Renting the ‘American Gothic’ House & Smartphone Addiction | SYSK Internet Roundup

Renting the ‘American Gothic’ House & Smartphone Addiction | SYSK Internet Roundup


  1. I live pretty close to Eldon, though I've never been to the house. Rent on an old house like that in a small town I'm guessing would normally go for around $500/mo + utilities, so $200/mo is probably worth the loss of privacy, especially considering Eldon is a pretty quiet town for the most part.

  2. I've never had a smartphone. More and more it feels like I'm surrounded by crazy people.

    I'll probably be a grumpy old man someday.

  3. I have a question that I'd like to go unanswered. What is that guy in green working on in the background. And what is he listening to?  

  4. I wonder what the source for the texting during sex study is… Surveys that ask questions about sex are often difficult to do… Can it /really/ be true that 20% of young adults text during sex?

  5. You know that famous #AmericanGothic painting? Turns out you can rent the house! Stuff You Should Know discuss that, as well as #nomophobia—the fear of being without your smartphone—in this Internet Roundup video.

  6. No need to tie a pitchfork to the mailbox.  Next to the house you'll find the American Gothic House Center, a museum with exhibits, films AND costumes, pitchforks, and glasses visitors can use for pictures.  Also, the museum and costumes are free–we don't charge $5 for photos 🙂

    The house will not be for rent, but instead will be used for some of the museum's educational programs, such as lectures and art classes.  The house will also be available to tour on select days as well!

  7. A discussion about Smart Phone addiction with Josh's phone sitting right there on the table. Coincidence or irony? You decide.

  8. aww miss the 80s jazz hands and more 80's white balance KINDA.. lol.. btw i call bullshit on not bringing your phone into the bedroom.. who doesn't do that.. where do you charge it… it isss tempting to go on it before going to bed tho..(psst thats what a laptop is for! 🙂 ) and ya putting it on a setting for phone calls only or something incase of a emergency from a family member.. btw i wonder what that old house is insured for… if someone can afford to pay that much for the painting… well hmm??

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