Remember the Woman Addicted to Eating Kitchen Cleanser?

Remember the Woman Addicted to Eating Kitchen Cleanser?

I’ve had this problem since I was 14 years old. She eats it and sniffs it about eight times a day. I pour it in my hand and then I either keep licking it, or I just throw it back. (dramatic music) I’ve been eatin and sniffin Comet for 15 years. (dramatic music) My husband first found out when we first moved in together. I walk into the bathroom, and she has like this cleaning solution in her hand, and she’s like licking it. So I was shocked. He just said, ‘what are you doin, you know that stuff can kill you?’ I did a quick scan of the ingredients, and once I seen like chlorine, bleach, I knew right away that this was something serious. I feel like I need it. When I eat it or sniff it, it’s like a sense of relief. (sniffs loudly) I don’t think it’s affected me negatively at all. This is about how much I eat per day. Really does taste like bleach, but I guess I’m just so used to it. I’m worried that it’s destroying her from the inside. ‘Caution: Harmful if swallowed or inhaled’ in bold letters. I think if somethin was gonna happen, it would’ve happened already. We have a four year old son named Zeke. She hides it very well from our son because she doesn’t want him to do it. If you wouldn’t want our child to do, why are you doin it? I love my wife dearly and my son. It would be tragedy if something happened to her. If she doesn’t stop, who knows what could happen. And I don’t wanna find out. (dramatic music) [Dr. Travis Stork] Following her first visit, we sent Kim to gastroenterologist, Dr. Su Sachar, to assess the damage. So what brings you here today? I’ve been eating a powder substance that includes bleach for 10 years. So a house cleaning substance? Yes. And have you tried to stop? I don’t even really think about it, and I don’t feel any physical changes. So I don’t really see the need to stop. Do you feel like your addicted to it? Do you feel like you can’t stop even if you wanted to? Yes. What are your main concerns here? I feel like now down the line, it’s going to cause her to go before her time. That’s the last thing me and my son would want for her. So, I think she might have a condition called Pika. Pika is when people often have an iron deficiency/anemia, and they crave non-nutritive substances. Today we do wanna do some testing to see if any damage has been done to your body. I’m really concerned for Kim. She’s been doing for over ten years. That has to have taken a toll on her body. There’s things like toluene and benzene, formaldehyde. Things that can affect every organ system in their body. This is a serious problem. This is a serious addiction, and we need to deal with this right away. (dramatic music) Kim and Dr. Su Sachar join us, in the audience is Kim’s husband, Rakeivius. I wanna welcome you so very much for opening up. Because Kim, never seen a doctor before. Right. Now you’ve obviously shared this, and you saw Dr. Sachar. Has anything changed? You know I never really took it serious. Basically, because I felt like if something was gonna happen, then it would’ve happened already, so I didn’t take it serious. But now that we’re here, it’s just like okay, you know obviously, it’s a condition. We need to straighten up or something else will happen. Dr. Sachar obviously you evaluated Kim. Yeah. What did you find? We examined her in the office and starting with the first part of ingestion, which would be the mouth, she already had some dental erosion. We’re talking about bleach, chlorine. In the back of her teeth, people don’t rub it on the front of their teeth like they do some other toxic substances, but the back of her teeth are already eroded. It’s bleached. It’s not bleach white, as some people would think. I mean it’s eroded to the point where there’s some decay that’s already set in. And then when we on to do the rest of the abdominal exam, she did have some tenderness that was kind of non-specific but could be from an inflamed stomach, an inflamed intestines. So we went on, and we pursued some blood work. And interestingly enough, the blood work did show that her white count, which is can be a sign of inflammation, was slightly elevated. So there was some inflammation going on in her body from this chronic use of ingesting this toxin. Last but not least on her blood work, she was also found to be have an iron deficiency/anemia which is essentially where your blood count drops, and I’m thinking it’s because with this chronic ingestion, she’s had either erosions, ulcerations, to the lining of her gi track, whether it be her food pipe, her stomach, that’s causing this kind of chronic, slow blood loss, that’s causing her to lose iron and causing her to be anemic.


  1. Damn that stuff smells so strong, when I clean my bathroom with it I can’t even stay in there for long before it starts burning my nostrils.

  2. I like to smell Comet and chalk dust. But I know to NEVER try to ingest them. I need to stop smelling it all together, because it may lead to a bigger problem later…

  3. Pica is a really serious illness. I have pica. I learned to eat raw potatoes to curb my pica. I have had pica since I was a small child. I never eat comet but I would eat pencils pen tops crayons paper chapstick. I have brain damage from lead poisoning from when I was a child.

  4. Wow. He picked the wrong one to marry… Good luck dude. I'm sure she's got other things wrong that you just haven't discovered yet. Sad that she didn't tell you before marrying you. What else is she hiding?

  5. Pica is real…my sister ate comet during pregnancy she and my nephew are still doing well… I've currently been eating all purpose flour for 10 years…no weight gain at all I wish I could stop

  6. Audience the doctor forgot to mention, she's probably CANCER free for life…Strange things when people find self remedy cures themselves (I'm NO medical doctor just an OPINION). That takes away from pharmaceutical giants revenue…This is ALL just speculation, NOT TRUE FACTS in a joking way…Yikes lol

  7. its an addiction just like cigarettes. you feel a rush of satisfaction that you can't justify when your health may be in danger. pica is real. im sure if she can get her iron level up she can loose the craving. Iron deficiency craves it (similar to people that chomp on ice)

  8. It's been 5 years since I've been addicted to cleanser. I started off sniffing it … Now I chew it then spit it out. I've never swallowed it!

  9. Omg I’ve always wanted to eat this too 0-0 it’s honestly a problem…I’ve never ate it but something about powdery things I’ve always wanted to eat ngl

  10. you never know what bizarre things family take part in when you arent around. they would have strait blamed him for poisoning her yet shes eating it like a pet left in the house alone. should people start locking up cleaning products at work and home now? who would have thought someone would try so hard to get high from this.

  11. Its really strange because im Anemic and I have this strong urge to drink or eat bleach. Of course I never ingested it but I buy a lot of bleach based products to clean my house.

  12. Also white blood count in African Americans are slightly evaluated due to melanin Ms. Doctor lady 🤦🏾‍♀

  13. I have had an obsession with smelling this since I was a kid!!! I luckily resist the urge to eat it! Chalk too! 😖🤦🏾‍♀️

  14. i once sniffed dishwashing soap and it got into my nose and it really burns and hurts. Its crazy. I never had done it again. But not im just sticking to inhaling. Prolly gonna wotk on a soap industry so that I def would love my job. 😏😊 Yeah 🙂😂

  15. A lot of people eat washing power without harm for years. Also, if you read a lot of highly processed food labels you will find some of tbe same ingredients as in detergents.

  16. Damn!!! Being iron deficient causes so many problems like seriously! How the fuck are I suppose to get iron in ur body if the hemoglobins don’t want to connect to the oxygen bonds???

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