Recognizing Alcohol & Drug Addiction : Forms of Cocaine

Recognizing Alcohol & Drug Addiction : Forms of Cocaine

Hi, my name is John DePalma from New York
City on behalf of Expert Village I’m here today to help you recognize drug and alcohol
addiction. As I said it comes in many shapes of form, cocaine. Comes in a white or beige
powder substance which is snorted. It comes in a beige thick substance which is based
which is smoked and it comes in a white substance which is rock like which is crack or free
base and that’s also smoked. It could be smoked in a corn cob pipe, it can be smoked in a
glass pipe, it can be smoked in a tube similar to this one right here. So watch out for things
that your kids, a lighter is a sure sign of someone possibly smoking crack cocaine. If
your kids are carrying around a lot of lighters, you see a lot of lighters in the garbage,
you might want to watch out for burn marks on their fingers and these are some of the
things that you need to watch out for as far as cocaine goes.


  1. HAHA IF YOU SEE A LIGHTER START LOOKING FOR CRACK? WHAT A BAFOON. maybe fireworks, medicinal marijuana use,and building fires would all be a better place to start rationalizing the use your child has for a lighter.

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