was russians? why!?!?

    and then the whole world thinks, that Latvia is some kind of part of Russia and that we dont have out language. thats fkng sad.

    cause we – latvians, have our own country Latvia and we have our own language – Latvian. and its not even similar to russian language.. and sad that in this video, only words in latvian are written on the blackbord when she walks by the coffee shop.. and zero words spoken in latvian :/

  3. I had my hair around the middle of my back once. Once or twice a week made sure to 'go through' my hair to find split ends and cut them.
    When I went to get a pixie cut around two years ago, the two hair dresser kept on saying how beautiful it is. And if I am sure that I want to cut it off.
    And even now with my short hair, they tell me I am probably the customer with healiest hair they have x3

    Long hair is beautiful. But it started to annoy me, how long it took to dry. Or how it always got in the way (on top of that I always hated buns and pony tails. I did like braids but… In my opinion braids don't fit me)

  4. It seemed like when he was talki g about the braid he realised how insanely stupid it sounded by his upcoming lauthing😂


  6. Trim the bottom it looks a bit ratty. Dragging on a mall floor….. Gross! Pay less attention to your hair and more to your husband he seems like a patient and loving person.

  7. I want long and currently on my long hair growth journey, but I don't want my hair to touch the nasty floor. I am currently up to 23.7 inches, my hair length goal is maybe up to 43 or 45 inches would would get me toy knees. I have cruly black frizzy hair and I am Nicaraguan and Haitian American mix.

  8. Yikes. That’s a “no” for me. Once it drags on the floor, that’s when you know you need a cut. But hey, good on her for being so committed to it. If it makes her happy, then cool.

  9. At least she keeps it nice. She brushes it and takes care of it. I like long hair but it is a pain to care for. My hair goes just to the top of my butt but it won't grow any longer than this it seems (i wonder if it's because I bleach it.). I like it but washing it takes forever and is just generally a pain. TONS of strands come out when I wash it and my drain is constantly getting clogged. It's so annoying!

    My best friend has virgin hair and has always been able to grow it even longer than me- it probably goes to the bottom of her butt and almost to her knees. She loves Tangled too and I think she likes being thought of as a Rapunzel. She is a blonde and petite too so she's got the look down.

  10. My hair is at my shoulders and i still cant keep it nice looking. Its hard to take care of. I admire her but I couldn’t have that long hair.

  11. Its gross letting it drag across the ground. Other than that she has beautiful hair. I wish she would cut it maybe just below her ankles.

  12. Ive been letting my hair grow for years, it's long compared to most women (and fake weaves dont count). Sometimes I feel like cutting it because I have wavy beach hair that frizzes easily so I tie it up a lot. To have long hair one needs patience and extra time which is why most women always cut their hair (mostly laziness) or wear fake extensions (cheaters).

  13. I had an aunt that had hair down to her ankles. She had to keep it in braids all her like. Looking like a school girl. She then had a daughter. When she was old enough to go to school they would both have the same hairstyle. Schoolgirls braids. She looked so stupid with oil in her hair dressing up like her daughter.

  14. okay but despite having long hair it looks so healthy and also her hair so so thick??? like wow my hair is butt-lenght but when i braid it it ends up looking like a rat tail so i'm thinking about cutting it but it really saddens me as my long hair is really my source of confidence, it makes me feel safe

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