Refashion Denim into a DIY Patchwork Jacket | Child of Alcoholism | TEM FÉ

Refashion Denim into a DIY Patchwork Jacket | Child of Alcoholism | TEM FÉ

My dad had a drinking problem. As a kid I didn’t understand it. It made me feel powerless and guilty because
I thought it was my fault. And that if I would do my best I could help
him heal. Alcoholism or any addiction is a disease that
can take over and damage the person itself and everybody around them Fortes means strength in portuguese and even
though I didn’t know it at the time, this painful episode in my life allowed me to become
strong, resilient and develop my rich imagination which I use when sewing. I might have felt broken but just like I cut
my fabric, I can sew it together and create something new: my own work of art I refashioned denim into a patchwork jacket
because just like someone or life might break you, you can always stitch the pieces back
together and create the fabric of your life You are the designer of your life, so you
can use the pieces of your pain and transform it into something beautiful. For this look I used 3 different pair of jeans
in 3 different colors. I cut them up in different shapes so I could
repuzzle and stitch them together to create a beautiful patchwork fabric It’s basically quilting with denim I grabbed 2 pieces and sewed the sides together. Then I added another and so forth until I
got a big rectangle fabric. I took me a while to do this so patience is
definitely required for this work Once I finished the quilting this is what
I have 3 big pieces Lay them on top of each other with the right
sides facing Pin the top and the sides leaving space for
the arm openings Sew the top and the sides Cut a
round neckline on top. The front is bigger than the back Then hem the neckline, arm openings and the
bottom You can fold it once or twice like I did for
a neat finish And this is the final look
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  1. lembrei quando conhecei a costurar, costurar, criar peças para mim e uma terepia Kkkk, obgda por partilhar, lindo.

  2. Beautiful Video Jocy and I Love Jacket. My dad was an alcoholic too. He died the day my 3rd baby was born xx

  3. Cariño se ve que eres una linda persona, y la chaqueta me encanto😚😚😚😚, me encantan tus videos me inspiran mucho mil gracias por tus videos

  4. Jocy, I understand you so well because we have similar stories. I also channelled my inner creativity from the pain of growing up too fast with an alcoholic stepfather. Thanks for sharing a piece of yourself.

  5. I loved your intro! Thank you for sharing your story as well as your success! Thank you for inspiring me with your creativity, positivity, and overall zest for life! I love your channel and love you! 😘❤

  6. I've been MIA so now I'm playing catch up. Beautiful statement piece and the thanks for sharing your story and unique creativity. I agree with the message of forgiveness – much love!

  7. This is my favourite of all of your videos. You thought we were worthy enough to share your story with. Thank you for your graciousness.

  8. superb really I luv all ur dress really I am learning very fast luv u plz next time sew fashionable kurta type plz requesting u because ur so talented and showing us slowly each and every bit so we r understanding perfectly thank u luv u show more exciting dress

  9. most inspirational video I've seen in awhile. thank you for sharing your story and creation with us. and a lesson in language. because of you I've been inspired learn other languages outside of Spanish and English.

  10. I will be doing this with Ankara patches. I love this. Name of that track and artist please. Thanks for your testimony sis

  11. Thank you for using this platform in a positive way to heal, teach and inspire. This video is a tutorial, a documentary, a memorial, and it's a piece of art on it's own. My grandfather was an alcoholic.

  12. Hi Pink! I love your channel and the way you make everything seem achievable by a beginner. Please tell me which Brother machine you use because I need one thats user friendly, and I will not quickly outgrow as I progress. Thank you so much for all your inspiration and creativity.

  13. Two years ago slot of jeans were given to me. My family couldn't fit many of them so I made a quilt out of them for my brother who was abused by his dad when he was young. As an adult he doesn't mind the weight of it and finds it comforting and special. Now you have inspired me to make a coat! hearts and smiles

  14. I'm sooooo encouraged by your words of wisdom, experience, encouragement and knowledge with your tutorials. Please keep it coming XOXOX

  15. Very nice, you are a great source of inspiration and I appreciate you. Thank you. I will never think of patchwork the same again. Blessings.

  16. inspiring, i havent sewed before but i really want to start learning…!!! beautifull videos thanks a lot

  17. Stay strong by thr grace of GOD gurrrl.! Love you my sister I learn sooo much from you. Be Blessed!

  18. I wish I could hit the Like buttom more than once! Beautiful design, beautiful story, beautiful young woman. Peace and Blessings my dear.

  19. My sixteen year old grand daughter is now sewing and crocheting. I am amazed at some of the things she makes, Just amazed. Thank you for being her inspiration. She's making me some skirts right now. Can't wait to show them off, at work. Thanks again.

  20. Ficou liiiindo! Parabéns por fazer arte tão bela com pedacinhos seja lá do que for, é muito difícil, é desafio!💜💜💜

  21. It took a lot of courage to share your pain with the world. I too am the child of an alcoholic. Ex wife of a hard core drug addict . Like you I also express my creativity thru my sewing. Recently I have been using my past pain to help others. You are amazing. I am so glad I found you…….P.S….I love patchwork denim……

  22. You are truly inspirational. I just started seeing your works and I am truly inspired by your strength, your story and the outlet you've choosen for your healing. God continue to bless you with much strength and creativity!

  23. bonjour, je me suis abonné depuis 2 jours et je trouve tes vidéos superbes. En plus je cherchais quoi faire avec des vieux jeans, et je voulais un truc en mode "patchwork"… En regardant tes vidéos je tombe sur celle là!!!! quelle bonheur, je te remercie beaucoup

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