Recognizing Alcohol & Drug Addiction : The Physical Effects of Addiction

Recognizing Alcohol & Drug Addiction : The Physical Effects of Addiction

Hi, my name is John DePalma from New York
City on behalf of Expert Village I’m here today to help you recognize drug and alcohol
addiction. We’ll discuss some physical effects to look out for as far as recognizing a drug
addict or an alcoholic. Any type of weight gain or loss is something to watch out for.
Most of these drugs will have an adverse effect on weight as far as loosing weight. But there
are a few out here that will gain weight on it. So any major fluxuation in body weight
is something to definitely watch out for as a sure sign of addiction. Loss of hair, probably
not early on in addiction but this is something that could happen later on, so if you have
an older person in your household that you think that might be addicted and they have
some of those symptoms, you need to watch out for it. Rotting of the teeth from cocaine
use from heroin, from anything snorted or injected is a definite symptom. Effect from
skin you do get rashes from a lot of use of drugs. Alcohol will give you jaundice which
will change the your skin. You know these are some of the things that you would need
to watch out for as far as effects on the body.


  1. These are very general symptoms which can be associated with many different conditions. I've suffered from insomnia and anxiety for years. Adult acne, low body weight, loss of hair……doesn't make someone an addict.

  2. man after schrooms and lsd and salvia and alcohol abuses for years i started having major face breakouts and gain weights damn

  3. My father is currently an unstoppable alcoholic. His legs are covered with jaundice and he got fat while having lost muscle. He's a mess and I think alcohol made him nuts.

  4. Please read up about AA before you go. They really srewed me up. Only after I left did I realise that I had been in a cult. Check out both sides.

  5. meh, i don't think those would have much affect, they mostly affect the motor skills and perception skills temporarily. are you smokin reefer and have the munchies? well i do, but i'm still skinny. so maybe look into that, or start smoking the reefer

  6. Are you kidding?? – I used for most of my adult life and had none of those symptoms. You have no clue and have been looking at to many end of the line people. Like all "Expert Village" Videos – BS

  7. i think he right, i only drink alcohol but been since i was 14, drink a lot now im 22,and my family has no history of hair loss whatsoever,and i had long hair and recently cut it bald and seen i have a lot of hair loss, maybe alcohol is a reason or cause?

  8. i think alcohol addiction can make you lose hair because unlike most drugs, binge drinking strips you of your B vitamins and maybe magenesium. the b vitamins are partly for your hair.

  9. I think you should also mention:
    -sores and scabs, especially on the face and arms (from uppers)
    -teeth from smoking (not just from insufflating)
    -blown blood vessels in face from alcoholism
    -bruises, track marks, collapsed veins
    -bloodshot eyes (pot)
    -excessive drowsiness (cocaine with drawl)
    -heroine sickness (from withdrawal)
    -burns on hands, swollen lips (from hot pipes)

    You get D on this video. You need to do some research and present a comprehensive list. Perhaps drug specific?

  10. I recognized my addiction, the problem was, I didn't fucking care. 2 yrs clean last month now. 12 step program worked for me.

  11. i'm a drug addict and an alchoholic i'm drunk now and this is a wake up call i don't think it'll help but it's a start i'm getting an intervwention soon but fuck like wtf i'm 16 and i've done to much this sucks but this video is awsome

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  13. A 38 year stuy was just completed on smoking addiction and the effects on the brain.

    People still smoking in the 50's to 60's are over 100% sure of getting Dementia and or alzheimer's disease.

    I'm not going to do any smoking because I worked in a Hospital facility with brain damaged people and trust me you don't want to go down that road.

    Google this study that began following people since the 1970's to see what happend to them :0(

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    Dоn't wаit until its too latе whеrе thеrе is life thеrе is hopе реaсе and blessings!

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