Relapse Prevention: Marijuana Maintenance in Sobriety?

Relapse Prevention: Marijuana Maintenance in Sobriety?

Antonio Gibbons I’ve been watching
people smoke weed on YouTube and I was thinking trading one vice to another but
I’m just rather be sober completely alcohol might not be my problem I just
like my mind altered well here’s the thing Antonio alcoholic was my drug of
choice it suggested science suggests that that’s because it releases the most
amount of dopamine serotonin endorphins it worked with my physiology so that’s
why that was my drug of choice I’ve met people that can take a leave alcohol but
they will take meth until they die so to answer your question and to answer
another question some addicts I’m one of them cannot do any mind-altering
substance for example caffeine believe it or not is altering you know hypes you up
I don’t like uppers however I’ll overdo it with the caffeine because it’s
drugged the attic didn’t me wants to drink it because it’s a drug same with
nicotine and same with alcohol same with need xanax anything I came across so
you’re absolutely right an Tonio some people call that marijuana maintenance
it’s dangerous and I know this from experience I quit drinking while I was
going to school I got a little dinky two-year IT degree I was going to school
when I quit drinking I wasn’t drinking but I bought a quarter pound of weed to
sell I was gonna sell it and smoke some of it and play Grand Theft Auto and go
to school I ended up smoking the entire quarter pound and I don’t mean I sold a
gram or two and smoked the rest I didn’t sell any of it I smoked the entire
quarter pound like it was crack that’s because I’m an addict and if it’s
mind-altering I will consume it till it’s gone if it feels good I won’t
consume it till it’s gone I’m like that many addicts are like that you may be
like that so I would seriously consider exploring sobriety like that what we
just read the goal isn’t to be sober the goal is
to love yourself so much that you don’t need to drink or smoke weed or drink
coffee or have sex I mean you know too much Thanks regardless if there is such
a thing I’m saying the goal is to stop smoking weed the goal is to stop
drinking the goal is to fall in love with yourself get to know yourself so
you can be high when you wake up totally sober I’m still not completely there
24/7 in fact I had a bad day today doing all my taxes and shit but all in all my
life is good it’s a bride it’s good and where I don’t
I still have arguments with myself and I don’t like everything about myself I
have come to show my self compassion and self love I have forgiven myself those
who I have hurt in the past have forgiven me eh-eh-eh has shown me how to
straighten my shit out so I can be alright with myself and not drink and
not use because I did everything if you know my story I used to drink robitussin
for the DXM minute because it was mind altering anything mind-altering I want
it because I didn’t I mean I didn’t know I didn’t like myself and I thought maybe
I loved myself but I did as we find out when we do 12 steps self love isn’t just
looking in the mirror and saying hey handsome I love you it’s saying man
there’s some things I don’t necessarily like about you we’re working on them but
I love you anyway self-love is accepting acceptance is key
in sobriety if you accept the way you are now you’re not gonna want to go
smoke that weed or drink that beer if you accept the way things are now you’re
not gonna want to change you just accept you don’t have to like it you don’t have
to say this is the way it is forever you just accept the way things are now which
reminds me I should accept the way my day went today and the way taxes went
and I should just accept it so thank you Antonio for getting me on that rant and
reminding me that acceptance is the way so I wouldn’t smoke weed
know how you do that number one you don’t watch people smoke weed on YouTube
there’s a there’s stuff on TV I can’t watch any kind of like grave scene or
party scene where people and sexy girls and people are dancing and like I can’t
do that I can’t watch it it’s a trigger so but watch them on YouTube smoking
weed fuck them cats don’t watch that shit in
Tonio you gotta eliminate that shit this shit will kill you because before you
know it before I knew it I went from that quarter pound of weed then I was
eating ambien because I I don’t want to tell you about that and then I was back
on the boots and the boots and all that shit will kill me so don’t don’t fuck
with the any of that


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    Relapse Prevention: Marijuana Maintenance in Sobriety?
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  2. Question: I ve had a problem with drinking for a while but since became sober. However is it possible to ever have a drink in the future but not let it become a problem again?

  3. Congratulations on your sobriety. I am in the program — to a degree right now. I am doing the quest for a sponsor thing. I had some relapses on alcohol over and over because of an alprazolam withdrawal which is over. I thought I was going nuts during Xanax withdrawal. In your experience did you ever drink or relapse because of benzo withdrawal? I had a few relapses because I thought I was going crazy. Benzos suck and the withdrawal sucks worse. What are your thoughts?

  4. 1 million per certain agree with you James, it's all about personal development,it's definitely what we all need to do to live our best life possible. We've been conditioned to think a certain way about ourselves since children by other people's standards.its time for us to take the reins of our own destiny 😍

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