Recognizing Alcohol & Drug Addiction : How to Deal With a Relapse

Recognizing Alcohol & Drug Addiction : How to Deal With a Relapse

Hi, my name is John DePalma from New York
City on behalf of Expert Village I’m here today to help you recognize drug and alcohol
addiction. I myself have been involved in recovery for over 17 years. I only have 7
years continuous recovery and that’s because I relapsed. A relapse is not a requirement
but many do. That’s nothing to be ashamed of, hopefully people get back on the horse,
relapse is very dangerous. Many people who relapse never see the inside of a recovery
room again. I relapsed I stayed out there 5 years, I suffered long and hard for those
5 years and now I’m back and I want to continue the sobriety and I work hard at it. It’s a
lot of hard work and I strive to tell you how important it is to find out early if you
think your loved ones have any of the signs that we’ve discussed earlier about being a
drug addict or an alcoholic. Get them the help they need, tell them you love them, help
them, do anything this is a life or death situation.


  1. 😉

    Just wanted folks to know; I started an online voice enabled SOS style meeting.

    It's a safe, secular place for those looking for sobriety or abstinence support without all of the AA/NA religion and insanity.

    Free,critical thinking, self-empowerment and secular expression is encouraged and fostered!

    Email me through youtube for the details if you're interested

    Be Well


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