Recognizing Alcohol & Drug Addiction : When to Have an Intervention

Recognizing Alcohol & Drug Addiction : When to Have an Intervention

Hi, my name is John DePalma from New York
City on behalf of Expert Village I’m here today to help you recognize drug and alcohol
addiction. We’re going to discuss some things that you can do if you know somebody who’s
addicted to drugs or might be an alcoholic. There are many things but first of which is
an intervention. An intervention is straight forward and simple. You would get a professional
in your community, a therapist, a doctor and you would basically surprise the addict or
alcoholic with family members and you would sit them down in a room and just breach the
subject of their addiction to them. Many times it’s not word of a favorably, but if the addict
is ready or the alcoholic is ready, it’s usually a very good thing.


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